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#TheCool: Surviving The E3 Storm Ver.2014

#TheCool! Where we celebrate our favorite time of the year like nobody else does. E3 has come and gone but it isn't over until we've had our say. You're going to hear from me now and the rest of crew sometime this week so be prepared!

Even with it being that of the year is that #DoaGHThaDOJO never falters on delivering that crack you need! On deck right now...

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07, The King of Fighters XI, Guilty Gear Xrd, Ehrgeiz, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax & Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late!

Plenty for you and we're back to full working capacity now so expect a lot more this upcoming week!

With all the business handled, let us travel back to last Monday and the beginning of the E3 2014 storm in this special installment of This Week In Gaming!

This tale starts with M$ LOL looking to rebound after getting buried by Sony last year. They took the time in the coming days before to not only take the Kinect out of the #XBONE box to compete with the #PSQUADRUPLE but also finally dropping the app paywall on XBOX Live. With that momentum would it be enough to take the whole thing? Let's see.

One of Gaming's Based Gods & Master of Twitter, Hideki Kamiya got on stage and presented Platinum's offering for the #XBONE with Scalebound. Not much is actually known about the game yet but if there's Kamiya & Platinum then there's goodness ahead. I'll prove this point later in this installment.

Phantom Dust is back. The original was a classic for anybody who had the opportunity to play it on the OG XBOX. I'm glad this is coming back in any way I can get it. No real info at the moment but I'll be waiting to see how this fleshes out.

Before the briefing even started is that Season 2 of Killer Instinct will be in full effect with the introduction of TJ Combo. From what I understand is that Combo is all about the new game mechanic of how throws will work in the upcoming version. Also there was a maybe teaser for Cinder or even some new character. We'll have to wait to see how this goes.

It isn't the M$ briefing if there isn't some Sunset Overdrive involved. Insomniac wants me to buy a #XBONE and their master plan is working. This looks to be an awesome exclusive experience that can only be found in one place. Can't wait.

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3' Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α! Nothing else needs to be said. This has to be some of the best use of DLC I've ever seen. Bravo, Capcom!

Also featured during the briefing was Mighty No.9, Aztez, Cuphead & Ori & The Blind Forest. It's good to know Mighty No.9 is coming to consoles. Aztez & Cuphead look beautiful in their own special way. And Ori & The Blind Forest looks to be nothing short of something special and I can't wait to experience all of these games really soon.

Not featured here but hype for anyhow is Crackdown 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Project Spark & Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The future seems to be bright for the #XBONE. Should be interesting to see where they take this momentum they've built.

A bit after that EA did their thing and other than

Mirror's Edge 2

and being surprisingly hype for Battlefield Hardline is that they do what they do every year and just go over my head with what they offer.

Star Wars Battlefront & The Criterion Project are also on my watch now because of what I saw. Maybe we'll actually see some gameplay next year.

Later in the day the sexy Aisha Tyler took the Ubisoft stage and all they had to offer was

Far Cry 4. They showed a trailer of The Division & the new Rainbow 6 game, however there was no Jade or Beyond Good & Evil so my IDGAF meter was at an all time high. Just the business of it all.

To cap off Day 0 was Sony coming back to defend the E3 2013 title and with Microsoft actually holding it down was Sony had to deliver the goods to hold on to the belt. Would they?

No Man's Sky killed it! This game has been in the consciousness of folks since last years VGX and this game is living up to all the hype and it will continue to do that.

More MGS5 with all the knives you'll ever need. No seriously, this trailer had hella knives in it.

Let It Die from the other Based God Suda51 used to be Lily Bergamo. I don't know what happened but I'll just wait and see. A shame that LB looked so damn good though.

Why yes I want more Fetch. Not in the pet or Mean Girls way but the inFamous way. First Light is a piece of stand alone DLC starring Fetch that is a prologue to the events of Second Son. So if more Laura Bailey is what you want then here you go!

The Order: 1886 is looking damn good. We were able to learn a bit more about it and I'm pretty excited to get my hands on this very soon.

I'm still 4 games behind but Arkham Knight is looking good. Always great to hear Kevin Conroy as Batman.

There's also Grim Fandango HD coming from Tim Schafer & Double Fine really soon. Excited for that. And the no duh of 2014 is that GTA5 is coming to current-gen consoles & PC sometime this year. Glad I waited.

