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#DiaryofaGameWhore Entry 20 Page 1: Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (Arcade/PS1)

Street Fighter EX Plus α NOTES

Regional Differences

Garuda & DARK have moves that make characters bleed, this along with DARK’s Kick Throw being replaced in the US version as well.

Options Plus

Differences Between Alpha & Plus Enemy Modes

Plus Mode mirrors the arcade and allows you to fight both Akuma & Garuda as hidden bosses if you meet the requirements. Also changes the intro movie as well.

Alpha Mode takes out the ability to fight Akuma as a hidden boss but adds Sakura & Dhalsim are characters you can fight in Arcade Mode.

Characters in Vanilla EX

Ryu, Ken, Chun, Gief, Guile, Hokuto, Doctrine DARK, Pullum Purna, Cracker Jack & Skullomania

Time Release Characters in Vanilla EX

Akuma, Blair Dame, Allen Snider, Kairi & Darun Mister

NPC Bosses

Bison & Garuda

All the above characters were playable from the start in EX Plus.

Characters added in EX Plus

Evil Ryu, Blood Release Hokuto, Cycloid Beta & Gamma

Characters added in EX Plus α

Sakura Kasugano & Dhalsim

Differences between Shoto characters

Ken, Allen, (CPU) Akuma have a 3 Hit Shoryuken. All others hit once.

Ken, Evil Ryu & (CPU) Akuma have 4 reps of TSK. All others are 3, Cycloid Beta’s are based on the button level pressed (1 for Light and so on) & Allen has the Justice Fist instead.

Sakura, Kairi, Evil Ryu & (CPU) Akuma have versions of the SGS. Sakura & Kairi’s are Level 1 versions and can be canceled into but don’t hit.

Cycloid ß & γ are simiar to characters like Dural & Raidou where they have compiled movesets from the rest of the cast with with different properties.

Boss versions of Bison, Garuda & Akuma can be unlocked. The major difference with these versions is an Attack & Defense boost. Garuda also gains a counter move done with PPP called the Maboroshi.

Characters that couldn’t make it but replaced with others

Balrog/M. Bison/Boxer = Cracker Jack
Cammy White = Pullum Purna

Story Relations

EX if it was canon takes the place of the Alpha series. A lot of story beats from Alpha are used such as Evil Ryu & Powered Bison.

DARK has a relation to Guile & Rolento. Rolento killed DARK’s squad and blames Guile who’s his superior officer.

In EX Skullomania is just an average salary man playing hero. This was dropped for something a whole lot different in EX2.

Kairi & Hokuto are brother and sister and Bloody Hokuto’s mission is to kill Kairi. I also remember hearing that the art of fighting they practice was a version of Bushin-ryuu.

It was once thought that at the end of EX, Kairi killed Akuma which explained his change in appearance in EX2 & 3. Actually it would seem that Garuda scared Akuma off at the end of this game. Garuda is related to the Satsui no Hado.

Cracker Jack in EX is Blair Dame’s bodyguard. Since she & Allen never appeared in any subsequent games is that this part of Jack’s story was dropped. And fun fact, he’s also from Vegas. BIKE MONEY!!

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