Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Cool: Wiser I Am, Wiser I Shall Become!

Sunday in #FULLEFFECTMODE with The Cool as usual and nothing's changed except I'm older. I have to say that I've come a long way since the last time I added a +1 to my age which I won't share with you. A lot of changes personally & professionally, however by following some advice from someone way wiser than I am I was able to really get things together. Perfect they aren't but I know the rule of thumb is that if you think you have it bad, there's someone who's getting it even worse. So I'm blessed and thankful for what I do have and I'll continue to work hard and become better at what I do. Speaking of getting older and getting better what I do...

#RunDatReXXX's 1 Year Anniversary and of course we celebrate the milestone by following up how we started by taking on the mission of saving Subcon in Super Mario Brothers 2! I have to say looking at this video and going back to the beginning of #DoaGH it's like looking at 2 different people making videos. Starting from Shaky Cam 1.0 to capture cards I've come a long way. I'm blessed to have the ability to do what I do and I strive to be the best period at it. You'd be surprised how much work I do goes into that goal that doesn't even involve making the videos everybody watches. I don't mind the work for the fact that practice makes perfect. The harder I work the better the end product will be. SMB2 will be on a when I feel like schedule but don't expect it to take too long. What comes next shouldn't be a surprise. Or maybe it will be. Can't wait.

#DoaGHThaDOJO has been putting in work all week with some special surprises coming up this week. So enjoy a taste of Phantom Breaker AC & Daemon Bride Additional Gain. Stay tuned to the page later for a throwback exclusive.

With the pimping out of the way time for the week in gaming that was.

And I see no better place to start with the confirmation that Girl Fight isn't as dead as once thought. I honestly thought this and Wander of the Dragons would never drop but here's a trailer that says otherwise. All I will say is this...#TripleDaGodExplainsItAll!

Speaking of girls and fighting we have plenty of Killer Is Dead stuff for you this week. 2 episodes of KID TV where nothing is learned and the newest trailer for the game. Game is due sometime in August.

Bang! Babes! Mayhem! That Deadpool game finally dropped on some semi-stealth because I had no idea it was dropping so soon. I copped it but haven't got around to playing it yet. When I do I'll report back. I have heard things though. And I'll ignore them and make that judgement call on my own.

We're getting ever so closer to actually playing Out of the Shadows. For now enjoy the Leo trailer. All we do know is that this is one of the 4 Summer of Arcade titles for XBLA so what that means for release is unknown but I'll be on it Day 1 though.

Saint Seiya is getting the Ultimate Ninja Storm treatment with a new fighter in Brave Soldiers. Seems like a perfect transition from the Musou game that dropped a while back. I do want to confirm something really quick. Yes, this game has an ESRB rating. No MURICAN citizens will not be getting this. The rating is for Latin MURICAN countries. If you're thinking of importing this then get the European version because that'll be the only one that will be in English if the last game is any indication. Kind of wish now it was more popular here though. Awaits Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors games.

In other news Project X Zone & Hotline Miami dropped this week and you know what they have in common? They both dropped this week and have played neither one. And I do feel bad about that and something I plan to correct soon. When I do you'll know.

The final EDF4/2025 trailer before the Japanese release on the 4th of July! If it wasn't for the looming fact that it wasn't dropping here I would've imported this no questions. I've always loved the dumb fun this game provides and this game isn't any different. Just waiting for the MURICAN release date and some confirmation of that rumor from D3 that Oneechanbara Z: Kagura is coming to PS3.

New XBLAZE trailer. Didn't understand a damn thing. Importing the hell out of it. No way that's coming here. Feel free to prove me wrong.

The original Mega Man 10 now known as Unlimited has a release date. And it happens to be sooner than you think. Watch the trailer to find out when that is.

If you wanted to know about every available character in Flip Bucket to this point then this playlist will take care of this. Just doing my duty of archiving history.

What else did I do this week. There was that point when I started my Sheep in the Big City marathon that I didn't finish but I did confirm that it is still a #ThrowbackClassic. There was just something special about that show I don't think a lot of people understood but I'll understand it for you. Something if you haven't checked out then it is something you should do.

On the eve of getting older I played VF5 Ver. C for whatever reason which I think had to do with the Items for Final Showdown being on sale. That game is still very solid and I'm still only playing it to complete the Quest Mode and if you're looking for a VF experience then just play Final Showdown. That's where the people are. I still want a disc version that is the arcade game with all the bells and whistles. Maybe for PS4 & #XBONE.

For some reason on Friday night I had the biggest urge to play Bloody Roar 1 & 2 and what I discovered is what I already knew but now truly understand. Those games built up to 3 & Primal Fury/Xtreme in a very gradual way. I do understand that there's some tech there that without my current mindset I'd never understand without it. It may be time to get on that ball and get the whole #DoaGH family of programs on the case. Something I've always planned to do but nowhere to really fit it. May be time and long overdue as such to get that Vampire Savior review out.

What I watched this week was the usual. Finally got caught up on all my Toku and everything is getting to that boiling point where something is going to pop off. True Blood is getting is wild and they've got a lot to fit in with the shortened 10 episodes. Have a feeling it won't disappoint. Dexter is coming on tonight and the end is coming and how it ends is anybody's guess but somebody will die and that's a guarantee. Bleach & Naruto did their work on the manga front with Bleach going to a no duh place but surprising and some flashbacks for Kakashi & Obito. And Burn Notice is taking to that next level with things that had to happen to push the story forward. I'm just hoping for a clean ending or a movie to end it all if that doesn't happen.

And to wrap up our trip how about that stuff I watched on YouTube this week.

Shouts to my PurrfectTrio fam doing dirt with their 100th video playing some Rockman 5. They have a YouTube page which you can check out HERE! Now nobody can say I don't be putting my people up! Community service for the month...COMPLETE!!!

Watch video. Laugh hard as hell. Go to THIS TUMBLR! Laugh more. You're welcome.

Promos from past WCW Clash of the Champions featuring 2 Cold Scorpio and Das Wunderkind Alex Wright. Hilarious memories.

Fun fact. One of my favorite songs is the theme of The Price is Right. Bob Barker > You, fact and such. Raisi K. on the remix. YESSIR!!

Motorbike: A Giant Bomb Quick Look. Hiliarity as a no duh with Jeff & Vinny on duty.