Sony did their thing. Not having the shovel ready to do M$ in didn't have the same hype but it delivered on the games front which is always important.

Day 1 soon kicked into gear with the Big N. Having a solid showing last time around and with the Luigi Death Stare making people take notice of the WiiU's existence could they show more reasons to own one?

We could start with how Bayonetta 2 is the best value in gaming's near future. Not only do you get this game but also included is the best version of Bayonetta 1 with some added Nintendo flair. Watch the trailer for more. I can only ask how much more based can Platinum get?

Hyrule Warriors is going to be the truth. All Midna and nothing else!

Xenoblade Chronicles X. More RPG goodness. All you can really ask for.

Not to say that they don't innovate is that Splatoon is Nintendo's way into the 3rd Person Shooter. Looks very fun and I'll be there to have said fun with it.

You want a sequel to Canvas Curse? Whether you want it or not Kirby & The Rainbow Curse is just that. Canvas Curse back in the day was an awesome early use of that bottom screen on the DS and it looks like this game will just be an expanded look at those mechanics.

You know it can't be a major Nintendo Direct without some Smash action and to say that during E3 is that plenty was delivered. Such as...

The introduction of the Mii Fighters! Mii Brawlers, Mii Swordfighters & Mii Gunners! According to Sakurai is that each type is treated as a separate character and it also answers one of the things I've always wanted from the series in custom characters. I still hope for one day to see Mike & the ST Falcon in Smash!

Not to be outdone however was there was also a character confirm that's been in the streets for awhile now.

The Goddess of Light, Palutena. With more moves than a little bit and all the cheesecake you'd ever want to eat! I'm just glad that Kid Icarus is getting more representation in the series. There's also another confirmation if you look closely. Kid Icarus Uprising WiiU! I hope this is what this the lead up to.

After the Direct was over is that Sakurai had a talk about the development of the new game and at the end of that this happened...

PAC-MAN IN DAT SMASH!!! This was the no duh of character confirms but it took forever to confirm though. I have not a lot to say on the subject but I'm glad to see that representation. Ms. Pac-Man alternate costume please! Mr. Game & Watch was also confirmed as a returning character as well!

Some time after that is Nintendo put on the Smash Bros. Invitational which invited 16 players from around the world to duke it out in the 1st ever tournament for the game.

The event brought the hype in more ways than one but there was a singular event which almost tore the universe asunder.

SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT, MEGAMAN!!! The hype for this singular moment was so touching. If this doesn't show Capcom how much people love and miss the Blue Bomber then I don't know what actually can at this point.

And once the internet gets involved is magic always happens!

Also shown off was a deeper look at the 3DS' exclusive mode in Smash Run. As close to the Subspace Emissary as we'll ever get again!

And not to be outdone is that there's an official Gamecube Controller Adapter for WiiU coming out when that version of Smash drops for $30. Smash branded controllers for $20. And a bundle with Smash WiiU, the Controller Adapter & the GC Controller for $100. Damn good deal if you ask me and all of the above shows how much care and love is being put into this release.

I'm all in on Smash Hype now! I've been holding back but there's no turning back now! 3DS version in October and the WiiU version at some point!

Nintendo also showed off Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker, Yoshi's Wooly World & Mario Maker. They also confirmed that a new Star Fox title is in development.

And the Itagaki game Devil's Third is a WiiU exclusive! I'll be keeping my eyes on all of these titles.

That was Nintendo. They came in and did the one things they needed to do. Show you why you need a WiiU!

That was all the various briefings but there's more to E3 than just those. What else did it have to offer? And what else crossed my desk during the storm?

Shantae & The Pirate's Curse. Now for WiiU too! YES!!!!!!!!!!! The treatment that Shantae deserves. Now on the big screen! Maybe one day a HD version of the original Shantae will come. I believe!

You wanted more Gunman Clive? You're getting more anyway regardless of what you actually wanted. Ducks all day errday!

Pier Solar & the Great Architects HD for WiiU is coming soon! Everything you love about the 16-bit RPG and then some. I'm still waiting for more news about Project Y!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse. This isn't Super, Burst Limit or Ultimate Butoden so please tell me what I'm supposed to do about this? Dimps is on this one so magic is very possible. Because this is the case I'll give it a go when it comes.

Rise of Incarnates has 2 new characters in Quinn & Kruger. They both look good and will add to the roster diversity that the game needs so much at this stage.

