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#DiaryofaGameWhore Entry 20 Page 2: Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Arcade/PS1)

Street Fighter EX2 Plus Notes

Menu Stuff


Everything in the game can be unlocked via a code but there are numerous ways to unlock things in the game manually.

Everything in the game except for the Bison 2 Bonus Game can be unlocked in Trial Mode. Completing all the missions of a given rank will unlock something except for the S Rank missions in Maniac Mode because of a glitch with Hayate’s mission. So what that actually unlocks is still a mystery even now.

All of the characters except for Hayate can be unlocked by beating Arcade Mode with 20 different characters. You’ll unlock Garuda at 10 Completions, Shadow Geist at 15 Completions & Kairi at 20 if you’ve unlocked the Bison 2 Bonus Game at this mark.

Getting Bison 2 to appear as the final boss in Arcade Mode takes some doing. There isn’t a sure answer but getting Perfects & Meteor Combo finishes seems to do the trick. If you do make it to him is that it’s a 1 round battle. Win and unlock the Bonus Game. Lose and lose!

Team Battle Mode has changed since the 1st game. Instead of it being set to 5v5 either side can have up to 5 members this time.

Director Mode

Performance gives you 25 seconds to record and then you’re allowed to save this data for 5 Blocks on a PS1 Memory Card. THAT’S A LOT OF FUCKING SPACE!! You can then use Camera Edit to edit the footage as need be. There’s even a Ryona mode in there if you look around a bit.

Roster Information

Characters Added In EX2
Blanka, Vega, Sharon & Hayate

Hidden Bosses/Time Release Characters In EX2
Kairi, Garuda, Nanase & Shadowgeist

Characters Not In EX2 But In EX2 Plus
Bison, Pullum Purna & Darun Mister

Characters Added To EX2 Plus
Sagat, Vulcano Rosso & Area

Note: Hayate wasn’t in the arcade version of EX2 Plus & Nanase took his place as a default selectable character on the roster. He was added back as a hidden boss in the PS1 version.

Story Beats

Hayate is from the family destined to slay Orochi when it appears. After he slayed Orochi he was engaged to marry Hokuto until she murdered him during the tournament under the influence of the Blood Seal. Vega is allegedly responsible for this happening. This would explain why he isn’t in EX2Plus (Arcade) or EX3.

Sharon when not playing assassin lives in a monastery and is a nun who takes care of kids.

Cracker Jack is now an officer of Shadoloo since Blair isn’t around to bodyguard anymore.

Skullomania’s story was altered from being a salaryman to being from a country currently in civil unrest and the government being toppled by his brother Shadowgeist who is its current “Dictator” at the moment. Also both are gymnasts for whatever reason.

Kairi’s link to Akuma & Garuda has been altered a bit. Kairi & Akuma fought until Garuda showed up. Garuda is trying to find Kairi for his link to the SnH because of what it is becoming.

Rosso’s just around sulking over the loss of the woman he loved.

Area’s a cute nerd whose daddy is rich tech guy. She looks down at those who aren’t tech savvy as nothing more that primitive brutes. She’s SF equivalent to Lucca! #TEAMMEGANEKKOUNITE

Gameplay Stuff

The Guard Break is done by pressing a P+K of the same strength (ex. LP+LK) and uses 1 Level of Super Meter. Very telegraphed but stuns if hits on the ground and floats if connected on an airborne opponent.

The Cancel Break is an added ability of the Guard Break where you can cancel Super & Special Moves with a Guard Break. Still costs 1 Meter and great for when moves like those are blocked and you wish to stay safe and on offense as well.

The Excel or Extra Cancel was a new mechanic added to EX2 activated by pressing P+K of different strengths (ex. LP+MK). They work very similar to the Custom Combos from the Alpha series. The rules are you can do as many normals jumping up and down the strength ladder (ex. HP to LK). Command normals come out at their normal speed instead of quicker like other moves during Excel. Once you do a special move then you can no longer do normals as part of the combo. Characters with charge specials no longer have to charge their moves during Excel activation. In EX2 there was a limitation to repeated special moves during an Excel that was lifted in Plus. You are invincible during the startup of an Excel which is great for well timed punishes into an Excel. You can’t do Supers, Meteor Combos or Guard Breaks during an Excel but can do them when it ends while your combo is active. Charge characters can do Super/Meteors after the Excel ends while the combo is active without charging. The drawbacks to these possibilities are the heavy damage scaling that occurs.

The Meteor Combo was added in EX2 Plus so everybody had a L3 Super. Before this only certain characters had L3 Supers. Meteor Combos are very powerful tools because of their quick startup and invincibility. Some characters can use Meteor Combos for very devastating punishes from mid & full range.

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