This was a thing that happened. It just did. I won't explain it because I can't. Just not possible. Or is. I'm just not doing it.

Pink. Fluffy. Unicorns. Dancing. On. Rainbows. Hold Dat!

I'm done. As usual thank you for hanging out in my head for while. Always love the company so bring your friends if you like. Have things planned for the week ahead. Whether they come to fruition is another story all together. We shall see. Until then. See you next time for another installment of #TheCool!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Cool: It's A Family Affair

Sunday as usual and #TheCool is in FULL EFFECT MODE and we're back to the normal flow of things with E3 in our rear view. And of course before we get down to business I do have to talk about M$' complete 180 on all that always online stuff that nobody agreed with. I for one am glad that they rethought something that never should've crossed anyone's mind to begin with. However, some of the more interesting concepts like no discs for playing the game and the sharing concepts at this time seem to have gone with the good. I really hope that some balance is struck between the extreme of everything and the same old hat. Where Sony sits is still a mystery to all and it would be nice for Sony to clear the air so that consumers are informed. The great news on both ends is that both the PS4 & #XBONE is REGION FREE GAMING IS OFFICIAL! And for someone who's a heavy importer really opens my library for both systems without having to do something extra to get to that state. One can only hope that the Wii U gets to that same point but I highly doubt that this'll happen before someone hacks that and the 3DS. This incoming generation and what it offers is ever changing and will stay in constant flux for a long time after they've launched. And I as always am an interested party in watching the evolution of it all.

Initial thoughts, down. Pimping incoming. After 2 weeks of nothing #TeamGRF has plenty this week and I'm glad to be back to work in some fashion.

I got a chance to finally get my little cousins some shine as we played some Brawl. I'm really happy to know that they're excited that they have content on YouTube and they want to do more and more will be done. Be expecting that.

Finally I was able to get more of the crew involved and I'm excited for the prospect of doing more with the rest of the team. We talk all about E3 2013 and so much more. As usual we bring the hilarity along with our serious opinions about the stuff we happen to speak of. More features with the rest of the crew along with J & I continuing the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject coming soon as well.

And don't forget that #DoaGHThaDOJO is steadily dropping crack like always. E3 pushed the drops back a bit but I'm slowly but surely catching up. You know how to find it and what we do so no reason to repeat it.

Pimping done. Gaming wrap up, now!

Seems like the place to start is the confirm, confirm, confirm of General Zod for Injustice. I gotta say I'm pretty hyped for Zod after seeing his gameplay. He has some weird control of the Phantom Zone that has me very, very hyped to play with him. I'm hoping that what happened with Scorpion happens with Zod with those with the Season Pass get early access to him this week coming. Zod does drop for everybody on July 2nd!

Speaking of the DC Universe a new trailer for Arkham City Origins. Just more of fleshing the premise of $50 Million on Batman's head. I haven't really seen anything for the Vita/3DS version which is way different from the console versions. It is supposed to have a "Metroidvania" feel to it which seems interesting in concept for the series. Executing it is another story entirely.

Hopping from one throwback experience to another is that we got the 1st teaser for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Nothing but a teaser but hyped for it anyway and also just for mentioning sake is that the 1st one is on the way to PS3/Vita this week and I'll finally get a chance to experience it. I'll report back on that on the next installment if I get around to playing it.

From violence on human beings to exterminating a bug menace. Here's another look at EDF4/2025's 1st trailer with more footage. Enjoy that. You really should.

No segue needed is just this is a reminder for all my people with a Vita is that Malicious Rebirth is still coming. That's all.

Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers. CyberConnect2 is taking the UNS Engine for another spin with another anime license. I'll play it like I always do. Which reminds me that I need to do a Triple Da God Explains It All on .hack//Versus because I know the streets need that right?

Dragon Ball Z is back with another fighting game that isn't Zenkai. However, Battle of Z looks great so far because I'm reminded with how the battle system works of Legends a bit. So while hype for that I still need to import Ultimate Budoten for DS because that game is true sequel to Hyper Dimension which still stands as one of the best games with the DBZ license in the forever. Of course my eyes are on it.

In our HD Classics corner is that Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is out and as much as I want it I want this instead...

What you're looking at now is the e-Capcom limited edition version of this game which from what I've learned is way different from the version out now. This version is actually being hooked up by those who made it in the first place and adding options like having all 4 players being the same class and more as it would be assumed to be coming. Whether or not the version out will have these additions via a patch later down the line is unknown as well.

And the above is a playlist so be sure to check out all the Class Spotlights for all the playable classes in Shadows over Mystara.

That was gaming this week. So what happened with the things I watched & read this week?

Billith. Ultimate Mega Insane Swerve! 2 Zanpakutos? Sasuke's true nature? And not everything is what it seems even if it seems that way.

I also got a chance to get back into Anima: Ark of Sinners. There's good and there's bad. When I finish it just expect a review explaining it all.

As it is customary to do is what I saw on YouTube.

A speedrun of Super Meat Boy? Who thought such a thing was even possible.

Maybe this should've been in the gaming portion but here's some gameplay of JJBA: All Star Battle featuring Buccaratti, Josuke, DIO & Johnathan.


2 Best Sisters Play Persona 4! No more needs to be said.

That's that folks. Out of my head you exit only to come back again really soon. Thank You as always for taking the time out to read my thoughts on the things you did. See you next Sunday for another edition of #TheCool!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Cool: After Aftermath

I have to say that the war is official now with most of what we're dealing with when it comes to the next generation of gaming. The thing is I won't be joining on an ASAP mission. I've never done this and never seen a reason to. I'll let the world be the beta testers even though as we'll talk about are some things dropping on launch I want to get my hands on so, so, so bad! I really think this will give me a chance to focus on my backlog and milk where we are and even before that for a while before making that next leap. With everything that happened this week I know the best thing is just spotlight what really caught me as I do every week on The Cool.

And because I've had another lazy week, no pimping again but the family is getting together sometime next week to discuss the subject you're about to read about and I'll do my best to get something out for the streets the week ahead. So at this time let us look at all E3 brought and bring you the highlights from this way.

We start with M$ (I hear that said company and others aren't fans of the abbreviation. Should've never told me that!) who took the early spot on Monday and opened with this...

