Thursday, April 21, 2016

#TheCool: Forever Getting High Off Your Memory!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

We did due diligence because that's what we do!

Now we just do what we wanna do!

Coming soon!

Time for some Dynamite Deka 2!

Learn what you need to know before we handles the bidness!

Robeness247's back in the Battle Maison and anything can and will happen!

You can see more HERE!




This is on Steam now!

If you don't purchase this with money then we're going to have some issues!

You can do that HERE for $24.99!

Until April 26th you can get it for 20% for $19.99!

It's either this or find the 3rd Blu-Ray of Carnival Phantasm with the disc still in it for a reasonable price and fully localized!

Make a choice!

In your hood right now is Star Fox Zero and I have some worries and I hope just playing can alleviate me of said worries.

No Krystal is for the best!

At least put her in Smash NX though!

At some point when you boot up V is Guile will be available for you to test drive until the Zenny Shop is up.

When this is nobody knows but if you need some clarification is you'll find that HERE.

I remember when I fell in love with Corpse Party on PSP and the deep dive into the series showed me how crazy performing one charm could really be!

The original PC version is headed to Steam UNCENSORED on April 25th and a localized version of Blood covered: ...Repeated fear is coming later this year on 3DS ALSO UNCENSORED and I couldn't be more hyped!

There's no price on the Steam version of as of now but you can find the page HERE so when you can exchange money for goods and/or services is you have a link straight to it!

If you need a hit now then pick up the PSP Version on PSN for $19.99!

You might want to wait around if you have the patience because the game goes on sale every now and again so I figured I'd let you know.

It just seems like it's a good time for a Corpse Party!

My Hero Academia: Battle for All hits on May 19th and  look at "Frog Waifu" Tsuyu Asui & Minoru Mineta!

May 25th comes a port of The Last Blade 2 which I'm suprised hit before the Garou one that's been rumored and the V Special one we all need!

It'll have the usual 2016 bells and whistles so if you need to play a classic like this then would be the way to do so.

More info comes when it comes.

You learn interesting things that maybe you should never know about things you're curious about.

Nami's I-Cups!

How?! Why?! Don't really care!

Burning Blood drops on May 31st!

Story Time!

This week's book is Fairy Land Starring Mercedes!

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir drops on June 7th!

Mai's in KoF so calm the hell down!

Everything else from this trailer can be found HERE!

We'll learn this weekend what Lily Bergamo was sacrificed for as we get our first look at Let It Die.

I hope it was worth it!



As usual, #TheHustle has all your latest news in DLC & sales so what's inside the trunk this week?!

Because costumes print money is Last Round is going for even more with this new set just for the recent newcomers to DoA!

Scroll down and see what you like and I'll tell you all the monetary information you need to know to make this yours all yours!

If only a single costume has caught your eye then $1.99 will snag you one!

If you want all 15 then that'll run you $18.99 on PS4, XBONE & Steam!

There's also a new Season Pass for costumes which for the low, low price of $92.99 on PS4 & XBONE gets you the above costume set in addition to 3 more and a new stage as well.

As it is customary is you'll receive an exclusive costume, this time for Ayane!

I wonder how much a stage would cost? This is something unprecedented so it'll be interesting to see how this shakes out.

More information about all of Last Round's DLC can be found HERE!

Supporting your Summertime activities with your waifu of choice has come to an end!

These are the Sakura Edition bikinis that came with the re-release of Estival Versus in Japan!

These costumes and their set aren't live yet but when it does becomes so is the link will be right here!

2 weeks after this was published is these costumes finally came out in America Land!

You can pick up each individual costume for $2.99 or the set for $8.99 on PS4 & Vita!

Don't forget that you can only play with the Ikki Tousen characters in the Japanese version so you still might wish to pick up a copy if you want to experience that!



More lab work and secret projects coming to you soon! Be watching for that and more!

Season 1 of Supergirl has come to an end and man that was some great TV! Melissa Benoist was just more genius casting just as Grant Gustin & Stephen Amell before her! She's Supergirl and there's no denying that at all! If you were curious then you should go ahead and give it a watch!

