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#TheCool: A Timeskip Too Far! All Anime Everything Has Taken Over!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

Samus is right back at it! Just taking a little walk around Maridia and picking up some things for what's coming! What's coming? You'll see!

If you ever wanted the basics about Sailor Moon S on SNES then do I have a video for you!

Up next...a primer for my wife Ami, one for Uranus and whatever happens afterward happens!


You didn't lose but you didn't win either! TRY AGAIN!





The Skullgirls cycle is almost complete with the release of 2nd Encore on Vita!

Everything 2nd Encore is in the package and cross-buy to boot!

You can pick this up digitally on PS4 or Vita for $24.99!


In surprising news you can GG2: Overture on a PC now...via Steam for $11.99 until April 6th at 12PM CST (Adjust for your hood) where it will go back to its original price of $19.99.

The question I did have that I couldn't find a concrete answer to was is all the DLC included with this package? I'd assume it is but don't take this as final word on the subject.

You can pick up Overture HERE!

Actress Again is free from the Carnival Phantasm on April 19th!

For somebody who bought Carnival Phantasm to get this game is I'm happy that everybody has a legitimate way to own a great fighting game now!

Just so you know is this port is based on the recent ALL.Net version currently in arcades. There wasn't any balance changes during the move to that hardware however there are just lots of cosmetic touches similar to the classic Street Fighter games and The Rumble Fish 2 on NESiCA.

This game will be fully localized so this is the first time that a Melty Blood game will be in English so that's amazing as well.

When the game releases you'll be able to pick it up HERE!

April 21st. Bullet Girls 2. War is Heaven.

Nioh is releasing that Alpha demo that there was a trailer of a while back.

However it'll only be available between April 26th to May 5th!

Get it fast and play it a lot!

One of my favorite 3DS games in Code of Princess is coming to Steam at some point in April.

We can only hope this game fixes the slowdown issues that were a part of the experience.

What everything else is we'll find out when it drops.

You can check out the game's Steam Page HERE.

You can read my thoughts on the 3DS version HERE!

Ultra Strip Fighter IV: Omeco Edition was the bidness and after playing the demo is 5 looks to be that bidness as well!

If you wish to play the demo then you can download it HERE!

You can find the official website HERE!

If you want to see what's good with Omeco Edition then you can do so HERE!

Thanks to StudioS for being nice enough to let me mirror the trailer to share with everybody!

Sometime in April...COCK UP!

May 17th! Valkyria! Chronicles! Remastered!

May 19th is My Hero Academia: Battle for All and with that a look at Izuku & Katsuki!

More MHA later in the broadcast!

June 7th is Revelator Day!

It can be Revelator Day for you right now if you digitally pre-order the game on PSN HERE!

And no, the Queen of Illyria isn't in it!

Neither is Bridget but that's something else entirely!

Also that same day is Odin Sphere Leifthrasir so how about a look at Book 2: The Pooka Prince Starring Cornelius!

Uppers is still coming!

Now on July 14th with some crossover help from Hanzō Academy Super Super Senior Daidōji from Estival Versus!

I want this game to get localized so bad! It really looks like this game was made with audiences outside of Japan in mind unlike Valkyrie Drive which I've just given up on!

We shall see!

Well, Final Fantasy XV drops on September 30th and there was a version that used to cost $270 and it doesn't anymore!

Also there's a demo for PS4 & XBONE you can get your hands on if you'd like!

Geese is in KoF and so is somebody else!

More information about that and more can be found HERE!

Project Diva X is coming! Project Diva X is coming!

Y'all know what time it is!

#TheHustle's back to work with all you need to know about Senran Kagura's latest DLC offerings!

First off we have Costume Set 3!

$1.99 for each individual costume and $9.99 for the set on PS4 & Vita!

Naraku & Kagura are here!

You can pick each girl for $3.99 or in a set for $5.99 on PS4 & Vita!

You also have the option to pick up Costume Set 3 & Naraku and Kagura as part of the Week 3 Mega Bundle for $11.99 on PS4 & Vita which is how I suggest you do it!

Ayane straight from the land of Fighting Game Entertainment is here and you can pick her up for $3.99 on PS4 & Vita!