Well, not exactly this. This is the Director's Cut version of what was shown. The game is amazing. That's all I can really say. Even though I haven't beat 4 yet or played Rising at all, I'm really excited for 5 for lots of reasons. The main one being that is a prequel to Metal Gear on MSX/NES. (In which always the MSX version is superior. Subsistence will help you with that.) Learning the story of what happened to Big Boss to the lead up to Zanzibar Land should be an interesting one. And now that the game is taking an open world approach is how you make one of the best even better. Surprisingly this is a split-gen game and I wonder how seeing how insane it would've been to put 4 on the 360.

One of the most telling pictures on the internet. The thing with this game and others that are doing the split gen thing is what am I going to choose to play this on. With my decision to hang in the past for a while how will this affect how I game. Will I pick it up on the hardware I have? Or will I bite the bullet and wait until I pick up new hardware? Some of the decisions have already been made and others in which the jury's still out. This is how it'll be for a minute during this transition. I don't suspect that this magical little window will stay open long however. So as a consumer take advantage of this if you can while you can.

Some other stuff was shown and then THIS HAPPENED....

KILLER INSTINCT!!! You don't quite understand how happy it makes me even now to even have the ability to even speak words on how this exists now. I had a pure liquid pride moment when this graced my screen. I'm so happy that this game is back because this was the game that even before Marvel 2 when I wanted to be really serious about fighters how I wanted to be good at Killer Instinct. I know I must have clocked in major lab time on the SNES version in the days of spryness and how around that time I was also introduced to the internet and how that really helped me get the information I needed without paying for it. All in all Killer Instinct has a special place in my heart and to see how people are gravitating to it and loving it really makes me happy. The Double Helix family really knows their stuff and it shows in everything I see about this game. This was the game that as I write this is the reason I want a #XBONE because this is an experience I can only receive there. All I can say is that Killer Instinct is a system seller. I forgot all about everything wrong with #XBONE and all I know is I want this experience and I'm willing to buy a console to have it. However this isn't the first time that a console purchase has been made on my behalf because of a singular experience. Viewtiful Joe, Super Smash Bros. Brawl & Metal Gear Solid 4 are examples on how this happens. And so I cover myself here, at the time I bought a black lunch box Viewtiful Joe was only an experience I could have on GameCube. I really need to get around to playing the PS2 version. The other ports of the Capcom 5 didn't fair so well maybe except RE4 but now you have much better versions of the experience available to you now. A Moment of Reflection by Triple Da G.O.D!

Hopping of the KI HYPE TRAIN M$ MEDIA BRIEFING LOL had some other things I was interested in.

Dead Rising 3 is another one of those experience that is only available on #XBONE! Duct Tape Everything Together! Will wait for the Off the Record version with Chuck & Frank. (Note to self: Finish Dead Rising 1.)

The new Insomniac game, Sunset Overdrive. Switching from zombies to mutants it does seem to be the same formula we always see but with Insomniac on the case nothing is ever what it appears to be.

From those who brought you Max Payne now bring you bullet time in a different way. Just now you can bullet time everything. Quantum Break is another game that has sold me a #XBONE because I can't get this anywhere else. I really want to see how the narrative and the game really play off each other. Should be something to see.

Another game that really caught me was Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Looks like a game I'd be very interested in playing and reminds me a lot of the Gianna Sisters game that came out recently (Which I need to play by the way.)

Another Swery joint, huh? I need not say anymore other than go play Deadly Premonition. Now! D4 looks great and I'll be waiting for it.

I'm finally glad this game is coming out...WITH CONTROLLER SUPPORT! I've heard things about the development of this game and if those things are true then that is horrible. At least those folks can put it behind them.

And then out of nowhere came Respawn's Titanfall. I wasn't expecting this or even to care about this but after I saw it I want to play this. I haven't been into FPS games in a very long time. GoldenEye will always be that and I love playing Left 4 Dead and Borderlands with the family but other than that I tune the genre out because since Halo took it there and Call of Duty right after I just never had a reason. I think after all this time Titanfall may be my reason for caring for the genre once again. What I saw hit all my buttons and I'm excited to play this on an #XBONE really soon.

And that was M$ LOL! To be honest they stuck to their word and showed games not mentioning TV once and that I respect. I don't really care about Twitch integration or making video remixes but those are wonderful tools for those who wish to use them. M$ are still standing on their always online stance and even Don Matrick saying that if you don't like it then stay with your 360! That's a bold stance to take and I have no idea where this goes from here but there is no middle ground for all these restrictions. They're either going to stay on top of the game or completely fall and do so very hard. It'll be interesting to see if M$ LOL will loosen up on things once the battle for supremacy starts heating up even more.

Later in the day EA came on and stuff about stuff I'm not really interested in that looked pretty cool featuring one Drizzy Drake. There was one thing that came out of EA I'm psyched about though...

MIRRORS EDGE DEUCE!! I don't think I need to say anything else at all. So I won't.

After that Ubisoft hit the stage with Aisha Tyler just looking so fine and all they had that I even paid attention to was some new Watch_Dogs gameplay

and a new South Park: The Stick of Truth trailer.

I've heard some things about Tom Clancy's The Division as well but that's something I'll investigate on my own time and report back on that later. And that was Ubisoft.

Later in the evening Sony stepped up to bat and showed some stuff too.

Like Transistor from Superbig Games. They brought you Bastion and I'm hype for this because of that.

More of The Dark Sorcerer tech demo which is hilariously funny.

A new look at Beyond: Two Souls. So excited for this as well.

More of inFAMOUS: Second Son. I'm really liking the divergence from the first 2 games and how that will play out overall.

Our first look at The Order: 1886. Love the Steampunk vibe I'm getting from it.

Sony also brought a huge focus on indie titles like Transistor that we talked about earlier. Mercenary Kings brought to you by the folks behind the Scott Pligrim game. The Witness and a HD Remake of Abe's Odyssey.

Sony then introduced Tetsuya Nomura and then he went on to do this...

For the first time in a minute we were getting something about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. And that's fine becuase the game looks fucking amazing. Then the trailer ended. And then then the logo changed which revealed that Versus XIII was now Final Fantasy XV and my mind was all over the ceiling.

Mind you, I'm getting my brain off the ceiling and not soon after it was firmly back in place THIS HAPPENED...