Garo Retsuden is a celebration of 10 years of the series and seems to be peeking in on characters from past series which I think includes the anime which is an amazing feat. With questions in those universes always needing answers is Retsuden is the perfect opportunity to answer them. Should be a great watch for fans of the show.

In other news, they wrote Ms. Bellum out of the PPG reboot. I understand their reasoning because of the show they wish to produce at this point and time. My problem with this is how they dismissed the character like she was never there or mattered at all. Again, I'm not the audience and I'm not going to buy merch to determine the show's fate but it is a shame they they couldn't do for Ms. Bellum what they are doing for Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup. Maybe they come back to her when they're ready to tackle her and here's hoping they do.

The Usual Suspects are doing what they always do by providing the best in entertaining me and for that they always have my eternal gratitude!



Sunday is PAXAMANIA II and with it not only will Um Jammer Sammy be defending the title but also a new duo will be crowned Tag Team Champs in the first Jeff Green Memorial Tag Team Tournament!

If you wish to get caught up to where things sit now is you can watch Southern Slam to see who will be the #1 Contender to the title at PAXAMANIA II on Sunday!

Brought to you by PAX Wrestling's promoter Aaron Trites!

Check out the Unofficial Official Official site for PAX Wrestling for the latest build to PAXAMANIA II including the reformation of #RUNGFB, The Commish vs "Dirty" Dan Ryckert in a Loser Leaves Town Match, all the latest dirt from The Baer Caev and so much more at!

Botchamania 304 & 305!

Shouts to UAEForEverything for these special looks at Street Fighter EX, an HD version of the Capcom Fighting All-Stars Famitsu Trailer & Fighting Layer as well!

The Street Fighter EX vid is very special because it's a chronicle of the game's development so definitely give that one a look see!

FGB's back with more of that work with a look at Time Gal & Izuna!

desk's back with a Megamix of the loveliest peach, Rainbow Mika Nanakawa!

So take a look at what's old and new with her in Alpha 3 and V!

Lindbeck & Lee and Peepenbreek!

Coming soon to your mornings, maybe.

Kinda Funny X Rahul Kohli! Who is he exactly?

Fun Punditry's back with a look at Giant Bomb X Law & Order and Unbreakable Mary Kish!

Wootmaster spitting knowledge of that real life!

Just how it be in the streets!

Darbian is the best player of Super Mario Bros. in the universe and what you're about to watch is about as close to a TAS done by a human as it'll ever get!

Congrats to him and be sure to give him a follow on @darbian on Twitch!



I had something going here and at some point it just imploded on itself.

See if you can catch the linking thread in this week's Art Bomb!

Thanks to ねこめたる for this special kitty the kitty lingerie! META!

If you want more then be sure to check the website, Pixiv@NecoMeta on Twitter!

Thanks to 늑대가든 is I'm getting something I never knew I wanted and now want all the time!

If you haven't noticed it's one Blake Belladonna as my #1 Felicia!

You want more the hit the Tumblr & @ _NGGD on Twitter for that!

If what I wanted is some Rikku, Nova and a random kitty cat from FUYA then I guess I've got it then!

If what you want it more then hit up Patreon, Pixiv, deviantArt, Facebook, Tumblr & @fuyafuyu on Twitter for just that!

There was the Queen of Illyria, a cute Jiang-Shi & THE BOUNTY HUNTER and it all came from _太子!

Hit the Pixiv for more of this right here!

Before we bring this one to a stop is that I thought this week's title would be nothing more than a Styles P reference about 4/20 and then we lost both Chyna & the Legendary One, Prince in a 24 hour span!

I know Chyna made some questionable decisions after her WWF tenure but what she did for wrestling as a whole can't be understated so best to her in the next!

If The Boss was still on this coil is she'd be having a conniption fit right now because Prince was it for her! A lot his music was played after cartoons went off on Saturdays because the house needed to be cleaned up and his music has had an effect on everybody that followed him because of how he did what he did better than anybody else! Thank You for your contributions to existence and may you find peace!

As usual, we thank you for riding with us and know we appreciate it!

Tell both friend and foe alike how we do what we do!

Be ready for when we do what we do better than anybody in the business when we do that!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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