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The Cool: XXXtreme Milkshake Kickstarter

#TheCool in #FULLEFFECTMODE back up in it in our normal time slot and as usual we have the last 168 hours in a choke hold. So get comfortable. We'll be here a while. It just so happens to be another installment where I'm short a feature story but I did forget to speak on something last time so we'll lead off with that then.

Last time, because we talked a bit about Miku and how I thought at the time that showing her some love would equal some shine on Yakuza. I was wrong. Very much so actually. This week I learned one has nothing to do with the other. Giving that game time was something I didn't even need to do. I was oblivious to how much those in the West appreciate Vocaloids seeing as her game in physical form is something hard to get your hands on at the moment. Worst of all is Yakuza 5 is not coming out here so I'd like to welcome everybody to the Sengoku Basara boat. I feel we shall weep in sadness together while our wallets weep because of how much that shit costs to import. You may be wondering what this has to do with the video above. What you're looking is a prototype of a remake of Golden Axe for the proposed SEGA Reborn series. From what's been said it would've been the SEGA Ages line taken to the next level. The coolest thing going for it was that all of the games in the series would've existed in one universe. Everything that was presented as far as I'm concerned seems conceptually sound but if we're talking about here then you know what happened. It wouldn't be the first time that something leaked out that sounded awesome but snuffed out and won't be the last either. I understand companies do what they think is best for business. I don't think the above concept was that. Would've been a wonderful way to re-introduce these classics to those with no clue about them at all. To what may have been.

Pimpin Time's here and I have nothing to offer this week. I'll do something soon. Maybe. #DoaGHThaDOJO as usual however stays providing the streets what they need. Even if they don't know it yet.

This week, The King of Fighters XI, Sengoku Basara X, En Eins Perfektewelt, Battle Fantasia, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! & Shin Koihime Musou!

We also welcomed back Aquapazza after a year long absence as the #Saturday #SuperSecretMysteryGame because I have to get the streets ready for the release of the game in places not Japan later this year. So we'll have plenty of matches for you to study on and because the game is on parity with the arcade version you won't miss a beat.

Of course as I always do I have that Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late crack first on Youtube as I always do. There's some Chaos matches somewhere. You'll find them. We'll be talking a bit more about EXE:Late later in this installment.

With Pimpin Time out of the way let us get into This Week In Gaming!

I personally feel that there's no better way to start this week than with a PSA. The Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Kickstarter. CLICK HERE 2 GIVE WayForward DEM DOLLA$$$$$$$ RIGHT NAO!!! This game will be amazing. This is WayForward & Shantae so this is a no duh. Bozon's directing. Kaufman on the track. Nothing more needs to be said! CLICK HERE 2 GIVE WayForward DEM DOLLA$$$$$$$ RIGHT NAO!!! So good I needed to remind you twice. Now somebody loan me 10 Stacks. I swear I'll give it back!

You thought I was done showering love on my favorite 1/2 Genie in the whole world huh? Wrong! New trailer for Shantae & The Pirate's Curse coming soon to the 3DS. Get that too. So hype!!!

DoA5U's finally out and so is the F2P version of Core Fighters but after doing the math you might just want to buy the game at retail unless all you want to do is get intimate with ninjas and for a while with Miss Hitomi & Jann Lee. I do appreciate that Core Fighters and the DLC do offer a way for people who just want to play their game a certain way have the option to do so and I hope that those fighters looking to adopt the model pay some attention.

The other vid is showcasing Kasumi's Famitsu outfit. How people outside Japan can get a hold of this is TBD but everything else exclusive for the game so far has made it. So wait and see.

The newest character for Flip Bucket is Ciel. Not to be confused with the Queen of 7th Heaven. She looks cool but I haven't logged in to even give her a spin. Maybe I should do just that.

Akiba's Trip 2. I heard about the 1st one and wanted to give it a try and didn't get the chance to. But after seeing this I'm going to have to. The premise is just to good not to at least give it a shot.

Kamen Rider: Travelers Senki. It looks to be a continuation of the Rider Generation games but I can't actually confirm that. The bad of it all is that this is coming only to 3DS so going to be real tough to get my hands on it and play it like I want to. And I'm just wondering what this all means for Climax Heroes? Hopefully when TGS rolls around we'll get some answers.

The above is real. I can confirm such because this isn't April 1st. I wonder will they put those costumes from their joke this year in the game in the future? The reason I'm spotlighting this for a couple of reasons. Crossovers when awesome, are awesome! I hope that this is one step closer to En Eins Perfektewelt being playable on something other than arcade board and from the interview where this was talked about is that French-Bread wants to have a character from Skullgirls do the cameo thing. I think this is a wonderful idea and beneficial to all involved. Skullgirls can use all the love it can get. Wherever they can get it. It would be a great cross-promotion tool for when Skullgirls comes out on NESiCA. And did I mention crossovers when awesome, are awesome! Thought I did. I really something comes from this. DO DAT SHIT !!!!

As far as other things I dabbled in this week, I almost played my PSP before I realized the battery was dead and by time it finished charging my mood had changed. Maybe it might creep back on me. Gotta get back on Dissidia for real. Been playing that game for way too long. WAY TOO LONG! I haven't copped DoA5U yet either and seeing as I didn't play much Vanilla, I might just wait on it. I do have the feeling I might be getting into something today but we'll see where that takes us. Chaos Code dropped on the US PSN as well but since I already have the HK version I skipped it for now. Might cop it on a sale or something.

Burn Notice did things. Things. I hate to see it end but I want to know how this will all go down. My reactions in GIF form possibly in the next installment. KyoryuRed Carnival & the end to Episode 49 of Wizard! YO!!! Bleach is back for the "End" of the series and of course it started with some DeM craziness because it can. Naruto pulled out some DeM too and I even expected it. Please get on Beware The Batman if you've been napping on it. It's getting really good. Shouts to How High randomly gracing the TV this week. A classic I have a lot of memories with. Good times! Power Rangers decided to come back for 2 weeks before disappearing for a million years again and Digimon Fusion isn't half bad. I just wonder when the localization will force me to seek subs?

And now, This Week In Youtube!

Davido-kun, you're my hero no matter what they say!

Most of the time the things we never see coming are the things that hurt the most.

Hey, hey, hey, don't smoke weed in the crib and let your folks catch you while on TeamSpeak. That shit will end up on the internet.

The ways that video games can inspire us to do & be better are limitless.

Shouts to DashieXP for a new MK joint. Always good for some funny!

On the day that Miley let the world know that twerking was "OK," all of humankind was forever doomed to darkness. It was going to happen sooner or later but never did I think it would go down like this.

That'll do it for this installment of #TheCool. As usual, thanks for spending some time with your folks. Always appreciated!

Of course our Cover Girl this week is Shantae! Team O (Hitomi, Lei-Fang, Kokoro & Mila) from Dead or Alive was considered for co-billing but Shantae's earned the right shine all her own! YOU GO GURL!! Thanks for being the star of awesome platformers that have given me hours of wonderful entertainment!

PLEASE REMEMBER 2 GIVE WayForward DEM DOLLA$$$$$$$ RIGHT NAO! You can click the link to do just that. #PleaseAndThankYou!

We shall meet again real soon. Same Triple Da G.O.D! time! Same Triple Da G.O.D! channel. Y'all know where those are by now.

Shantae! Kickstarter! Now! Thanks!

See you next mission!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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