Sunday, May 18, 2014

#DoaBHReviewEdition: Code of Princess (3DS)

Code of Princess. Everything I like and nothing I don't.

Seriously, I had a wonderful time playing what is technically Guardian Heroes 3 even though a Guardian Heroes 3 would be better than nice though.

Everything about the experience was on point.

The game itself looks very beautiful simply because it is Kinu Nishimura's art brought to life! Some may disagree on the risque nature on what some of the characters may be wearing or not in some cases but it isn't really that bad and nothing to get worked in a tizzy over.

The gameplay is very solid in all facets. I didn't have any issues with the controls at all. Smooth and responsive which is what you need in a game like this and it delivers on that. There was some slowdown in places but that's to be expected in a game like this where there's a lot happening and even when it was the case it didn't last long enough to impede the gameplay flow. Know that it is there and expect it though.

The story and voice acting combined to make a great gameplay experience mean something. It does help that some of favorite voice actors are handling it!

Code of Princess is a must for anybody who has a 3DS!

With a simple to approach combat system with enough depth to want to dive in and want to master what it provides!

Even after beating the game there's plenty to do, see and unlock. In my research though some of the equipment you can unlock is locked away in the online portion which is nice and dead as I'm writing this now. So either you'll have to get with like minded folks who still play this game or get somebody to help you boost to the #1 spot on the leaderboards to have a complete set of equipment.

That point does bring me to my only problem I actually have with this game. In both Guardian Heroes & AGH is that there was a way to simply play 1 player against the bots in a versus scenario. Now to the game's credit is that you have plenty of things to do in the Single Player but not having something as simple as that does strike me as a bit odd but not an actual point against the game because of all the Single Player experience has to offer long after you've seen the end of the story.

So I can confirm this much. When you get Kinu Nishimura on the look and HAN & Masaki Ukyo on the feel then you nothing but pure win crammed inside a 3DS cart!

I've been hearing rumors of a sequel coming to current generation consoles and if that's the case then bring it on! I know for a fact that I'm not done with Code of Princess yet and there's plenty of mileage I can get out of the game and I plan to squeeze every last bit out of it.

So like I said earlier is that if you aren't familiar then its a good as time as any to get that way. The 3DS has a lot of awesome game experiences and you just happened to just read my thoughts on one.

So take my advice, just get it and just have a good time!

Until the next.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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