Monday, September 30, 2013

The Cool: Fall All The Way Back

#TheCool as always in #FULLEFFECTMODE still operating on this Monday schedule until further notice. Anyhow, a slow week for everything because the things that happened this week were a bit past me. You'll get the full service as you've become accustomed to. And because of the slow week we're just hopping straight into PT!

I love when I get in the lab and produce and this is no different. Earlier this week I just feel deep into Gundam SEED Destiny and the combos above are just some proof of concept of some things I came up with. I plan to go deeper in as I discover more. If you're looking for some explanations on what you're seeing then you can take a look at my blog post about all I discovered HERE! Any questions on what you've seen then please ask!

If you wanted me to explain Girl Fight then that's something that happened. And if you didn't then I did it anyway. The point of the video was clear in that depth can be found if you look. You just need to open your mind to those possibilities. Glad I could help.

Even #DoaGHThaDOJO was on slow motion. A week of matches in day but nothing unusual for us though. This week on deck...

Daemon Bride: Additional Gain, Under Night In-Birth: EXE:Late & Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!

And our #SSMG is an unusual one. Samurai Shodown 64! In which I didn't know that match videos for the game even existed. SNK needs to get with M2 and get all of the HNG64 games in a collection. One of the items on my bucket list is to play Buruki One on a actual cabinet. One day soon. One day soon.

With PT all done it's time for This Week In Gaming!

Persona 4. The Ultimax. ULTRA SUPLEX HOLD! That's the title of the sequel to P4U and it's looking to be bigger & badder than ever. The only thing new we've learned is the appearance of a new character, Sho Minazuki! Because of my lack of Persona knowledge if he has any actual links to the story or just a new character like Labrys was for P4U. On top of that there was a loketest a couple of days ago and the only thing that dropped was a picture. The when and where of everything else is TBD. I'll keep you posted.

From the creators of Arcana Heart & Daemon Bride comes EF-12! Which is essentially 3D MUGEN. This is a good thing. A very good thing. It comes off as simple to use and create and that's the point. I'm so excited to see what enterprising folks do with this awesome technology.

New DLC for All-Star Battle featuring Lisa Lisa & OMG Joseph! Haven't got a chance to check them out but with Anasui & Vanilla Ice coming up next I may need to get in gear. Baoh will follow soon after.

Girl Fight is out now. I've explained it all above. You know this already.

You want the intro to Ground Zeroes in MURICAN?! Look no further. I haven't though.

I guess you could give me a reason to resume my addiction to Pac-Man CE DX. And all you have to do is add a plus sign and some new DLC and hook me again. Need to sit down with this when I need a nice time sink.

More profound sadness when it comes to the mere thought of Sengoku Basara. IMPORT HO!!

This trailer for Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers covers the Hades arc which covers all the canon the game's supposed to cover. I don't know if it'll have side stories or anything but here's hoping.

Drag-On Dragoon 3 looks so good. And I'm so hype to play it. Can't wait!

I don't care what you say, this is the be & end of crossovers. The 2 puzzle powerhouses of Puyo Puyo & Tetris are coming together to combine into one puzzle juggernaut! PuyoPuyo Tetris is just that. 2 great tastes that taste even greater together. You can play each game separately or choose sides similar to what Magical Drop V did with Ghostlop. This is coming out on "everything" and because of such the PS3 & Vita will be region free so no reason not to get in on this.

I got a chance to get some Dissidia in and take care of Destiny Odyssey VII. I need to tweet the moral later today. I'll do so. I've also been doing some prep for some future #RunDatReXXX projects and fell into a small hole that led to that Gundam SEED Destiny tech I came up with. So I can say that ended well. Excited about those possibilities and that'll be coming soon.

As far as what I watched & read is that the usual suspects are doing what they do. The thing is that the Fall TV schedule is kicking into gear and everything is starting up. South Park came back major as they always do. Always keeping me entertained. Revolution is back for Season 2 along with a 6 month time skip after the wild ending to Season 1. I'm interested in where this season is going and the 1st episode has already delivered on multiple fronts. To say I'm intrigued would be an understatement.

This week coming will be bringing Season 2 of The Felicity Hour featuring Oliver & Diggle AKA Arrow, Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries & the premiere of the TVD spinoff, The Originals. Yeah, I'm still salty 2 years removed of no The Secret Circle but I'm open to give The Originals a chance to shine. I haven't got a chance to watch Animation Domination but I hope The Cleveland Show finds a home somewhere. Still salty about that being canceled. This Fall TV season will be interesting and I'm just ready to get back into the shows I enjoy.

With the party starting to wind down it is customary that I share with you What I Watched On Youtube This Week!

Another week, another Sonic For Hire. Creeping ever toward the end.

I didn't know that there was an abridged version of the Season 0 movie but I've always known about DAT BLUE PEEPS HONKY DRAGON! DEM EBONICS!!

This is the story of a boss gone humble. It happens sometimes.

Sometimes appreciation is good. Like appreciation for the motherland, privacy or even those who care for us!

Didn't get the memo, Charjo Joekley is the master of all Chamon Dunk Tech! CRACKA DUNK BALLZVOLLAY!

And that's that.

Week was so slow that I didn't even get a cover girl in to do a shoot. A damn shame but we'll get one for you next time.

As usual, thank you so much for kicking it with your folks for a little while and we'll be back to the bidness at hand as we always do. Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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