We then learned that Nomura can count to 3. Kindgom Hearts 3 that is. I have to assume that this will be the end of the Saga of Sora & Friends and anything after will be a reset of some sort. This doesn't mean that I'm any less excited for this and all the things upcoming from this franchise.

And it all ended with Bungie showing off the first look at Bungie's Destiny which is another game I'm excited for just for the simple fact that it's a game to get the crew together on and have some fun with.

When it comes to Sony and their "media briefing" overall is that Monday night toward the end completely buried M$ LOL like only Paul Levesque could under their own policies and flat out confirmed that used games were OK and 24 hour check ins were not part of Sony plans had me excited to be purchasing a PS4. At the time all I was seeing was the death of Microsoft because of all these "rules" that really had no use to me as a gamer and as such was happy to see Sony's stand was as such. Looking at now with clear vision is that while M$ LOL is doing it is that it is fair game to do it on PS4 as well. Sony is doing the smart thing by leaving that door open so the blame while directed can be deflected just as such. Just as with the #XBONE seeing how things are now and how they end up with the PS4 should be something to watch. And to have those statements like a time capsule of some sort. Hurray, Twitter!

After Sony's burial of M$ LOL, I awoke the next day to the E3 Edition of Nintendo Direct and...

I want to shout out Jarosh for always cooking crack and the above while no different is pretty accurate to how that went down. Nintendo here's an idea for you. Maybe you should lock down more UStream channels so I'm not warping around like I'm holding 28 Warp Whistles in my inventory! Just saying!

Regardless of this Nintendo dropped straight crack and that I can't sleep on and happy to say I'm so hype for!

Mario Kart 8. I still see we're not doing the subtitle thing. And from what I've heard outside of the F-Zero swagger jack is it plays a lot like 7 did. Problem, I haven't played 7 or even DS. Why, I don't know but they are on a long list of corrections that need to be made in my life. I've always been a fan of Mario Kart but I do think it is long overdue to get that Smash like feel here with more Nintendo characters instead keeping it to the Mario extended family. And I want a sequel to Double Dash too but I don't think Nintendo's going back to that well anytime soon.

Super Mario 3D World. I knew we'd get to this point sometime but never did I think it would be this. Super Mario Bros. 2 deserves a bit more than to be have what it did so specially be used in this format. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. Advance showed how you can play around with the formula but a New version of the game would be something I'd be interested in. Just like a true version of Deluxe. Best version of SMB1 ever outside of the screen issue. And with Mario continuing to ask for assistance from the Animal Kingdom gets a Cat Suit this time around. It'll be a fun way to play the game and see how far they take this.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. It's that as the title describes it to be. I hear of improvements to the overall sea traveling portions and a new way to use the Tingle Tuner. The game will not be adding in the the dungeons dropped for the game because it would seem we've experienced them in other games. I wonder which ones?

And if you want to make a sequel to Link to the Past and subtitle it A Link Between Worlds then I'm down with this. The original is easily a 1, 2 any day of the week with Super Metroid as possibly the best game ever and for Nintendo to want to do a straight sequel is a bit scary. This game will have to live up to that legacy and even surpass it but if that is what Nintendo wants this game to do than it so shall. So excited for this.

We got a new look at X the alleged sequel to Xenoblade. I say nothing more than it looks so, so sick!

Now we take the time to feature the Platinum Games Power Hour with a brand new look at The Wonderful 101! This game sold me a WiiU back when it was Project P-100 and to see it now I'm still amazed at what it is I'll soon be playing. Hideki Kamiya is a genius at making games that grab at your attention and this game is no different.

Wonder-Eyes Pink is mine. You want her, come fight for her!! So ready for this game and we won't have to wait long. September 13th! Can't wait!

Our focus still being on Platinum and Nintendo of course we have some Bayonetta 2 for you! Bayo's sporting a brand new everything including what could be consider the sexiest technical mullet I've ever seen or will see. This game is seeking to trump the original in every way and looks at this juncture to be doing just that. If you want to know more then watch the trailer.

Or watch lead director Atsushi Inaba talk all about the game in this focus on it.

I'm buying a WiiU for this game and what I'm secretly hoping for is a special WiiU design because this game needs every bit of a reason for those who don't know to get familiar and quick. What would help is a WiiU version of the 1st which the streets keep asking Kamiya-san for. Will it come? Who knows but this is going to be something special regardless of whatever.

After all the warping I did through Nintendo Direct I landed where I wanted to be. Right when the new Smash Bros. trailer was being shown.

I saw it and it confirmed that the Villager from Animal Crossing is the confirmed first newcomer. I do wonder if the game will have some connectivity with New Leaf and you can import your character to replace this one. Also confirmed Mario, Bowser, Samus Aran (Other M), Pit, Link, Fox McCloud, Donkey Kong, Pikachu & Kirby. Good opening roster and I'm feeling it. I thought this is what we were getting for the time being and then Iwata-san followed it up by showing another trailer and then THIS HAPPENED...

The thing that all Smash fans wanted since Snake was confirmed for Brawl was MEGA MAN ALL UP IN YA SMASH BROS. SUCKA!!! The internet died but somebody had the Phoenix Down so we were good after the shock. Mega Man looks damn good and it seems that Capcom is doing right by the Blue Bomber by letting this happen. He seems to be kitted up for the fight. Mega Man is bringing the following Robot Master weapons to Brawl with him. Super Arm (MM1), Metal Blades & Crash/Clash Bomber & Leaf Shield (Also a weapon used in his VS series appearances)(MM2), Spark Shock (Functions as Spark Man would use it), Top Spin & Hard Knuckle (MM3), Flame Blast (Functions similarly as Flame Man would use it) (MM6), Slash Claw (MM7) & Flame Sword (MM8). Mega Man 4, 5, Rockman & Forte, 9 & 10 aren't represented and looking at those games would bring more Robot Master weapons he could use. Some examples that could work in the game are the Charge Kick (MM5), Astro Crush (MM8), Copy Vision (Rockman & Forte), Black Hole Bomb (MM9) & Rebound Striker (MM10). Also it would seem that Mega Man uses a tornado of some sort in the air but nobody can confirm if it is the Air Shooter (MM2) or Tornado Blow (MM9). I could also see some of Mega Man's arsenal be "pallet swapped" for other similar weapons which would add a bit of fun to the character. Mega Man is an awesome inclusion and I as many Smash fans are so happy to welcome him.

