Thursday, November 28, 2013

#DoaBHReviewEdition: Soul Calibur 2 HD Online (XBLA/PSN)

This may be the easiest review I've done so far seeing as we're talking about the Super Pretty Internet Enabled Edition of one of the greatest fighting games ever which just so happens to be a sequel to one of the other greatest fighting games ever!

For $20 you're getting the 75% MURICA Console Version Experience of SC2. Which means every single legitimate playable character who was in any version of the game except for some version of Link. You'd think as much as I research these things I'd have an answer for you but I don't. And surprisingly enough the internet is arguing this. When they get an answer I'll let you know.

Anyway, this is a must get and a reason to retire your PS2 & OG XBOX versions of the game for the most part. If you search around you can still get some cool out of the original versions via some hacks & custom costumes for the OG XBOX version if that floats you. You'll be wanting to hold on to your Gamecube version however until the possibility of the WiiU version being the version that features all of the guest characters and the reason some people are holding out on buying what's available now.

The one thing I do want to applaud Namco on is not having everything unlocked from the jump or a way to purchase all of that stuff. Unlocking the majority of the collection items are attached to achievements/trophies so it does incentivize doing it the old school way. Which I did 3 times on all 3 systems over the span of the console versions existing. I would've appreciated a mode that temporarily unlocks everything mainly for tournament settings and casual romps which more games should do.

The game looks sexy, feels great and I heard good things about the netcode so your investment should pay back in your enjoyment of a classic!

The only "complaint" if I can even levy it as one is that the Dual Audio didn't make the game and there's no way to access by the usual means of switching the language of your system as you can do with other games. I'd assume that this was a space saving measure but having the option should've been available. Not having such a feature doesn't take away from the overall package but some would use not having JP voice overs as a reason to skip the game entirely and it does also explain why I spent 5 minutes looking for the option and never finding it. From a historical standpoint is that this is one of the 1st games I remember actually having the option to choose. Not having it just happens to be a small compromise for all the good the game does overall and maybe if you make enough noise it'll become DLC & maybe featured in that WiiU port the streets want so badly.

If you're going to cop it on my word then please do. If you're waiting for a discount then I pray for you to have paitence until that time arrives. Either way, BUY THIS!!! Soul Calibur 2 is a masterpiece of a game and I'm happy that more will get a chance to experience one of the genre's best even better than ever!

THE TALES OF SOULS & SOULS WILL HOPEFULLY CONTINUE IN SOUL CALIBUR 3 HD ARCADE EDITION ONLINE! As long as Capcom shows love and lets Dante get in as it should've been and KOS-MOS as an official guest character! NAMCO, PLOX!! And having it be a hybrid of the console & arcade versions wouldn't hurt either. #TeamLiLong

Ummm...go buy this already! Please & Thank You!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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