Monday, May 5, 2014

#TheCool: Brian Willams Spits Flows And Steals Your Waifu!

#TheCool! Always here! Always prepared! Always ready! We have to be something. And if anything, every single week is that we are that and then some!

Thanks for joining us on a trip down last week lane and while I can't seem to shake being busy to provide content except for writing more Arrow fan fiction is one day I'll get back to work!

Until such a time comes is that you'll be fine with the steady stream of crack that #DoaGHThaDOJO always provides on a constant basis! Available now for your viewing pleasure...

Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, The King of Fighters XI, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07, Guilty Gear Xrd, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax & Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe!

Plenty for you and always more coming. Subscribe & stay tuned. The best advice I can come to you with.

With that, This Week In Gaming!


More Mario Kart 8 now with Baby Rosalina & Pink Gold Peach. This is a thing.

Last week we featured the 1st trailer that covered the first 3 stories of JoJo's and this covers the back 5, Diamond is Unbreakable, Vento Aureo, Stone Ocean, Steel Ball Run & JoJoLion. Learn a bit. Think about playing the game. Definitely read the manga and watch the anime. Thanks.

This week in Persona Q brings not only another look at the battle system but a nice long trailer about what's going on in Persona Q.

Persona 4 The Ultimax presents a character feature starring Yukari Takeba! Enjoy that!

What I got into this week gaming wise is an interesting trip. Come with me. It'll be fun!.

Some of it included the harsh reminder that Contra 4 is hard as balls. Still. Kirby Super Star Ultra is an more awesome version of an already awesome game. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 is a hole nobody should fall into unless they expect to never come up from it again. I'm in this hole and I ask to stay because I may not want to come out of the dating sim/volleyball/simping lesbian simulator hole. And allegedly Tecmo may be coming back to this idea. Just put local multiplayer back in if you are and diversify my simping lesbian simulator by adding girls from other series. Just saying.

What happened next started an odd chain of events. I found out some folks rebalanced MK2 and when I say rebalanced I mean the shit. And from somebody who doesn't quite understand MK2 at a high level I can appreciate the changes made and reading a 55 page document about will assist in that. And after playing it for myself I can confirm it from my perspective it just feels like a better game. Very few re-balance efforts actually get that right and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 2 nails it. If you want to learn more and everything that you need to enjoy this goodness THEN CLICK THIS!!

And if you want to take a look at the game then 5 hours from Winter Brawl 8 should do the trick. This is an earlier revision of the hack so some of what you see may not reflect the current version out there. Enjoy it anyhow.

At some point I remembered about a 3rd Strike hack that attempted the same thing but to my surprise that hack I heard about so long ago was completely blown out the water by this 4rd Strike Arranged Edition hack I stumbled upon. This hack does a lot of awesome things including a powered up version of Sean & Ibuki gets her Hashin-Sho back! YESSIR!! There are a myriad of changes for even a 3rd Strike vet to get something awesome from the experience. Each one of the 3 below vids features each character and all their changes in the hack..

Video 1 features Alex, Ryu, Yun, Dudley, Necro, Hugo & Ibuki!

Video 2 features Elena, Oro, Yang, Ken, Sean, Urien, Gouki/Akuma & Chun Li!

And video 3 features Makoto, Q, Twelve, Remy, U. Sean & Gill!

What I enjoyed about this hack is that this game pushes the game to a point where everybody has something good. It killed a lot of the nastier stuff that plagues high level play and makes the bad matchups a bit better with new tools but doesn't disturb a true sense of balance in the process. This is just an awesome hack all around and because I'm me I'll help you get to where you need to be without breaking the law.


Now even with the instructions you will need some things. Like the ROM. Which I won't help you find. That's illegal you know unless you own a Japanese 3rd Strike machine. I figure you can GDSD that for yourself.

You'll also need an IPS patching program. I suggest Lunar IPS for that.

Once you've done that is depending on the files inside the ZIP file you'll find you'll either need to download the patch for the Old Rom Set or the New Rom Set. Take the files out of the rom, patch them, put them back and enjoy for 4rd Strike Arranged Edition goodness!

After getting into that was I played some Rage of the Dragons and you should too. Some NBA Jam TE & Maximum Hang Time as well. Got in a bit of Fighting Layer & Martial Masters too.

And then the hole got deeper.What started out as a casual conversation with the little homie Trey Young turned into a very long set of Dragoon Might that was some of the most fun I've had in quite a while. I became a better Layla player for my experience. Which is what it should always be about. It was also a nice reminder why I do what I do.

On the record let me say I respect & admire Treezy's hunger to get into these games like he does. He's a fan of mine and I'm definitely a fan of his. Reminds me a lot of myself when I was on the come up so long ago. If he's the future then its definitely in wonderful hands. I'm going to try to get some recorded sessions in with him soon. I have no idea if he recorded that Dragoon Might set but if he did I'll be sure to link it up if it comes.

And I figured I'll show some love the best way I can by featuring an Alpha 3 set he was recently a part of. Check out his YouTube Page & follow him on Twitter!

As far as what I watched is that all the usual suspects did work and with the season coming to and end is that all the stops are being pulled and I'll soon be doing postmortems left and right about all my favorite shows. And because the summertime is coming as that I'm planning to get some marathons in so I'll be filling this space with thoughts on those during the summer months. Can't wait.

With my story told it's time to bring this one home. Time for What I Watched On The Internet This Week!

Want some explanation into this week's subtitle then here it is. Watch enough of them and you get why this is so hilarious.

Just as funny is Jimmy Fallon's interview with Brian Williams about the above. This is just as if not more hilarious than the vids themselves.

Wonder what it be like to have an Hip Hip RPG that reflects the current state of the medium?

Epic Rap Battles is back for Season 3 and you can't get better than Rick Grimes vs Walter White for an opening contest!

The Hamster Alliance is back with another remix about a special Small Business Man!

Raisi K. doing what he does best. Making beats that feature the Master of Yoga!

Something called Left 4 Dildos can't not fuck your mind completely up. No guarantees.

I don't think I can explain a video about Snoop Dogg, Spike the Dragon and a butterfly. I won't even try. Not at all.

New Fluffle Puff. Brings light into my dark, dark world.

I don't think you're allowed to go on Reddit and say "I don't think I'm cute" and look like this. Sorry, Cristina Vee. You're hot! Live with it!

That's that.

I'd like to thank SoudWrong for this beautiful picture of Ami! It so happens to be part of a wonderful set where the beautiful ladies of Sailor Moon take a shot at being sexy lingerie models. You can check out the rest of the set and more art by her on her DeviantArt & Pixiv pages!

As usual, plans are plans. Execution is always the hurdle that must be overcome. And one day it will.

Thanks for coming! We always appreciate it when you do!

Come back next week. I can confirm we'll be doing this again!

Same #TheCool Time! Same #TheCool Channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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