For a while the streets praised the inclusion of Mega Man. However there was one more newcomer and I'll be one to admit I never saw it coming.

THE WII FIT TRAINER! This character represents what the series is all about. Unpredictability! These games are designed to have fun and sometimes to have fun you have to think and step outside of the box. She seems to be a wonderful fit in the game and she as well is welcomed with open arms to the Smash family!

After that Sakurai sat down with the world and discussed at length all the new we know so far about the game. A wonderful watch for all fans!

This was Nintendo and even though the stream initially was bad is that they brought reasons why if you own a Wii U you should be ready for more and if you haven't why you should. The future is looking bright for Nintendo for the immediate future and where they go from here is anyone's guess.

After digesting the news I went around and uploaded trailers from the hoopla that wasn't featured in somebody's briefing.

There was some Dragon's Crown which is looking better every time I see it. Must be the hype closing in!

Another look at Castle of Illusion HD which is looking wonderful as well. I might run the OG version back before that drops.

A reminder that 1.5 HD ReMIX is still coming out over here soon. Now waiting for 2.5!

And the same reminder that X & X-2 HD Remastered is still coming complete with the Zanarkand scene that still can get me to tear up!

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is something special I'll tell you what. Just my type of game is all.

There's also Toukiden which may not have that name when it drops on Vita later this year in MURICA!

Not only are you blessed with the return of Girl Fight XXX featuring Momiji & Kasumi, you also get the official Leon confirm and Rachel from Ninja Gaiden who seems to be sporting a modified Nicole moveset is here as well. Wonder why Irene isn't here?

We also got a new class confirm for EDF4...THE AIR RAIDER! LOOKING SICK!!!

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is confirmed for MURICA and I have to assume another digital release with no VA from the dub.

For something that was nowhere near LA this week a new JJBA All-Star Battle trailer with some confirms of confirms. Watch for more.

And that was E3 from my view. Who won? Who lost? What I loved? What I loathed? You'll have to wait for me and the #TeamGRF crew to talk about it all! Can't wait for that to pop off!

Since this was E3 week I didn't get a lot done on the other side of the ball.

I watched and read the usual stuff with Bleach being the mindblower this week having me wondering what's happening next. OG Team 7 showed out this week in a way that fans can be proud. Game of Thrones is setting up for the you know what. Burn Notice is getting interesting and with no real idea where the show is going from here should be a wild ride for the finale. And tonight is the return of True Blood. After the wild way Season 5 ended I'm so ready to find out what's happening next with those folks in Bon Temps.

I'm really considering trying to finally finish Mega Man Zero. I played a bit last night and I have to say I need a Gamecube Digital Controller AKA the Hori Game Boy Player Controller. The regular GC controller is decent but for a game like MMZ or Metroid I need that level of precision that only a controller brings and having big hands for a small handheld doesn't help matters. I'm also ready to hit that The Last of Us but actually hitting it seems to be something different entirely. And I downloaded Tekken Revolution but have not yet played it. Maybe this week maybe. One can hope.

So with that time to show the world what I watched on YouTube this week.

New DBZ Abridged? Yep. Still one of the best things this planet has to offer us? Yep.

This new episode of Pokemon Abridged confirms what we already know. Everybody in that show is crazy, a rapist or sometimes both!

Here, have speed running brothers break Sonic 3 & Knuckles for a great cause!

Raisi K. doing what Raisi K. does, making hot tracks. Just so happens to be a remix of Roundball Rock. You know it better as the NBA on NBC theme. (Note to self, pull out Dreamcast for that and Blitz 2000!)

I'd like to thank Baagful for doing the work of wonderful people and re-hosting all 3 days of the Giant Bomb After Hours show because Twitch be so ass all the time except when it isn't when it usually is. If you haven't watched any of this then you may want to. Expert analysis from experts!

Seems like it has been forever and a day since we've had more of Porkchop & Flatscreen but here's 22 minutes of it. Such a fan of this and all of Emezie's work. Wonderful job!! Also just so happens to be a fan of what I do.

I'm done. Longer than average episode of #TheCool but glad it's in the bag. Like I said, really hoping to get something out this week and getting the #TeamGRF crew together for our E3 analysis like only we can bring it to you!

So as usual thanks for kicking it with your folks for a while and experiencing my Higher Brain Patterns! Make sure to be back next week for another episode of #TheCool!

Your week from my point of view!

-Triple Da G.O.D

P.S: Happy Father's Day to those who deserve the day! If not then step your weight up!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Cool: Failure Due To Manufacturer Defect

The Cool back up you know where for a Sunday recap before the party gets going. Expect a blowout edition of The Cool next time and the sequel to something special.

With no lead off story this week that won't be covered by the planned E3 coverage we'll get to the reason for no pimping this week and your spiffy title. Long story short, one of my hard drives failed and because of this some previously completed work was lost. I was able to salvage something from it and I may put up the salvaged stuff up on the page just because. All that was lost however is easy to run back because of some precautions I took while doing it so I may try to slip something up during the E3 hoopla or just wait until next week and spread the uploads out then. Decision's still out. This isn't my first rodeo and you'd think I'd learn by now that nothing is made of any decent quality anymore and I'd do other things to make sure that doesn't happen. Precautions have already been taken so this isn't something that happens in the future. Forward and forward more!

Now that I've had my Confessions (Remix) time, let us get to the gaming portion of our broadcast.

In a week fighting games went from having no major F2P titles to 2 of them announced right before E3. DoA5: Core Fighters was the first the drop the bomb and it isn't anything but DoA5: Ultimate in a F2P package which will release along side it on the same day it drops on retail. When it comes to Core Fighters you start with the quadorgy of ninjas, Ryu, Ayane, Hayate & Kasumi and after that you can buy individual characters for $4 each & Story Mode for $15 (Cost subject to change). So if you main one of the four ninjas or willing to drop some cash on the characters you like. Core Fighters will come out alongside Ultimate on September 3rd. If you want to read more about the compare and contrast of everything Dead or Alive 5 then HERE IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!

The other fighter going F2P is Tekken with Revolution dropping this week on the 11th on PSN. This game will have 8 initial characters (Kazuya Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Emilie "Lili" de Rochefort, Marshall Law, Asuka Kazama, Steve Fox, Alisa Bosconvich & Lars Alexandersson with Jin Kazama, King the Third & Jack-6 being hinted at coming soon.) and seems to be a heavy modification of the 1v1 battles from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It would seem you use BIKE MONEY to power your characters up. I'll be getting this most definitely and I'll report back my findings when I do.

