Monday, May 5, 2014

#TripleDaGodWritesFanfiction: Power Play: An Arrow Fanfiction

"Wake up, Ms, Smoak. Welcome back to A.R.G.U.S! Today, you'll learn all about my power in as how you put it, in an evil dictator, Stalin sort of way!" Waller said.

"What is this I'm strapped to? Why are you doing this?" Felicity asked.

"The device you're strapped to is once of our new torture devices, the Pleasure-Tron 9001! I figured someone of your stature could appreciate a piece of tech like this. I honestly think you're the perfect candidate to participate in the trial run of the device. You'll be making history this evening Ms. Smoak. In more ways than one!" Waller replied.

"Something called the Pleasure-Tron 9001 can't be all that bad when you actually think about in retrospect. And you still haven't answered me as to why you're doing this." Felicity quipped back in her patented special way.

"You're simply here for one reason and one reason only. Because I have the power to make it happen! I am Amanda Waller and I get what I want, when I want! And tonight I wanted you and so now I have you!" Waller barked.

"I do feel however that we're both overdressed for this special occasion. Don't you think Ms. Smoak?" Waller said.

Waller removed the coat she was wearing to reveal a crotchless and topless leather dominatrix outfit.

Felicity couldn't believe this could be happening to her. Somewhere in the back of her mind however when she joined Team Arrow that being a sex slave could be a possible occupational hazard. Whether it being her fantasy of Ollie as her master or just a prisoner of the battles they fought for Starling City. It was a possibility then and for her right now a stark reality of things.

"I do think its time for you to get undressed as well Ms. Smoak! Time to show you what real power is!" Waller taunted.

Waller pressed a button on her outfit and all of a sudden the Pleasure-Tron 9001 began to stir.

All sorts of devices sprang to life and in the process violently removed her clothes and inserted devices that wormed their way deep inside her Arrow Cave.

You could hear Felicity's moans of pain and pleasure as the Pleasure-Tron 9001 started to do its work.

"Are you enjoying yourself Ms. Smoak? Please know that I'm having a wonderful time at your expense." Waller said.

"I'mmmhph noooooott ennnnjoyiiiiinng myyy sellllllfffph at alllllllllllllll!" Felicity moaned.

"I sure can't tell that from where I'm standing Ms. Smoak. It would seem that that you're beginning to give in to the pleasure that wracks your very body. Which is the whole reason for this device. Sexual stimulation is perfect for breaking down mental walls that can't be broken in other ways, you see. Or perfect for teaching little bitches with Wi-Fi a bit of respect!" Waller said.

You could hear Felicity's moans of resentment turn into moans of pure pleasure as the Pleasure-Tron 9001 stimulated every last one of her pleasure zones. Even ones she didn't know she had. Her thoughts focused on her wish that Oliver was making love to her and not a machine under the control of a sexual psycho on a power trip. But even those thoughts melted away to the pure perfect pleasure of just being serviced. As Felicity neared her finale the Pleasure-Tron 9001 just abruptly stopped.

"Time to see the fruits of my labor!" Waller exclaimed.

"Why would you make it stop! I was just about t--" Waller interrupted Felicity's bated thought.

"I'm very well aware that you were about to have as you eloquently put it "your finale." And so did the Pleasure-Tron 9001. Which is precisely why it stopped. One of the devices of the Pleasure-Tron 9001 is able to read your innermost thoughts and download them to my suit." Waller said.

"My innermost thoughts?" Felicity said with concern.

"Your thoughts of being Oliver Queen's sub & only lover! Your jealousy of all the "competition" for Oliver's heart. Those naughty things you did in that Central City hospital room to an unconscious Barry Allen. Even that fleeting thought you had once and I quote, "Riding Diggle's Big Black Express to Big Belly Burger and back! All of them!" Waller said with confidence.

"Oh, my God! No!" Felciity exclaimed.

You're a very naughty girl Ms. Smoak. Luckily for you I love naughty girls! And now you're my naughty girl until further notice!" Waller replied.

Waller pushed a button on the suit and the Pleasure-Tron 9001 released Felicity from everything restricting her.

Felicity got her bearings back and stood up.

"I'll never be anything to you! When I tell Oliver what you've done to me he'll make you sorry!" Felicity exclaimed.

"So naive, Ms. Smoak. So naive. You're in no position to tell anyone anything."

Waller then pressed a button on her suit and Felicity's legs started to tremble.

"This is a special present I give all my naughty little girls. A twist on the micro-bombs implanted into Suicide Squad members. In this case it lets me control a well placed vibrator that can bring you undeniable pleasure if you're a good girl or undesirable pain if you're being a bit too naughty. Since you were a good girl today I'll let you have your "finale" for surviving our little game." Waller said.

Keeping to her word she pressed a button on her suit and Felicity fell to her knees in the undeniable pleasure she was promised. Felicity soon after reached her finale and her essence pooled below her.

"Have you learned your lesson about power Ms. Smoak?" Waller asked.

"Yes I have." Felicity replied.


"Yes, master." Felicity shyly squeaked.

"You're free to go my pet. Remember I'll be watching you. Be good. Be bad. Be whatever. Know I have the power and I'm not afraid to wield it!" Waller said.

"I understand, master." Felicity said in subordinate tone.

"And one more thing. If you ever again have the thought that "I'm a sexual psycho on a power trip" I'll make sure it'll be the last independent thought in your pitiful existence! Am I understood, pet?" Waller asked.

"Yes, master." Felicity said.

"Now clean yourself up and get out of my sight until I have need for our games again!" Waller commanded.

"Understood, master." Felicity said.

And so the game of master and slave became a part of their lives from then on. They both knew the roles in the various games they played. Whether that was in the game to keep the world safe or the game that brought both of them pure pleasure.

Both of them knowing that no matter what their lives were like is that there was always time for a...Power Play!

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