Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gaming Bucket List: Astro Boy: Omega Factor (GBA)

Astro Boy: Omega Factor! What can I say that hasn't been said already by others? Nothing much. All you've heard about this being a must in any gaming library is true. The reason why you're here however is because I got sucked into a crack session and because I am who I am is that I brought back goodies to share to make your future playthrough of this game even more enjoyable! Because I know you'll read this and want to get cracked out on this goodness too. So now you may be wondering how can you too have a wonderful experience playing a game that invokes all the classic trappings of gaming?

By letting the game be your guide of course. This game is very great in explaining how the game works and what it is you should be doing so be sure to not to skip any dialogue and to be paying attention at all times. This is important for a whole lot of reasons but for the scope of getting you what you need to know without spoiling the super awesome this game offers that it flows into Astro's plot device, his Omega Factor! The game uses this in a very interesting way. As Astro meets someone new it imprints on his Omega Factor and you're given a skill point (in most cases) to distribute to power up each of Astro's 6 Forces! Which are...
  1. Life. The more you power up this attribute the more HP Astro has.
  2. Punch. All of Astro's physical attacks become stronger as you power this up.
  3. Laser. Astro's Finger Laser & Arm Cannon become stronger as this is powered up.
  4. Shot. Astro's Machine Gun does more damage and inflicts greater stun as this is powered up.
  5. Jets. Astro can use his jets 1 additional time & the EX Dash lasts longer as this is powered up.
  6. Sensor. As this is powered up Astro can see in darkness, fog and hear & see things he couldn't before.
When it comes to distributing these points know this. If you follow the core rule of not skipping anything and being sure to pay attention then you'll ultimately get enough skill points to max out all of Astro's abilities. You should take into consideration these things though.

Life is a must to build up because this game doesn't play around and as long as you're alive you can win.

When it comes to Punch know that this game operates on Gunstar Heroes rules (Physical Attacks > Projectiles) and that any physical attack has quicker startup and builds the most meter for Super Attacks. Knowing this very important to survival as is everything I share with you.

When it comes to Laser is that you'll be using this a lot more than you think so keeping it powered up is important is because this is your primary weapon during shooter segments. And the more damage your Arm Cannon can do the better. You'll see why.

When it comes to Shot is what the game doesn't tell you is that it's equivalent to a Bomb/Mega Crash in most situations and in shooter segments you're very invincible while Astro's Machine Gun is active. Know that you're not powering this up because of the damage but for the stun time this inflicts. You can do some interesting things and get out some sticky situations with the Machine Gun. Use it wisely.

Powering up your Jets is interesting is because while you can do 7 Jet Dashes when its fully powered doesn't mean that you should. The game does let you know that during the duration of the dash you're invincible but the game fails to mention that you're not during the startup of a one and that includes going from dash to dash. This is something very key to know ahead of time. There is one thing in the game that requires your dash to be at a high enough level to access so I figured I'd let you know that info too. Also having your EX Dash last longer does help later on in some boss battles because it's a semi-safe way to do damage while a boss is on the offensive in some way. You'll play the game long enough and the many possible uses for all your types of dashes will click in time. Trust me.

When it comes to Sensor is that how you choose to power up this ability hinges on this. Will you use a walkthrough of some kind? Because if you are then you can use points you would've on this ability on others that will always be of some aid. Even though I've said this doesn't mean this ability is useless because it serves a purpose for a smoother playthrough. At the beginning of 2 specific stages is that Astro will let you know that by powering up this ability will make it easier for him to traverse the area in question. The 1st level only needs it to be powered up to Level 2 and the 2nd to Level 3. Now the 1st stage in my opinion isn't really necessary but the 2nd one once you bump into it is something you should be the judge of. And Levels 4 & 5 make it easier to find hidden stuff because Astro will let you know that he senses something in the stage that you should be on the lookout for. So this can be helpful if you're going in blind and want to see everything this game has to offer. And trust me you do.

And I think that's all you need to know about this awesome game and still be able to have a complete but effective experience through Astro Boy: Omega Factor. Like I said at the outset is that I had a wonderful time playing this game. Not only as a Treasure fan but as fan of the work of one of the greatest ever in Osamu Tezuka. They don't make games like this too much anymore and on top of that a licensed property to boot. I implore you to give this game a go if you haven't. This game is a must own & play for anybody that identifies themselves as a gamer. The game is that good.

I don't know where this spark came from to just get some gaming in but I'm loving it right now. There's been some other games I've been getting into and once I get to the goodness inside I'll be sure to share. Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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