The thing is F2P fighting games have been a thing for a long time in various forms. Recently done by some game the streets call "King of Combat." I'm from the Old School when we called Xuan Dou Zhi Wang as Flip Bucket, created fake Chinese IDs and loved every second of it! #XDZWHipster. The thing with XDZW is that it does F2P fighter good because the fighter that you play for free is damn competent. It's always balancing and adding new things at every turn to keep the masses hooked. With Core Fighters & Revolution coming is it that fighting games have found their new way to be profitable? The good and bad that comes from that is yet to be seen however if this is the gateway to bring new players in then do that. As I am who I am I'll be watching this closely because that's what I do.

Going from F2P fighters to money well spent when it comes to the Season Pass of Injustice. Not a fighter that is F2P with DLC Character #3 that isn't a DC Character at all! It's the "One Guest Character" straight from MK...SCORPION! When this was confirmed confirmed saying that people weren't fans of the decision at all wouldn't even start to cover all the hate this got. Fast forward to the beginning of the week when Season Pass holders were treated to some love with Scorpion a week early. Once people got their hands on him the all that hate turned into mostly love for what was available to them now. And after taking him for a spin I definitely feel the same. NRS did everything they could and succeeded at making Scorpion work in Injustice and it may be a peek into the future of MK. All we wait for now is the Zod confirm confirm and the trailer hints at Martian Manhunter as well so this DLC train isn't coming to a stop anytime soon.

Speaking of things on fire, let us take a second to make sure we're on the same page to say the following. MIGHTY SWITCH FORCE 2 COMES OUT JUNE 13TH IN MURICA AND JUNE 27TH IN EUROPE ON THE 3DS AND IF YOU HAVE SAID SYSTEM YOU BETTER COP THIS OR BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN! HORRIBLE THINGS!

This has been a Triple Da G.O.D Threatens You To Do The Right Thing Moment! Thank You For Your Time!

From a world on fire to something the breathes it. The Dragon's Crown intro is above you. Watch it or something. Obligatory humongous boobs and thighs! HELL YEAH!

Now to someone who's the lord of a place on fire which the DLC character we spoke about earlier is allegedly from. The new trailer for Lords of Shadow 2 is something. That something being very interesting. I really enjoyed the turn the first took and this one is doubling down on it. And looking really good to boot. Will be out later this year.

Staying below ground but rising up a bit we have the latest character spotlight for TMNT: Out of the Shadows featuring Donatello. The long range bruiser he's always been on the gaming side of things and that doesn't seem to have changed at all. The more and more I see of this game, the more promise I see in it. Will it live up to that promise? We shall see really soon.

If we step up a bit from the sewers after the trip to Hell we just so happen to land straight into the world of Charlie Murder. This game is created by Ska Studios the creators of The Dishwasher games on XBLA in which the sequel is getting a port to PC. There's a whole other story behind that we shouldn't get into. GDSD for more. Back on topic, Charlie Murder has been labeled by the creators as a BrawlPG. A beat-em-up with the RPG elements, get it? However as I've been keeping tabs on this game it has come a long way from almost being on XBLIG to what we'll soon get. If it wasn't on your radar before you can thank me that it is now.

Speaking of murder, it happens to be time for our Killer is Dead moment with a brand new trailer about stuff that Killer is Dead is about.

There was some other stuff that dropped this week via 4Gamer and it's a whole lot of gameplay footage that you know I haven't seen. So if you want a peek at it then go HERE! You're welcome!

And something about Ichigo Kurosaki & Kenshin Himura joing the cast of J-Stars Victory VS. NO YUSUKE URAMESHI NO BUY!! REAL FUCKING TALK MY NIGGA!!

There were some other things talked about this week but because some of these things will be covered all week and in the next episode I figured I'd skip them. I'm hype as fuck for these things and I will be doing my live tweeting thing of all my E3 findings as I find them. So be watching for that.

With that time to hip the streets on what I read and watched and this was another week of no marathon because of the HD failure and with E3 on the horizon I might not be able to fit one in this week coming either but you never know. If anything you'll be seeing me watching an underrated classic in...Sheep in the Big City! When I do get around to watching it I'll give my take on it.

Everything else can be summed up like this. Red Wedding! Guantanamo Baytrice, Cubeatrice! The beginning of the end of yogurt time! How in the fuck can you be everything in this shit and technically be the final boss at the same damn time? And ninjas doing their best to show off as much as Dolph Ziggler. #BigELangston

So now the new old custom before I send you about your way is a couple of videos from Youtube that I enjoyed this week.

#DoaGHThaDOJO is always proud to showcase and present...BattleFantasia. Not a secret how much I love this game and wish more people played it. So watch more of it. And there's more coming so stay tuned to the channel.

Viewer Discretion is Advised. Or not. You've been warned. If you so happen to do bodily harm to yourself after viewing we at #TeamGlobalRapeForce & Savage Myndz Entertainment are not liable or held responsible for whatever shit you do because you've watched. Thanks!

Vinesauce corrupts a classic and hilarity ensues!

Someone sings a reworked version of Bloody Stream (JJBA's 2nd Opening Theme) in English!

This video took me for a trip. Back to my high school lunch room. Spitting flows and whatnot. Killing the beat. Good times and feels.

A new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Abridged Series! Just what I always wanted.

One of the greatest games of all time being played blindfolded! You read that right. All of it. Even I learned some new tricks I may be displaying soon via your favorite Let's Play series in the universe.

And Pony + Other Stuff That Isn't Pony = DAT AWESOME!!

Now go and get out my head. You'll be back tomorrow when I take a hard look at the PrE3 Nintendo Direct not live from E3. I'll be live tweeting and uploading all the trailers for all this crack Nintendo will be dropping. So be sure to make your way back here tomorrow at some point in time.

As always, thanks for spending some time with your folks and as said above I'll see you tomorrow if Nintendo doesn't megaton it off the planet! Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D


Kiefer Sutherland is Big Boss. That happened. Let us move on.

Peace Out!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Cool: Murdering Backlogs One Game At A Time

Sunday. The Cool. Your week. My take on it. Let's begin.

