Monday, December 2, 2013

#TheCool: Slowest Of Slow Motions So Far

#TheCool back up in it ready to do what it does and it's been a wild week. And With no next-gen consoles to talk about or major news that affects me is that we'll get right into PT.

For me I got a chance to tell the wonderful people of the world to by Soul Calibur 2 HD Online and if you haven't read it yet then BY CLICKING HERE you can rectify that. And I'm not done with SC2 quite yet. Expect something this week coming.

#DoaGHThaDOJO has been on fire this week by having everything you need & making sure you're on top of that P4U2! I'm determining if I'll keep supporting this game or bowing out like I did for the 1st game and only uploading vids when new versions hit. Still in flux. Just stay tuned anyway. Everything else...

En Eins Perfektewelt, Samurai Shodown 64, Chaos Code: NeSiCa, Shin Koihime Musou, Daemon Bride: Additional Gain, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!, Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code, BattleFantasia, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late & Project Justice!

Plenty for you to see so please see it. More what that came from when it comes. Now, This Week In Gaming.

Slowest motion week in history and all I can bring you is P4U2 hype. I'm serious. The above is the extended trailer you saw last week but this one is narrated by Yukari & Junpei explaining their roles in the game and the overall plot.

Then there was the opening movie in HD. IN HD! That's a thing.

And if you want to see the cool stuff that Yukari, Junpei & Sho can do then the above video is for you.

I have to say I've been enjoying watching all the match footage. Watching the original being played at high levels made it something I'd always take the time to tune into via match footage or a tournament stream. This game has already hooked me into wanting to watch more and watching this game evolve from a Day 1 process. I really want this interest to lead into exploring the game more which was something that I've admitted to not doing after my initial experience with the original game on consoles. We know the game is dropping in Japan this Summer so I may get my import work up and get it for the head start in making an attempt to explore the game. And maybe I'll finally scratch that itch to get into P3 & P4 in all the ways you can.

And to prove the slow motion that last week brought is all I have left to offer you is the newest character for Flip Bucket...Blast! In that game now that nobody plays anymore because you can't because FOREVER BETA!

During the process of bringing #TheCool to you is that we always have moment for Profound Sadness with a new trailer for Sengoku Basara 4 featuring some new NPC characters in Kyōgoku Maria & Ashikaga Yoshiteru. History given is that the upgrade version will have these 2 as playable characters when that comes. I'll wait.

Gaming wise for is that I've been deep in SC2HDO trying to make my way through Weapon Master Mode. And I'm playing it in a way I've never have before and it's pretty fun. You'll have to wait for those details though because I feel like sharing that information.

Because of Thanksgiving in which I ate good as always is however in trade for that is that the majority of the usual suspects took the week off however what was available did deliver. Mainly The Originals, Kill la Kill, TMNT & MLP:FiM. The Originals stays going nuts. I told y'all ages ago to get on that KlK. TMNT's 2nd season is going harder every week and the new episode of MLP was LOLworthy in the best way.

Naruto & Bleach are just chugging along with the announcement that Naruto will soon be ending. I'll believe it when I read the last panel for myself.

And as usual to send you on your way, What I Watched On YouTube Last Week!

Sonic & friends found a creator. But not the one they're seeking. Cool nonetheless.

Capsule Monsters Abridged is back for Episode 3. Took long enough.

I laughed harder at this than I did at MLP. And I laughed pretty hard at MLP. RIP Aces & Eights!

Throwback accidental NARC'ing! RYAN DAVIS FOREVER!

26 years later. A damn good documentary and just a reminder why I love the genre the way I do.

I don't need a reason to show off 1 of the 2 things Eolith ever did correctly. But this awesome art of Miss Angel by Robaato is so great I had no choice but. Maybe I've found a new use for the thumbnails. HURRAY!! Click the picture to go to the dA page where the pic originated and check out more of his awesome art. And I hoping to hear something about Cryamore soon too.

That's that. I have no plans for anything doesn't mean I don't have plans. I'd err on the side of caution and stay tuned. You never know what'll pop off!

As usual, thanks for coming through. We always appreciate your patronage! Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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