Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#TheCool: Technical Difficulties III: The Techletting

#TheCool back up in it on this Tuesday and as the title should indicate is that we here aren't still at full power but the things I'll do to make sure that this comes out every week that include bringing you this installment off of a phone that's tethered and pushing out 2G just to completely fuck with my mental state!! Because The Techletting is still a thing is that I've done nothing but try my best to get work done during this time and yesterday a 31 vid drop of UNIB v2.02 crack on #DoaGHThaDOJO which you should check out because of the Akatsuki play that's on display! A sample of the crack is below!

This happened because I was able to get some access to the internet thanks to The OG Legend: Therrty Bitches AKA Evilfreakzilla AKA THE VP OF THE FAMILY! Thank You Sir for looking out for your little brother. The love is appreciated most definitely!

I was able to procure some other vids to get #DoaGHThaDOJO up to date and when I get a reliable way to get those vids to you they'll be up!

Right now I'm in a very weird space. Because of my limited access to the internet is that getting things done when I can is and will be a thing for a while. You have my word that I'll will do the very best I can to continue to deliver the best work in the universe even with this small setback! So please be patient with me during this time! I'm hoping that this issue is seen to ASAP! Pray for me!

With that being said, time for This Week In Gaming!!

Onechambara Z Kagura With NoNoNo is out on Thursday and this trailer may be a reminder of that fact. Or something entirely different. Which it actually is. I just might get down on this for a #RunDatReXXX if I can work some things out to make it happen. We'll see.

Speaking of slicing & dicing zombies is that there's a new Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z trailer and there's plenty to learn and laugh about! Emphasis on either. Depends on you.

Slicing & dicing still with a new match from Soul Calibur 2 HD featuring Mitsurugi vs Maxi and the game will be out on the 19th (PSN) & 20th (XBLA). Still wanting 3AE HD! Always wanting 3AE HD!! #TeamCassie

In our current focus at the moment seems like a good time to remember the profound awesome/sadness of Sengoku Basara 4! These trailers are very focused on certain things. Ladies & DLC. There are some interesting Ladies & DLC to check out so please do.

Speaking of ladies how about we take a second and acknowledge Killer Instinct's leading lady Black Orchid! I'm loving what I see as a an Orchid player from the OG games and I see myself possibly maining her when that time comes. And speaking of my other possible main was confirmed yesterday. FULGORE!! Couldn't be a KI game without THE ROBOT of Fighting Games. BODY! READY!

Super Heroine Chronicle. More heroines doing heroic stuff on a grid. Learn how this all comes together by watching the trailer.

Heroes. Kamen Rider. Gaim doing his best Decade impression in Travelers Senki. This is a thing. A thing that I can't sadly import. Maybe time to import a 2DS from Japan whenever they become a thing.

Heroes of a different sort. DoA5U is coming with a new sports related costume pack that'll be out soon. From Tennis, not so Xtreme Beach Volleyball, to Rugby, Football & true Football with a Tecmo Bowl reference. Still 1 of the Top 5 sports games of all time. Find out the other 4 at some point in time. Maybe. I never got around to get Tecmo Bowl Throwback and that Wii version allegedly came out as something else. A thing that happens every now and again.

Giant Robots. Heroes. Super Robot Wars OG: Infinite Battle. This'll be out at the end of the month and I'm hoping this game kickstarts me getting into the series. Full Boost will be in January. Just saying.

What about the descent of a hero into darkness? Lords of Shadow 2 is just that. For reasons.

What if you could reverse the descent into a different darkness for your own benefit? The heroes of Super Time Force have just such an ability in which overuse is encouraged. Watch the trailer to learn how.

And what if your heroism was measured by how great your gun was? 2 Words. Mercenary! Kings! Will be out for Steam & PS4 soon.

With The Techletting still a current issue is that and combined with some things I had had to handle I didn't get a chance to get some gaming in but I'm hoping that does change this week coming up. Really hoping so. I'm trying to do some prep for some #RunDatReXXX possibilities and I'm hoping I can get some headway into those games because I really want to. You'll be surprised at what's coming down the bend soon.

I did however find myself at a point doing nothing but watching stuff outside the usual suspects and discovered how awesome Orange Is The New Black is. The long & short of it is that if you have a way to watch the show then you should just do that. Just do it!

When it comes to the usual suspects is that I'll say that I came to an epiphany. As much as I'll forever be salty about the loss of The Secret Circle is that The Originals needs to exist because without Klaus being a factor in The Vampire Diaries in fact makes both shows better. There's some crossover action in the works plot wise even though the show used the alternate take of the Pilot to retcon the time when The Originals takes place from instead of during the TVD Graduation for now when Elena & Caroline start college for whatever reason. I just needed to share how seriously I take what I watch by paying too much damn attention to what I do watch. That's me for you.

Revolution is going places plot wise as it should by doing [Insert Spoilers Here]. Emily Rickards is still the best thing on TV and Arrow also did some cool shit by [Insert Spoilers Here]! Korra after the awesome Wan episodes is trying to find its footing by [Insert Spoilers Here]! Gaim & Kyoryuger doing what they do because [Insert Spoilers Here]! Bleach & Naruto did [Insert Spoilers Here] because that's a thing that happens in manga! And Kill la Kill is still Godlike. Why? [Insert Spoilers Here]!

There's some other stuff I've prepped to watch so if and when I do I shall report my findings. And with that as we usually do at this time. What I Watched On YouTube When I Actually Had Access To The Internet!

As usual another Sonic For Hire and the gang is in search for the mysterious Creator and are on the search for clues. Wonder what they'll find?

The HVGN takes on the Castlevania GB Trilogy! A real interesting watch and insight into those games. I'll need to get around to playing those games really soon myself.

Congratulations to Team Four Star for 5 years in the game and 1,000,000 Subscribers on YouTube. Thank You for all the laughs and Nappa! Most definitely Nappa! May all of you find continued success in whatever you do. And more DBZA. MORE!!!

More anniversaries. For a mountain goat. Who headbutts cooches. We Love You Mountain Goat! Happy 4th anniversary!

We finally come to the end of Turnabout Storm and what an ending it was! There was some things hinted to in earlier parts that even the conclusion didn't touch on but it doesn't hurt it at all. If you haven't watched this yet then you should ASAP. It's that good and does a wonderful job to treating both franchises with care and making this crossover believable. Thank You to everybody who worked on this! You have my utmost gratitude and respect for this awesome project! Hopefully a sequel is coming because I'd be down for another adventure! So down!

And with that we come to end of another installment of #TheCool! As usual thanks are to you for coming around and kicking it with your folks for a bit.

I hope to be at full working capacity very soon. So continue to bear with me while this stuff gets worked out!

And that's that. Get outta here and enjoy the rest of your week. We'll see you back here at some point, at some time, some day for another installment of #TheCool!

And of course more Kokonoe! Even she's having some technical issues. Still looking to change up the motif and I'll report on actually using her in CP. Next week. Now be gone! Said with all the love in the world!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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