Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gaming Bucket List: Advance Guardian Heroes (GBA)

Sometimes even I can call it wrong and Advance Guardian Heroes is such a case. Before the long session in which I beat the game today, my time with AGH was limited to a play or 2 to see how it was. And I'll admit back then I wasn't thinking with my open mind equipped because all I could think about is how much this didn't feel like a sequel to a game I truly adore by developers I equally adore. With that taste of initial sour in my mouth I deemed it a competent game that I felt at the time wasn't a worthy successor to the franchise. That changed today with this playthrough of AGH. This was the playthrough of the game where everything just clicked because I gave it a true fair shot and how "surprising" when I did that was when I had a wonderful time. Even the story beats that I dismissed fell together for me as well and all the reasoning for this sequel truly made sense. Now that I've reached this place of enjoyment & enlightenment with the game is that I know I'll be coming back for more. Take my word on it is regardless of what you've heard is that this game stands up and is worth some of your time to give a shot to. The only gripe I can really drudge up is that maybe this game is a bit too much awesome for the GBA to handle. Some heavy slowdown in places which lead to the game's combat not truly shining as when the game is running on all cylinders. Other than that everything else is that Treasure goodness you come to expect when they do what they do best. Maybe one of these days I can get 3 more GBA's, the carts and take 4 player for a spin and see what's good on that front.

This is another one of those times I'm glad I'm in a place to be truly open to the options that are available to me. As long as I stay in the mindset to be receptive and have the courage to admit my shortsightedness on things is that I can continue to have epiphanies like the one that lead to me telling you how awesome this game is. So take some time and give this one a go if you haven't. And if you were like me and had an initial sour experience to give it a true honest shot and make your judgments based on that. I can't wait to see where this open mind of mine takes me next!

Thanks, Treasure! For doing the thing you always do! You know! That thing! BEING AWESOME!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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