Hopping straight into pimping is that last night I popped a blog double feature with my celebration of beating Asura's Wrath with a review you can read by clicking HERE! And my current feelings about the state of the FGC and in my opinion how the community can move forward and you can read that by clicking HERE! It really felt good to get that off my chest because I've been holding that in for a long time and I did out of respect and that same respect was why I needed to share my feelings on the matter. And with peace made I'll continue doing what I do and whatever shall be shall be.

Continuing in the spirit of pimping I played more Battride War because the streets demand I do so. So for the masses I do provide and there will be more to come on a consistent basis.

You can't have The Cool without a new episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject. J & I turn it up a couple of notches and take it a bit more seriously. Doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had. That is something we always provide. And something about THE BEATRICE SLAYER!!

With that being said time for the gaming portion of this installment.

The best place to start this week is the announcement of the restructuring of CAVE. If you aren't familiar with them is they are responsible for some the best SHMUPS ever created and I'm a huge closet fan of the genre but I suck horribly at them and really only good at credit feeding to the end. I know if I played them more I'd be better but I'm getting off topic here though. The reason why this is important news is because if this could happen to CAVE then it could happen to other smaller development houses as well. SHMUPS are a niche genre and CAVE has spent this generation filling that hole the best they could along with G.Rev & others. I would hate to see a wonderful group like them to not be able to continue filling that niche. How this ultimately ends up is unknown but I do hope the best for them in the future. I will do my part by catching up on my CAVE releases and buying a JP 360 because I'm due for one and region locking is and will always be stupid!

Keeping things niche, I'm proud to take some time and speak about Super Heroine Chronicle. Super Heroine Chronicle is a spinoff of the Super Robot Wars series in which I'm also a closet fan of and  some of those games clutter my backlog as well. It is an interesting take on the genre and I'll be keeping an eye on it and letting you more as I find it out. And here is the known roster at the moment. Seiyuu's for the character in parentheses.

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel : Blue and Red Angel (Noto Mamiko) & (Tamura Yukari)
kyosou Giga : Koto(Kugimiya Rie)
Di GI Charat: Di GI Charat/Dejiko (Sanada Asami)
Symphogear: Tachibana Kyou (Aoi Yuuki)
Super Sonico : Sonico
Higurasi no Naku Koroni: Ryuugu Rena (Nakahara Mai)
Hidan no Aria : Kanzaki Holmes Aria (Kugimiya Rie)
Infinite Stratos : Shinonome Houki (Hikasa Youko)
Zero no Tsukaima F : Louise Francoise de la Valiere (Kugimiya Rie)
Dream Hunter Rem : Ayanokouji Rem (Naoko Matsui)

Original Characters:
Claude (Shimono Hiro) by Shinichirou Ootsuka
Noel Kazamatsuri (Satou Rina) by Satoshi Urushihara
Meru Ranshieru (Kanemoto Hisako) by Tooru Minazuki

Still keeping it niche with the newest trailer for Dragon's Crown. A lot to be seen and it needs to be seen by you because it has already been by me.

In the reverse of something I'll never see is that we have our first look at some Killer is Dead gameplay. The 1st vid is a look at an early boss battle and the 2nd is Mondo on his pimping stroll. Please enjoy those because I'm in blackout and I won't be able to.

Something I can enjoy taking a look at is the newest JP trailer for Ace Attorney 5. There are spoilers or so I've been told so be careful watching.

On the subject of returning franchises we get our 1st taste of Sonic: Lost World. If Sonic Colors was the Mario Galaxy of the series then I have no clue where Lost World sits. I've heard people say that it reminds them of a long canceled gamed Sonic X-Treme. Other than that not much else to go on at the moment. Should be interesting to see where this heads.

I guess the secret big news I'm excited to report is that both Tales of Sympohnia games are getting a HD uplift with the announcement of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (called the Unisoant Pack in Japan)! ToS on the GC was a game that was always on my list to get around and play and never did. And when I wanted to I discovered that the PS2 version was better and never got around to importing that. This collection will be using the PS2 version of Symphonia and there will be additional content added for both games. Where this falls in the DLC scheme of things is unknown but we'll hope for the best.

With all the gaming news I wish to report, now time to handle the rest of what happened during your week. And even though I was able to beat Asura's Wrath, I was able to fit in a marathon too. Of what you may ask...

I as most folks who was saddened by the cancellation of Arrested Development was so hype and ready for the return of one of the most craziest families ever to grace a screen. I'm happy to say that I enjoyed myself and laughed just as hard. Unlike most I did enjoy the premise of an intersecting storyline while giving fans something they're used to which forced you to pick up your AD habit of watching carefully to spot everything and because this is Arrested Development I'll be watching it again to see if I can spot more stuff. So if you're a fan of the show then you've already watched Season 4 and if you've never heard of the show or have been on the fence on watching it now's a great time to pick it up from the beginning because it is one of my favorite shows of all time and I'm so glad it got a 2nd chance. I really hope this isn't the last we see of The Bluth family and all that goes with such.

All of my other usual suspects did work as they always and they'll be joined next week when the final season of Burn Notice hits on Thursday.

And with that your week has been returned to you in the only way I know how...mine.

Before we leave though a random piling of stuff.

This happened. You can find things like it HERE! Pinkamena Diane Pie...BEST PONY!!! PLEASE HOLD DAT SHIT!!!

So did this. My responsibility will always be to serve the crack up! More always located on #DoaGHThaDOJO! Best game in the series by a country mile!

I think this happened last year. But I found it during the week so new to me. Hardcore!

I forgot to drop this on the last installment of The Cool. I have to say after all these years those involved still got it. However, I heard that this won't be a Big Willie Weekend.

The Cool. Done. Until next time there's a week you were part of that I summarize it from my point of view!

-Triple Da G.O.D

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The FGC's Road To Redemption?

It would seem that the talk of the week is about how the FGC needs to evolve somehow to get to that next level of E-Sports. And because of the behavior of the community it happens to be holding it back from reaching that next plateau. Thing is that this has been a problem for years and now because your favorite favorite whoever is making a big hoopla about it now that it should be a call to arms to straighten up and fly right I guess. The thing is that when the shine wasn't on the FGC this same behavior was looked past for the most part and there were the limits that everybody respected and they were respected. Now that the public eye is here is that those same things are looked down upon and shamed but not for the reasons that they should be. And this is where the problem lies. If the community is going to move any further then the first step is just to tell the truth and stand on it.

