Monday, June 9, 2014

#TheCool: Prelude To The Storm Ver.2014

#TheCool! Where battening down the hatches is all we can do to prepare for what's next! E3 will be in full swing right as you read this and the possibilities are endless. It should be fun. Nothing from me on the PT tip but expect this to have something next week. I have plans.

Anyhow as usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is always providing that crack and that's never changing. Available for your now...

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Fighting Layer, Sengoku Basara X, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code v1.07, Senko no Ronde: Dis-United Order, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Guilty Gear Xrd, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers Revenge & Ehrgeiz!

Plenty for you to get at and plenty more coming! Stay tuned!

With that out of the way, This Week In Gaming!

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is out now and with it the last of the changes for the old characters Fei Long, Vega, Ibuki, Cody, Rufus & Oni. A look at the X Tekken cast of Poison, Hugo, Rolento, Elena. A Decapre feature and a deeper look at the major changes that happened between Super and Ultra. Don't forget you can see the full changelist by CLICKING HERE!!

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax has added 2 new characters to the roster this past week. Miyuki Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School and Taiga Aisaka from Toradora! #DoaGHThaDOJO has plenty of matches already featuring the two if you want to take a look at them right now as you're reading this.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate sees the "return" of a former boss in a different way. Nyo-Tengu is just that via her namesake. I've seen some moves from Tengu and she has some flair of her own. As usual we'll be getting Phase-4 in the console update while the same update for the arcade version will have Nyo-Tengu available. Should be interesting to see how she actually plays.

Koihime Embusen. Coming to an arcade probably no where near you or I live. But Embusen seems more of the same and that's a good thing. No idea on when it drops in arcades but you know where to find the match videos when it does. Speaking of, what happened to Blade Arcus?

Coming to Maxi Boost soon is Lacus Clyne in her Infinite Justice. Johnny Ridden in another Zaku. And Nicola in the Blitz.

Persona Q's out now in Japan so have the opening movie. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is coming to consoles soon so have some character features starring Yukiko & Yosuke!

Here's the 1st real look at Kamen Rider Battride War 2 with 2 Rider Feature trailers featuring a lot of the playable cast. Comes out before the Day of the True Based God!

Taking a throwback moment is there's a new trailer for the upcoming Gauntlet game. Looking good if I do say so myself. Hyped for it indeed.

Speaking of throwbacks is that Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to MURICA on the Nintendo eShop. Better than nothing at all. Coming this December.

Making the throwback pretty is a thing that's done and with Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX is continuing the tradition with Final Mix 2, Birth By Sleep Final Mix and HD remastered cutscenes from Re:coded. This is coming out in December too.

This week in Senran Kagura 2 brings us a look at customizing your ninja and more information about Shinobi Tenshin techniques.

Bullet Girls dropping that 1st trailer and this is going to be interesting. Just watch and you'll see why.

I got into a lot of gaming this week. Mainly Ultra Street Fighter 4 and I'm really enjoying what's there. The X Tekken characters have made a wonderful transition to Ultra and it looks to be the be all end all before the 2015 patch you know is coming.

I also took the Saturn for a ride this weekend so I could prep some upcoming projects. Played a lot of X-Men/Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter & Groove on Fight. I can confirm that those games still deliver the goods and I'll be playing a whole lot more because my Saturn library is deep. Just know I have a lingering project about a certain Saturn game and the tech is fully operational so expect that real soon.

Because of the E3 hoopla is that I haven't watched anything but Stardust Crusaders as I'm writing this and I'm a bit mad at myself that I haven't watched Orange Is The New Black S2 yet and I don't think I'll be getting to it this week but when I do, you'll be the 1st to know.

And as we prepare for the storm proper, What I Watched On The Internet This Week!

The Sailor Moon Crystal trailer. The wait is almost over. Almost over!

DBZ Abridged is going back to the movies with Cooler 2: The Return of Coolers Revenge - The Reckoning!

Botchamania 252. All botches, all the time.

Somebody went the distance blindfolded against Tyson. Great job.

1 move to rule them all. Vanilla Street Fighter 4 all over again.

Been a minute since we've seen some footage of Mega Man X: Corrupted. Great to know that this is still being worked on.

Want to play a game? Well play Name Dat Booty! Any game show with Poison as the host can never fail you.

Shouts to Got1INCORPORATED for this inspirational piece. It is a reminder that there's no such thing as a setback. If you want it, then so shall you have it. And if you don't, then you won't. Simple as that!

That'll wrap up this installment.

Always Sailor Moon. It just so happens the most interesting art in the streets that I'm allowed to show you legally is about Magical Girls saving the world. So yes, hype is real and Sailor Moon Crystal is coming. Thought we talked about that. Shouts to CalvinLovesInternet for said picture and you can see the pic above and the individual ones HERE!

E3 kicks off today and as usual I'll be live tweeting every stream so if you're looking for some anecdotes from The One And Only then Follow Me On Twitter. I shouldn't be reminding you of something you should already be doing but this is for the late folks who aren't familiar so don't take any offense if you're already showing me love.

Of course the main YouTube page will have all the latest trailers I'm hype for and allowed to upload. Always a thing.

As usual, plans are planned. Execution is the monster that must be slayed. And my sword is big as fuck. Thought you knew.

Enjoy the majesty of E3 and we'll be ready to put it all in perspective here on #TheCool next time & Team GRF will be getting the final word in so be watching for that!

Until the next!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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