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The Cool: 50th Killer Is Project Diva F Sweet Fuse Out of the Shadows 20th All-Star Battle 2500

#TheCool is back in #FULLEFFECTMODE on this special Monday Labor Day Edition and damn that's a long subtitle. When we're done with this edition of the broadcast it'll make a lot more sense. Speaking of, let me help you start to make some sense of this week's title. We're going to jump around a lot seeing as this was the most confusing title that sounded like to me made some semblance of sense.

It's been 50 years since MLK gave "THE SPEECH" in front of the Lincoln Memorial and to be honest while the human race has made some small strides since then is the simple fact that we all have still have some work to do. Everyday is a new chance for change and here's hoping that more take advantage of it.

20 Years Ago, the Power Rangers changed the game. I remember where I was when the 1st episode came on TV. To say that this show played a part in who I am today would be an understatement. Thank You Power Rangers for everything and here's to 20 more years!

With that out of the way and PT on the forefront maybe I should explain the 2500 in this week's subtitle. As I just went to check before writing this sentence is that I have 2,504 subscribers on YouTube. This is an achievement that I'm proud of. I've always said "Quality Over Quantity" for the reason is that I do take a look at those in the same "field" as I am. And while I'm peerless in this game and all others doesn't mean I'm not smart enough to do my homework to constantly drive the fact that the adage still stands. I don't want to just shill out work because I have to. I want what I do to come from the heart and those who know never let me forget it. So thanks to all of you who stay fucking with me on this slow build to show everybody else what I already know...I have no equal. The Blow Up coming soon!

In other PT news my review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle exists for you to read if you haven't yet. Some of the best fan service in a video game I've seen in a long time. Excellent job in such and here's hoping for more.

#DoaGHThaDOJO as usual holding down the spot with some Psychic Force 2012, Under Night In-Birth, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! and Chaos Code. Be ready for the surprise return of an old favorite and some special #SSMG's this month. And stay tuned to the page today. Anything can pop off on Government Sanctioned Off Day For Most People Day!

With all that being said let us slide into This Week In Gaming and damn there's a lot to cover. Let us do that.

Phantom Breaker: EXTRA...coming soon. September 19th soon. PS3 & XBOX360 soon. Just soon. This trailer does confirm some new characters to the roster. Sofia Kalganova, Shizuka Saejima, Ende and Rin & Gaito are all the new characters for this version. Jury's still out if I'll do something. Leaning more toward the if I feel like it's necessary to do so. We'll see.

Show of hands. Who bought Killer is Dead? If you haven't, then you should. And if you did then good on you. Support awesome stuff. You'll feel better.

I'll be completely honest here. The only reason we're even speaking about Hatsune Miku is because a lot of people worked really hard to get this out to the rest of the world and supporting actions like that is the thing that you should do. Regardless of my past beef with SEGA. So I had to make 2 YouTube channels because trying to get assistance with a simple issue is made harder because your community representatives suck. Yeah, they sent Anarchy Reigns to die when it deserved a lot more love and support. Maybe they had a reason for not wanting to do Bayonetta 2. #BasedNintendoXPlatnium A Cease & Desist on Streets of Rage Remake so you can release shoddy ass ports of 2 on iPhone. And some other stuff that we'll talk about on This Week In Youtube. I really hope that all those who made that noise go pick up a copy and stay true to their word. #YakuzaPlox

As par for the course in 2013 is that JJBA: All-Star Battle will be getting some DLC. The 1st batch featuring Fatty & Awakened Kira from Diamond is Unbreakable is already out. Iggy from Stardust Crusaders, Fugo from Vento Aureo and Ikuro Hashizawa from Baoh a manga that predates JJBA as a special guest character. Iggy & Fugo will be out on the 25th and when Baoh will be available is unknown at the moment. We do know there will be more characters to come. And on that list is one who should've been in the game in the first place. More on that when that information becomes official.

TMNT: Out of the Shadows is finally out on XBLA & PC. Haven't got a chance to play it myself but I'll get around to it seeing as the system I wanted to play it on that the game doesn't come out until the 24th. M$ STRIKES AGAIN!

Here's Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers newest trailer all about the Poseidon Arc. Somebody gon drown.

Grand Theft Auto 5. Ummm...Follow the damn train, CJ? Seriously though I'm excited for the game because they always deliver. I just wonder how long it'll hold me before I don't finish it?

With the news that X & X-2 HD have been delayed for a while at least this comes out next week. I'm ready for 2.5 for HD Birth By Sleep Final Mix. I don't know if I have it in me to go through the series again but I still have some of the series lurking the backlog. That damn backlog.

A combo moment featuring Thunder and the introduction of the new character Sadira for KI. Sick.

Keiji Inafune wants to Kickstart a project to reinvent a character he helped create and make it even better. If that sounded as good to you as it did to me then CLICK HERE and give something to help this project see its full potential realized.

As far as what I did I set aside time that was never used to get into Killer Is Dead & Sweet Fuse which I'm not happy about. I'll try again this week and if I actually do then I'll let you know. Naruto proves that nothing can happen but everything is happening. Because of the holiday everything was on break this week. I will however take the time to say that for the 1st time in quite a while that watching WWE is actually enjoyable in all facets. I just hope they can follow through. I have hope. For a change.

And now we near completion of this installment with This Week in YouTube!

After all that nice stuff I said about WWE, I see The Game is still on a quest to bury everything in existence.

100 Shots to the Balls & Cooch in 60 seconds...of course I watched this!

Combo Video with hot beats? Watched this too.

Of course you know, Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged was involved!

I can kind of see where he's coming from. And so can other people. In a whole different context. DIFFERENT CONTEXT!

The Epic series comes to an end with an...epic conclusion featuring Derpy as played by one Grey DeLisle.

Daddy, what is Goku's Power Level?

That's that from me. Thanks as usual for spending some time with me and enjoying another installment of #TheCool!

Of course our Cover Girl this week is Jolyne Cujoh. Fun Fact: One of the working subtitles for this week's installment was "You Are All Stone Free Now!" I might have to actually use this one.

See you all next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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