Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes Presents...Super Climax Battle Time Breakdown

With the game coming out next week we get our first peek at some real battles and how things function now. With many battles to breakdown and critique let us get to the proverbial bidness shall we.

Let's get to the you already know. The game now functions like Soul Calibur in the basic movement department ditching the sidestep for a full 8 Way Run mechanic. Without knowing if the game has a guard button I'm not sure how jumping works now. It may be that holding Up-Forward does that or that certain specials that control that factor. Also on display are Rider Arts which we now know cost 1/2 of a level of super meter and it would seem it can be activated at will shown by Blade repeatedly in this video. They are very telegraphed so you'll have time to get on defense or counter if need be. Also on display by Garren is a new mechanic which we'll dub Rider Burst for now which allows you to break combo strings for the price all of your Guard Gauge and any recoverable health you had that makes up for not having enough gauge to actually pull it off. Interesting to see that crumple stuns into a Rider Finale are still in effect here. How Rider Finales work in combos and juggles will be something interesting to experiment with after in Fourze how easy it was to add them to the end of juggles under the correct conditions. Also on display are transformations. It would seem you can Guard Cancel into a transformation for defensive purposes and also now costs 3 meters instead of the 4 it used to.


Now with this video we learn a lot more. Transformations can also be done mid combo to continue the string. This was possible in past games on either offense or defense but it didn't work like Meteor is using it here. There's an actual flow from Meteor to Meteor Storm and the string doesn't stop and Fourze is still in hitstun during this whole process. Having this in the game opens myriads of combo possibilities. Finding the right time to transform and the combo which you use will be key to a powerful offense. And the Final Reflect Chance which is also on display in the video has changed drastically. No longer is it a button masher. You now have to press the correct direction shown on the screen. Nice change.


Now we get a chance to see Wizard in action. It would seem that he as uses different styles it alters all of his normals, Shooting & Slash Strikes and spells he'll only use in that style. On display was Bind in Water Style and Defend in Land Style. Big may be just a spell for Flame and Hurricane styles and how it works in each form differs a lot.


We finally get a chance to see Joker & Eternal duke it out and man there's a lot to learn about them and the upgraded mechanics. Joker displays what seemed to be a version of the Rider Cancel that lets you do a jump cancel that costs 1 Meter. Just the same as a normal Rider Cancel. Eternal displays that you can at anytime activate Meter abilities. This is a huge change and for Assault characters and this'll be key in turning momentum at anytime and not just at full stock.

Clock Up is a whole new ballgame now on both sides of the ball. Clock Up can be started as long as you have 1 Meter instead of stocking to 4 and can be stopped at anytime during the duration. On defense you can stop Clock Up by hitting a Rider Burst during it. So it seems that you can stop those blockstrings now. What'll be key similar to the GNT/Clash of Ninja games is baiting a Rider Burst and then mounting on the offense once you do.

We learn a couple of important things from this battle. Ouja demonstartaes that Advent Cards can be used mid string so that means summons and weapon changes for those that have them are fair game and can be used smoothly within strings now. And something we saw earlier that "Rider Jump Cancel" seems to have another use as a homing jump. Still costs 1 meter but that's an awesome way to get right back to rushdown if you want to spend the meter to do so. And Leangle shows us you can still Guard Cancel summons but it now cost 4 meters instead of the 3 it cost in past games.

Well looks like we know why this game has Rider Burst now. As shown by Black RX, the stun is viable as all get out. He does a couple of stun combos that while this is taking place is able to activate "Old School Mode" and connect a Kingstone Flash before Fourze fully crumples to the floor. And it would seem that Hopping Switch is Fourze's Rider Art. Interesting that.

It looks like that Trial's Hyakuretsu Kyaku is DAT NEW OTG and his way to guaranteed damage. But since the Rider Burst is in play I'd be careful of abusing it. And it seems that Accel's Rider Art is a nasty standing stun that may be good for resets. That'll be tested by me and I'll report back on it. And PuToTyra has a nice stun as well and very comboable from what the video shows. These 2 will be characters that I keep a close eye on during my study.

All in all I'm more excited than ever to get this game and dig right on in to all the awesome upgrades to this fighting engine.


-Triple Da G.O.D.

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