Monday, December 16, 2013

#TheCool: Undisputed Champions Everywhere

#TheCool as usual is ready to put a bow on the previous week in which you lived as we do always. And as the trend has been because I'm too busy to combine video & audio together to make awesome is that I didn't. #DoaGHThaDOJO is always however in the mood to serve and we've got plenty on the buffet. On the menu this week...

Project Justice, Daemon Bride: Additional Gain, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code 1.07, Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe & Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late!


With that being said time for This Week In Gaming!

We still don't know character number 5 quite yet even though people are starting to think Decapre is going to be the 5th. And even with that theory it could any one of the dolls. They said at Capcom Cup that they'll be revealing it soon in "some special way" so all we can do is wait. In other news, this game has a KoF like 3 on 3 mode for online and online training as well. Not that I'll be taking advantage of any of this but great for those who will.

Toukiden is coming to MURICA soon. The long & short if you're not familiar is that this is TecmoKoei's take on Monster Hunter. And given the great work on the Musou games this should be something if you're interested in those games then you should take a gander at this.

Been a good week for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Got a couple of trailers including a throwback to the classic games with the Ninja Gaiden Z mode for the game. Some pictures of Miss Monday floating around. And it'll be a Mighty No. 9 costume for Yaiba which should be interesting to see in action. Game's out on March 4th!

Time for you to play Samurai Gunn. Pick it up on Steam or on the Website. Either or, put it on your to do list and gather 3 friends and prepare to never talk to them again. It's that type of party.

Just a reminder. Marvel 3's gonna die. So looks like you wasted all that time wishing for a patch that'll never come! 7 MORE YEARS!!!! TAHSUU BAYBEE!!! The game's being delisted so check whatever marketplace you deal in and wait for the fire sale. I'm still waiting for some confirmation on if you buy the pack with all the costumes for Ultimate do the 6 from Vanilla go backwards? I'll probably be answering that myself. Make sure to know that the PS3 & Vita are Cross Buy so buy it on one and you get it on the other. By time the next installment comes around I'll have something concrete to my concerns about this.

As for me though I didn't do anything that was actually forwarding what I was supposed to do but I can say that Wall Jumping & my Mockball technique are a lot better. Horizontal Shinesparks though, we're still in the lab on that front. I need to get back to taking care of SC2HDO. I got the Platinum in it but unlocking everything in the game is something that needs to be done so I can write that postmortem I planned to do 2 weeks ago. It'll happen when it happens. I have some other things I need to do like updating some programs and acquiring some new tech for 2014 so we can hit that running. Stay tuned.

As far as that other stuff I indulge in is that yeah, Arrow is the Undisputed Champion of TV at the moment. That last episode brought that heat from beginning to end. And Vampire Diaries which also brought the heat is that everything is on a break until mid-January. There's still Kill la Kill, MLP & Super Hero Time to watch & Naruto & Bleach to hold me down reading wise. I'm super deep into Once Upon A Time so that'll be taking care of my needs until stuff returns or until I've fully caught up. The latter will happen first. Trust.

Got a chance to check out Gaburincho of Music and I have the same problem with it as I do all Sentai & Rider movies which is that they need to be longer so they mean more especially when they're a part of the canon of the shows in the majority of cases to have more of an impact. It just seemed a bit rushed toward the end when just a bit more time would've made it better. Still enjoyed it anyhow and it'll be a shame when it ends because this could be my favorite Sentai so far when its over. Tokyuuger is another subject entirely and will be judged when it drops in February.

With that being said, time for What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

Sonic For Hire is coming to that unfortunate end. But for now the wonderful folks at Lowbrow Studios take you behind the scenes to see how an episode comes together.

I didn't think I'd be able to say this right now...NEW EPISODE OF PORKCHOP & FLATSCREEN!!! Didn't expect a new episode this quick but I'd watch Episode 2 because this happens somewhere during those events. Enjoy it! Shouts to Emezie!!

A while back I told you the equation of anything + Ponies has a very successful chance of being great. Combining the dystopian feel of Papers Please & the land of Equestria seems to work in this non-game. As in this doesn't exist. Yet! Give the fandom some time. Somebody will make this real. They will.

Shouts to everybody's favorite Pegasister reviewer, Kimi Sparkle! I have to say that using Kimi Sparkle to bring Friendship is Witchcraft to fans without actually doing so is really genius. Sherclop Pones say they'll be getting back to that work soon but I just had to give props where due.

DashieXP & Nightmare Cinemas are back with another MK Rap Battle. These are always hype so prepare to laugh.

Scott Steiner doesn't care about fat people! I think you knew this already,

And shouts to Raisi K. for killing this Family Guy beat. I have no idea if this won the contest it was entered in but I just had to share it. RIP BRIAN 4 EVA!!

That's that.

Yeah. The internet strikes again. In the name of Strickland Propane I'll Punish You!

On a side note if you GDSD there are sets of Sailor Moon lingerie. I shit you not. Hell, you know what CLICK THIS and whatever happens we here at Savage Myndz Entertainment & Team Global Rape Force aren't responsible for what lies on the other side. Buy some for your SO. She'd like it and so would you. A thing. And the anime & CC2 video game I want are never coming. There is no hope left.

As usual, thanks for sitting a spell with me. I always appreciate the love.

Plans are planned. Execution of plans are another thing entirely!

Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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