Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#TheCool: Princess Twilight Sparkle's Killer Instinct Persona

#TheCool as usual ready to take the lead and show you last week from the only view that matters...MINE!!! 168 hours of goodness that's ripe and ready for the recap. So if you're ready then so am I!

Just as last week we talked about the release of the #PSQUADRUPLE we now take some time to talk about the #XBONE release and my thoughts of Next-Gen can wait for a while still ring true...except for my wanton need for Killer Instinct. The thing is that I know that if I had the cash I could see Killer Instinct being that game that justifies that purchase. Even then however there's the additional things like getting a new TV because both systems are HDMI only now. Getting a new TV however is something that should've been done years ago and it may be time to do that seeing as both systems aren't perfect out of the gate which always justifies my wait and all those issues with the RROD & my issues with both companies on other issues are things that I do take into consideration. Simply put is that if I had to choose one to get now it would be the #XBONE just to play Killer Instinct! End of the day is that I'll have them all. I'm just waiting for Smash & Bayonetta 2 on WiiU before I go out and get one. And the #PSQUADRUPLE needs an actual game worth playing before I consider even worth the purchase. Never thought after all of that I'd at the right now want an #XBONE before a #PSQUADRUPLE! This is a reality that is the reality at the moment. Should be interesting to watch this "war" play out.

Speaking of "wars," PT's here and I haven't done something but #DoaGHThaDOJO is always providing crack. Been a slow motion week but we always strive to provide what you need. This week...

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late & Project Justice are what you can get cracked out on this week. This'll be another catch up week and we'll have a new game on the channel as well and we'll be talking about said game in a bit.

For now let us get into This Week In Gaming!

I'm so glad to see my hype for Killer Instinct not only come full circle and see that people are enjoying the game. When this was announced at E3 is that I went nuts and my hype in overdrive with no evidence of the final product and I did so with no care in the world. I still haven't played the game and I don't see that happening for a while yet so if you get it then enjoy it one time for your boy. The other side of all this is Spinal & Fulgore will be joining the cast for the 1st Season of content and more content depends on how the game is supported with money. So support it with money. Simple.

If you ignore Persona news then maybe you didn't know that there was a countdown that ended yesterday that actually delivered news about the series. The 1st part of that news that Ultra Suplex Hold will be in arcades on the 28th and #DoaGHThaDOJO will be covering the game as soon as matches are available so be sure to keep an eye out and will be on PS3 next summer.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night. It is what the title describes it to be. It works like the Hatsune Miku games. What songs from the series and if other games in the series will be included is unknown at this time.

Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth is the chibi crossover game you may or may not have wanted. Mainly the P3 & 4 cast have been confirmed and if it is canon to any series is unknown as well. Seems interesting anyhow.

And the big boom announcement of Persona 5. A very cryptic trailer that hints to the game's core values but nothing other than that. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Been a big week for Ultra Street Fighter 4 with the first Loke Test and the release of some videos that show off the Supers & Ultras of the 4 new characters. It was good to see that Capcom remembered that Final Fight Revenge exists and Elena has Healing as an Ultra. Will be no reason not to play her in Double Ultra mode unless Brave Dance is just more powerful solo. I'm getting more excited for the release of Ultra as more is found out about the changes and new features. We'll see if this feeling stands when it comes out.

YOU BOUGHT DAT AQUAPAZZA YET NIGGA!!!???!?!?!?!!? If you didn't then I suggest you do or else...

Same can be said for Saint Seiya: Brave Soliders. Only if you want to however.

DoA5U has a new costume pack with casual clothes for some of the characters with more packs to come later on and Marie Rose is coming to the console versions but when that is the case is unknown at the moment.

EF-12 is finally out in English and you can get your hands on it via Playism! Have fun creating shit and share it if you want!

Question of the week. How does a shooter gets retooled into a Virtual Novel? Liberation Maiden Sin looks to answer that question very soon on PS3.

Time for our Profound Sadness Moment with Sengoku Basara 4 and we're getting closer to this party becoming a reality. Learn about leveling and how the warriors make their way to the battlefield.

While this installment was coming together the 1st trailer for the new Deception game dropped and its looking pretty good. I'll be keeping an eye on it as well so stay tuned for more.

As far as how I got my gaming in is that I finally got over that Marvel vs Capcom: Origins bug which then led to me playing some KoF '95 (O. Rugal, Iori & Terry) during a long ride somewhere this week. I was able to try some of those wild combos I see when I watch match vids of the game. Pretty cool feeling if I do say so myself. I wonder will I ever be able to get into those games that I really want to?

As you see by our title is that MLP is back for Season 4 and after wondering how they would handle this Princess thing is that the fact is that they handled that Princess thing. They've set up this season to be really interesting and the possible promise of the same old, same old not being what this season is about at all. When the smoke clears at the end we'll see if I feel the same way.

The usual suspects are doing what they do with South Park, Revolution & The Vampire Diaries standing out this week. Not to say everything else isn't doing work but those 3 in their way are doing the job of keeping me entertained and I just wanted to let you know of these events because that's what we do here or something like that.

I've gotten deeper into Once Upon A Time and it's damn good as well. I'm glad my choice of getting into it is paying off and it doesn't seem to be falling off anytime soon. At least I hope not.

I guess I could use that into a segue What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

SFH's still on the quest to find the Creator and they meet up with a couple of versions of an old friend and help them the Sonic for Hire way!

A double fix of Nigga Turtles! These videos are nuts! Just trust me!

Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game! Outside of this video I learned something new about the history of Street Fighter. We'll be discussing this fact soon!

That hypothesis still holds up. What hypothesis? That hypothesis!

That's that. As usual we thank you for spending some time with us! We appreciate the company!

This is what happens when you want to create a Orchid motif for the fan page. Bumped into these pics and I had no choice but to use them this week and let them be the inspiration for this week's title. That's Dash in #3 but it is Orchid's new costume so I'll let it rock. The internet and the beings who inhabit it! #TEAMPINKIEPIE

Now I'm gone for real. For all my Google+ family, YouTube forced me to make a page and I've decided to use it so you can click the link to find me over there. Triple Da G.O.D! on Google+. I will say Google needs to be ashamed of themselves for wanting to shoehorn G+ into everything and their obsession to know more about me than I do. I just want to get paid and nothing more than that. So let's keep it business OK, Google! A nigga still misses pre-Google Youtube when you could find anything and search through your favorites! BRING DAT SHIT BACK!!

Speaking of Google and all their "amazing" services is that I want to shout out my family over on SoDisenfranchised for making the top 200 blogs on Blogger last week. Congrats and much more success to y'all over there!! Click the picture below or HERE to check them out!

I'm done for real real, not for play play! Enjoy your week and I'll be back to wrap up that one next time we do this! Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

P.S: #FUCKFAMILYGUY! Or I'm not really sure. I'll give it a chance! Seems the fair thing to do.

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