Persona Q & Persona 4 Arena Ultimax are coming soon. Just so you know. And a look at Sho with his Persona.

Soul Calibur Lost Swords is adding Cervantes de Leon to the roster. Still not Cassie.

Short Peace. Out everywhere else except MURICA. Will be here soon. Whenever that is.

No Yakuza for you still but the vocal styling of Vocaloids is coming back in Project Diva F 2nd.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam: Reborn is coming soon everywhere else. If you want a disc then you'll have to import the EU version. The disc drops on #DayoftheBasedGod! Just saying!

More High School kids found guilty of murder and sentenced to death! That means Danganrompa 2: Goodbye Despair is coming soon.

Guilty Gear Xrd coming to MURICA on PSTriple & PsQuadruple! HEAVEN OR HELL and all that!

Corpse Party is coming back to where it started with this PC enhanced remake of the original with some PSP additions to boot. This seems like the best way to experience the game when it does come to PC soon.

Dekamori: Senran Kagura is coming to MURICA as Senran Kagura: Bon Appeitit on Vita so I need y'all on the mission. Don't forget that Shinovi Versus is coming to Vita soon as well. I wonder will cross DLC option be available for both games like they are in Japan?

Any minute now Phase-4 will be available for DLC for console DoA5U. Phase-4 will be available for $8 and for $5 more you get her initial costume set. Also a new costume set for the ladies ($2 for 1 and the whole set for $15) and the Special Edition Yaiba: NGZ costumes for Ryu & Momiji for $2 a piece. will be available in this update as well This same update for the arcade will add Nyo-Tengu and when matches become available you know where to find them.

Looks like Battride War 2 will be doing the free DLC thing again with Zangetsu Shin leading it off and Kiwami Arms after that. I do not want to buy another Kamen Rider Girls single for a piece of DLC again! This is NamcoBandai so of course I have to. Déjà vu in the worst way! Game comes out on #DayoftheBasedGod!

After all this E3 hoopla ceased is that I was able to get into some trouble including preparing for #DayoftheBasedGod! Lots of goodness incoming so be ready for it!.

On top of that Treezy and I went back to the battlefield to do some work with one of my favorite fighters in Rage of the Dragons. #TripleDaGod will be explaining it all really soon on this so be ready. We already have the next game ready so be watching for that next throwdown soon!

This week does bring the postmortem of Game of Thrones Season 4. If your question is; Does the show still do that work? Then the only way to answer your inquiry is...HELL YEAH!!! Delivered the goods every single episode this season and is still one of the best watches in the business.

Even with all the work is that I got 4 episodes into Orange is the New Black. It goes and if you haven't got into the series then it may be time to do just that. When the whole slate is finished I'll give a proper postmortem.

True Blood will be back this week and here's hoping the final season delivers the goods! And all the other current suspects did the work they always do. Summer.

And with that time to bring this installment to a close. Time for What I Watched On The Internet This Week!

If you want definite proof of what I've been preaching for years then this video is it. There is no such thing as set in stone. People will always find a way to innovate and change the game. I'll have to give this a try for myself.

The explanation you've all been waiting for. Maybe. It is good to see him about. Maybe a new show soon?

Sir Issac Newton! Versus! Bill Nye...BEGIN!

itsreal85's taking a forced break from Nigga Turtles and bringing you some Gumby instead.

Karan Ashley, Austin St. John, Walter Jones & David Yost tell old stories about the old days.

I love Giant Bomb coverage this time of year. Days 0, 1 & 2 of E3 After Hours. A look at Mortal Kombat X with Ed Boon & a look at Disney Infinty: Marvel Super Heroes Open Parenthesis 2.0 Edition Close Parenthesis with John Vignocchi aka Johnny V! And here's an archive to Day 3 After Hours because that's the only way you'll be watching it for now!

And that will be that.

The horizon for games looks wonderful and here's hoping it gets better.

Cover? You get 5. Bayo's ass! The Mii Fighters. Palutena's cheesecake! Pac-Man! And SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT, MEGAMAN!!! Pick one!

#TeamGRF will be getting together tomorrow for the sequel to #E32013! Expect it soon after!

Like I said is that I'm in the lab preparing for #DayoftheBasedGod and I've got goodies. Can't wait to share them.

As usual, I thank you for coming through to see us. Always appreciate it. We'll be doing this again next week so be sure to come on back!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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