Also with your purchase you get the parts for Ayane's outfit and a new music track as well.

Kasumi's Outfit & Ayane's Kimono can be purchased for $1.99 each or you can pick up everything in the DOA Collaboration Set for $5.99 on PS4 & Vita!

The Week 2 Mega Bundle was taken down to add Ayame and the Dual Blooming Hearts DLC to it which makes it a better deal than it once was! I'll have a link to the updated version whenever it reappears.

Thanks to @Marvelous_Games on Twitter for your visual aids this week!



The lab's on fire right now! Between work coming out at a fast clip and more plans than Wile E. Coyote is The #ModernDayVikingGang is going to have everything you need and stuff you never knew you did!

In other news is Pokémon Shuffle got a humongous update which makes for just a better game overall which I suggest you check out when you get a chance. Go HERE and send it to your 3DS with just a click!

FINALLY! Nintendo is playing catch to their contemporaries in a way I can appreciate!

It begins!

Everything is coming back quick, fast & in a hurry and there's a lot of old and new friends now apart of the 2nd best clique in the game...The Usual Suspects!

Empire doesn't know how to do anything but go beyond stupid. I'm just glad it's back because that wait was painful!

Archer's back as well and I'm feeling the new premise. I still wish they would've stayed with Vice a bit longer however the new P.I angle has just as much promise.

Vampire Diaries & The Originals are back after that brief hiatus and while VD did exactly what I thought it would is The Originals is holding on to their side of things a bit longer it would seem. This is going to get messy in more ways than one!

Banshee came out of the cut and surprised me with a timeskip! A timeskip that actually worked in the show's favor honestly. I do wonder if they were going to get the 5th season is would we have had the timeskip now or would there be no reason for one at all?

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3! The Infinity Arc has the promise to be something special in this medium! The question is how close will this follow the manga?

Diamond is Unbreakable is here and this is going to be bidness of the highest degree! I will always suggest you read the manga as it is the way it should be enjoyed! However the anime has been mostly fitting substitutes for those so just get some JoJo in you!

My Hero Academia is here too and you should watch the first episode and if it catches you then immediately read the manga!

The Ace Attorney anime is out and if you're even thinking of playing the games at all then skip this entirely. Great for fans and not so much for those who may go backward from the anime into the games knowing what to do.

I watched WrestleMania and I'm currently questioning everything! Read why HERE!

We got House of Lies next time and other stuff I'm probably snoozing on so be sure catch my thoughts on all of that as The Usual Suspects grows!




Botchamania 303!

The trilogy comes to an end?

KroboProductions Presents...Steven Jewniverse 3: Threeven Jewniverse!

What we once knew as the Brolli movie is actually something else entirely!

New episode of Pokémon 'Bridged!

A new episode of Lindbeck & Lee featuring Kaiji Tang!

And so it went!

With bangs, whimpers and other sounds of pain!

This math though! I love when stuff like this comes around! Respect that hustle!

Speaking of that universe is FGB's back with a look at best Nintendo Princess, Rosalina!

The more things change, the more they stay the same!



If this picture of one Wendy O. Koopa by Tovio Rogers proves one thing it is the following...KOOTIE PIE ROCKS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY!

If more is what you want then there's Patreon, Tumblr, Facebook, deviantArt & @TovioR on Twitter for just that!

Whether it's cuddle time with a Half-Genie Hero!

Bubble Bath time with your onee-chan!

Frolicking with your favorite kitsune!

Or just killing time with a killer cutie!

Know that SpewingMews has it all!

If you're interested then be sure to check her Tumblr, Facebook & @SpewingMews on Twitter!

One more thing...

If you wish to get a bit more intimate with your Half-Genie Hero then check the Patreon for that!

Do you have to know what something is in context to enjoy it?

Thanks to this art by 双龍 is I can ponder this question in deep, deep meditation!

If more is what you seek then there's a Pixiv, Tumblr@Soryu_STD on Twitter and a website for that too!

As usual we thank you for coming to ride with us!

More work from #TeamGRF is coming so expected both the expected and unexpected!

When it's time then you'll know that it is!

Tell a friend! Tell a foe! Tell everybody!

Same #TheCool Time! Same #TheCool Channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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