The FGC as it were hasn't been a community in a while. It has been since the dawn of SF4 changing everything...a business. The thing is nobody who's in it with some business ties will never admit this because of the implications it brings. Everyday in the FGC or the FGB as it were is that business decisions are made and they aren't hard to spot if you have the eye and mind for it. The game has now become exploit or be exploited and it is a shame this is the game but it is in fact the game. Worst part is that those being exploited have no idea or even care that they are. And this is where the other problem lies, personal responsibility.

It becomes so easy to place blame but not take any for yourself. I understood what my personal responsibility was to this community and still is. It is one of the main reasons DoaGH Tha DOJO even exists. And why I put my all in writing those articles for Super Dragon Ball Z & Street Fighter EX. It's there to show folks that even though things are stuffed down your throat from up high doesn't mean that it isn't the only thing that's out there for you for you to learn about, play and enjoy. This community is reason why I have an opportunity to reach people so even though I'm not in agreement with everything done it is a community I still consider myself a part of.

The other way I take personal responsibility is how I fully utilize my resources. I choose very carefully what I speak about, watch, support, stand behind and what I spend my money on. I understand fully that because this is a business is that I have to think about the business of ME and how that all works out. I have to say is that I'm not into retweeting you and feeding the drama. I choose very carefully who's stream I'm watching, who I'm subscribed to Youtube and whether or not you'll get that view you need to cash out and equally so what games I support when I upload videos to my various channels. I can't really say if I'll buy that shirt or stick you're selling. I'm not really concerned that your cousin Timmy has a brain aneurism or about your Kickstarter for whatever it is you need this week.

And you want to know why? I know that my attention and my money is power and I respect it as such. I know that I have the power of choice about who and what I support. The problem then lies in the fact that people have stopped thinking for themselves and this isn't just in the FGC. It is everywhere in the world right now. Instead of making the decisions about what you want to learn about and experience you wait for somebody to tell you instead of making the pilgrimage and finding out for yourself. And that same energy focused on those same somebodies you're waiting for an answer from about what to do next could be just as easily focused into your own evolution as a person, player and community member. Because while you're focused on them and not making any forward progress at all they're doing them and steadily advancing themselves and I can guarantee you that they aren't concerned about you in the least because that is the way of the world you live in. In truth, once you lose yourself to something or someone else then you lose you and that isn't something anyone can afford to lose.

At the end of the day we all need to find a way to be completely honest about what we do and why. This starts with each of us individually and once we all figure that out for ourselves we can move together as united front. The way it should be.

This the first time I've spoken so candidly and 100% truthfully about how I feel about things. I always tend to want to say something but pull back or hint toward and let inferences tell it. This is me taking personal responsibility for my feelings for a community I know I have a responsibility to. I'll do what I think is best for me for the community and hope it fits with the vision of a community we can all be proud of.

-Triple Da G.O.D

DoaBH Review Edition: Asura's Wrath (PS360)

After all this time I finally saw this game through to the end and I will say this, I'm better for the experience for multiple reasons. The big one for me is that I finished a game for a change. Something that is a rarity for me now of days. There's still some things that need to be done to complete the trophy set and I'll gladly do it because for the first time in a long time I enjoyed gaming just for the sake there of. I haven't had a lot of moments this generation that'll stick with me but Asura's Wrath will be one of those I'll remember alongside games like No More Heroes & Bayonetta that I still remember and look back on fondly even now.

When it comes to reviewing this game is that I've said a lot about my feelings that you've already read and because that is such I'll repeat them because they need repeating. This is an awesome game in everything it provides. From the various gameplay styles which had me on my toes and even forced me to actually have a strategy and think it out and I haven't had to do that in quite a while to be honest. To the story which completely drew me in because of how good it was and how well it was presented in all facets. I will take the time to thank one Liam O'Brien once more because his portrayal of Asura made him believable as a character and in turn made me believe in him and plight as a character which drove me to see his quest to the very end. And if Miss Tara Strong is looking for her true voice I think she left it here. I didn't have a clue she was Durga until the first credit roll and I call myself a fan of hers. I have to say this game was well cast and equally well acted by everyone involved. Thank You all for your hard work and making this something I'll remember for a long time to come.

To confirm something I touched on when I talked about the game last year and even recently on The Cool is that if nothing else you want to purchase Part IV: Nirvana. I'd love to tell you why but just take my word on it. All the DLC adds something to the overall enjoyment of the game and if you do decide to buy it all you won't be sorry. If you're coming to it make sure to buy the DLC up front for the fact that the side episodes really enhance the main episode it branches from and playing them back to back with the previous episode fresh in your head really brings it together.

In the end we may never see another game like this again to be honest because of how it sold. As with anything that because people don't buy it doesn't mean it isn't any good. At the same time because of what kind of game Asura's Wrath is and the groups of gamers who may enjoy it is that it doesn't have that broad appeal that will bring others in on their own accord. On top of that it does have an old-school feel & mentality and does well to be a successor to games like Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Ninja Hayate, Time Gal and others in this current generation of games. It ultimately shows that even now these types of games can exist and be fun and enjoyable. I truly want more Asura's Wrath and games like it. CyberConnect2 with this game proves that there is a medium to tell these types of stories with established franchises and brand new ones as well. I really hope we haven't seen the last of these characters because Asura and some of his cast mates would make wonderful additions to the VS Series games and the game gives anybody who wants to make it happen with plenty of material to work with.

If you haven't played this game yet then you owe yourself a chance to do just that. I do my best when I review not to take too much away from the experience you can have so as usual you'll just have to trust my words when it comes to this. Asura's Wrath was an awesome experience, one that I will cherish for years to come and I really hope you give yourself the opportunity to do the same.

Now that I've shown myself that I can see a game to the end is that I have a massive backlog to see to and when I knock one down you'll hear about it. Like I've said before is that there are 2 games that haunt my backlog and I know that finishing Asura's Wrath means that they can be finished too and I will see those to the end with this new but old vigor for just enjoying games for what they are and pure experience they bring and nothing more. Thank You Asura's Wrath for the gift you given me. I appreciate it deeply and I will treasure it and use it with all my might!