Monday, October 7, 2013

The Cool: Don't Say No! Just Live More!

#TheCool as usual in that famous #FULLEFFECTMODE on this Monday and we've got a lot to do. So maybe it would be a good idea to do that.

PT is in full force this week with not 1 but 2 installments of #GamingBucketList featuring Advance Guardian Heroes & Astro Boy: Omega Factor! The AGH one is just my admitting that I got it wrong and I plan to fully give it the usual GBL treatment once I figure some things out. And the one for Astro Boy: Omega Factor is full stuff you need to know to have a wonderful experience playing a classic game by the folks at Treasure. I'm in the lab with with some other classics and they'll get their own GBL article when the time comes.

And #DoaGHThaDOJO is always hard at work bringing you the crack you need to survive. This week...

Akatsuki Blitzkampf: Ausf. Achse, Battle Fantasia, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! & Under Night In-Birth: EXE: Late! A little slow motion this week but we do what we can with what we got! Please enjoy.

And now, This Week In Gaming!

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. Another crossover. Which has the possibilities of not only SEGA characters but the possibility of Kazuma & Ryoho from s-CRY-ed in a fighting game. I'll be keeping an eye on this and #DoaGHThaDOJO will have match videos when the game drops. Console version coming at some point.

Sonic's in the new Smash. I guess. I haven't been hype since Mega Man and I don't think I will get hype until I'm actually playing it. This also does confirm Pac-Man in a strange way. I have no idea when they'll drop the news but they'll find some common thread to do so. And he'll look like the cartoon version out right now. I wonder how they'll introduce Snake as well? If its even Snake. If its even David Hayter. He we go again. Kiefer voicing Solid Snake in Smash would start an actual war. Troll Kojima Troll!

They're still confirming characters for J-Stars Victory VS but the Based Demon God Yusuke Your A Meshi's in so do what you want. Whatever you want. As long as whatever you want includes Kenshiro & Jotaro then go right ahead.

A new Akiba's Trip trailer that explains what's going on why things have to be this way. DIS GON BE GUD!

Do you want to know everything about Onechambara Z Kagura with NoNoNo? Then watch this trailer. Game has been pushed back to November 7th and for now no confirmation of a release outside of Japan. But as I've told you a billion times you should always have foreign accounts for your current consoles (not including M$ cause they might ban yo ass) to have access to games such as these. Easily the best game in the series with all the wonderful refinements that the game offers.

Cosmic Star Heroine or Heroin depending on how you read and interpret it is another game from the folks at Zeboyd Games who are responsible for the classics Cthulhu Saves The World & Breath of Death VII! CSH is currently on the Kickstarter trail and from the math looks like will be funded. As usual if you like what you see then be sure to show your love with loads of $$$$$$$! You can do so HERE!

Speaking of Kickstarter, congratulations are in order for Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero & River City Ransom: Underground for reaching and exceeding their funding goals! If you still want to get in on the special backer goodies for Shantae then you can do so now with PayPal HERE! I'm helping!

Other than cracking out for AGH & Astro Boy I played some Ninja 5-0 and that game is better than they say. Simple but Complicated is how I would describe that experience thus far. Play that shit too when you get some time. There's 2 games in particular I really want to get into and I hope this gaming bug gets me there. I really hope so.

When it comes to all that other stuff I digest through my eyes and ears every week one thing does stick out...Kamen Rider Gaim. All the talk about how the premise was all over the place was put to rest when I watched it. But this is every time a new Rider or Sentai show is announced. Seeing the premise in words is one thing but to see it in action is another and this is no different. The question stands as it always does of "Will this show live up to the promise of said premise?" Wizard didn't quite do that and Kyoryuger is going above and beyond it. Where will Gaim sit? We have a whole year to find out.

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals finally got under way and while TVD is setting up for something good (Usually when this happens it goes south.) and The Originals just ran the pilot back through alternate eyes. I don't know if The Originals has the staying power to go a couple of seasons with what they've presented thus far. As long as some resolution is achieved before it gets canceled will be some sort of victory I suppose.

Everything else was everything else. A couple of the usual suspects are building to something big and when they do something to wow me then I'll gush all about it. Arrow will be back in the rotation this week so you have my thoughts to look forward to on that. I need to find out when Dallas is coming back. If history tells it then sometime around January seems like when that'll be back.

So let us put a bow on it. And now, What I Watched On YouTube This Week.

More Sonic For Hire. And I'll keep saying it. It'll be said when that time comes. But laugh until then!

New things soon cometh for Mega Man Unlimited. Have a peek. Watch me also admit my sins of getting to the 2nd half of the game and not finishing it. Yet. It'll come.

The 3rd battle of epic dictators will be contested in under 16 bars. I don't know how to count bars but it sounds cool.

The talented and beautiful ladies from Skullgirls!?

The things that creative souls can come up with when something is suggested on a podcast. Note: I need a new computer. Kickstarter, anyone?

And for a slow week we're still able to get in a full one as we always do. As usual thanks for kicking it for a little while. We always appreciate the company. And we'll see you next time for another installment of #TheCool! Until then.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

You weren't supposed to scroll this far down to see this but it's here in place of more Maid Kokonoe which I love but variety is the spice of life and Gaim is fucking awesome. Enjoy your cover pic this week. I'm Outtie 5000 for realz son! When was the last time you heard Outtie 5000? See you next time!

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