Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#WriteDatReXXX: Youtube's Dystopian Future

With all this YouTube hoopla and now this being and issue in my yard now is that what you're about to read is my thoughts on it and how this affects you, me and how business is done.

The game is this now. Everybody who deals in Video Game content is being affected. Those you love to enjoy & those you enjoy to hate. The reason this is even happening to a lot of those previously mentioned is because the networks that people partnered with protected you from this kind bullshit by being the wall in between it. This isn't something new because ContentID has always been broken from the jump but YouTube doesn't give 2 squirts because it allows them to "police" and say we're doing something about the issue without actually doing such. Also with most contracts in anything always has a nice clause that allows the entity creating it to alter how the deal works at anytime and all these ContentID matches you're hearing about are a nasty consequence of this change in partnership.

The thing's this. The magical answer I've seen bounced around a bit is rage against the YouTube machine and go somewhere else or create something new. This isn't the answer. Or not even a Band-Aid on the issue in the slightest. Regulation of this issue won't stop at YouTube and anywhere else you think you could have safe haven to do what you're doing now is nothing but a pipe dream at best. YouTube has the monopoly and no entity is toppling that anytime soon so stop wishing for it. Your energy could be better served elsewhere. Or prove me utterly wrong and make it happen.

To all those affected who are partnered and thinking of leaving your partnership should really rethink it first. Leaving your partnership and going back to where you were before you signed that contract is a bad idea and here's why. With this change everybody is on an even playing field when it comes to monetizing content. The wall I mentioned earlier is gone everywhere and breaking that contract won't change that fact. There are still enough upsides to staying where you are mainly because YouTube doesn't give you all the tools your network may provide you with. The only way you even think about doing it is if where you're going next will give you that protection you once had and not a lot of places while this hoopla is going on is granting that type of asylum now if not ever again. Be really careful about your options. Review your contract. Know where you stand. And make the choice best for you.

I went back and looked at the contract I signed when I got on with my network and I learned plenty about their stance on it. Which is they're not breaching contract by sending people out to the wolves. I sent my stern e-mail to get some official answers but I already know what time it is. I gotta say for all the prep work I do is that this was one possibility I never saw coming but as I always tell you is that "Knowledge is Power" and this is no different. I will say is that I've enjoyed what partnering my channel has done for me overall but if what that means is changing is that I need to see some change as well. I want to get it worked out and stay where I am but if the one reason I sought partnership isn't an option then why in the hell am I staying? It was never about the money for me because I'll always get that. It was always about protecting my work in all facets even the one where a Taiwanese TV company says they own Marvel vs Capcom 3 footage. I always find my way out of a jam so I'm not worried. What's happening is going to change how things work so the reminder of "Knowledge is Power" is the key. Learn where you stand and bunker down. This is going to be a war of epic proportions.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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