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DoaBH Review Edition: Street Fighter X Mega Man

Street Fighter X Mega Man, another something where something crosses something else. These things happen like everyday now so they've started to lose their OH SHIT!!! appeal but when it comes to this one in particular in my honest opinion this was one of those things that would've came sooner or later. This idea comes from the now and forever canceled Mega Man Universe where Ryu and Arthur were guest stars and they were going through Mega Man levels and such. And also my not knowing that Sonic was developing this on the side for years. So who did what first when is not as important to this as you might think. Fast forward to December 17th and the murder of Capcom's servers for everybody to get their hands on it to see how Mega Man fares against the World Warriors. So how did it turn out?

Honestly while the concept was well thought out and carried out great it seemed to me that this game wasn't Sonic's exact vision of a final product. And for me that there was a lot of things that could've been done to improve the product and we'll get into that later. So what is available in the final product of which you are presented? Instead of 8 Robot Masters you get 8 World Warriors to travel around the world to do battle with which is a throwback unto itself but not THE 8 WORLD WARRIORS! 4 of them are present however. Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka and Dhalsim. Representing the Alpha series are Rose & Rolento who also holds down Final Fight as well. 3 is represented by Urien and 4 by Crimson Viper. What this game did so well was represent each of them in everything. From their stage & music, fight patterns and even the weapons you get. Except for Viper because technically that's a move from Marvel vs Capcom but I won't hold that over the game's head though. After making your way through them of course Bison & crew show up for some action as well. And there happens to be a hidden boss and if you ever played Street Fighter then you can guess who that is. The game didn't take that long to beat except for one part where I got frustrated and stuck until I figured it out. So don't be scared that this game is Mega Man 9 hard but it does have some of those hard by design elements involved however. Thought you needed some fair warning though. The game is hard enough to push you to keep going but not so frustrating that you give up and quit and with this came the glaring issue of the game. There is no way to continue where you left off. So it becomes a throwback to Mega Man 1 which had no password system and had to be done in one sitting. I have no clue how any thing resembling Mega Man in the year 2012 has no way of recording your progress. This is a huge blow to the game for the person who wants to pick up and play for a minute and not dedicate a couple of hours to the cause and may scare some away. The journey is worth it but not having an either or was just a bad design choice. Other than that what would've made this a better game?

For all that it borrows from Mega Man 10 and the like is that this game needed some sort of Shop. Would've been easy to have some sort of Saikyo Dojo where Mega Man could buy things from Dan & Sakura to help him on his way. Not having Dan as a hidden boss or playable character was just a missed opportunity and the same missed with him in Street Fighter X Tekken which would've got me Karin by default because she's the only one who could hold a team down with Sakura. His weapon could've been a Taunt of some sort with some power-up to match. When it came to the selection of World Warriors and the possibilities available I was surprised to see characters like Cammy, Guile and Zangief not included which makes me want a sequel to see how these characters would translate to this medium. And with wishful thinking for some EX love. Skullomania would be the only one who'd really translate over and be really great in this medium. Just saying. I really hope that Capcom doesn't let a good idea like this just lapse without following up. I'd pay for an upgraded version this that handles the issues and a sequel as well. REAL ACTUAL MONEY HERE CAPCOM!!! REAL ACTUAL MONEY!!!!

 If you're looking for an answer to that question then yes you should give this a whirl. Not everyday that a big company stands behind a fan project, helps that project to fruition and offers it to you for the LOW PRICE OF FREE! SO HERE'S THE LINK RIGHT HERE!!! DOWNLOAD DAT ASAP SON!!!! With all that being said Happy Anniversary to Mega Man and Street Fighter. Now go rent a car without being charged extra.

-Triple Da G.O.D.

 Down, down below is a bit of help if you need it.

If you've read down this far then you seek some help in your quest to be the strongest World Warrior!! Good news for you is T.D.G. is here to help. Follow these steps to stand as the greatest fighter in the world!!

Start with a trip to Brazil to meet the Heroic Man-Beast, Blanka. One of the easier World Warriors to deal with and you get the Tropical Hazard for his defeat and works just like the Mega Ball. Really useful in stages where the platforming forces you to wait.

Follow that up with a trip to Italy to see the master of the Soul Power, Rose. The whole point to fighting Blanka first is so you have an easy time with Rose to claim the Soul Satellite. It seems anytime you give Mega Man a "satellite" it is so OP. How OP and how you can make it OP is for you to find out.

Your next trip on your World Tour is Metro City, USA to take on Mad Gear's 2nd in Command, Rolento. Use the Soul Satellite to make quick work of him to claim the Mine Sweeper.

Take your brand new Mine Sweeper on a trip to the Pyramids in Egypt to say hello to President Urien. Use the Mine Sweeper with care on Urien to take from him DAT AEGIS REFLECTOR!!!

With the Aegis Reflector in hand a trip to Japan is in order to spar with the Ordinary Guy, Ryu. Proper use of the Aegis Reflector and some patience will lead you to victory over him.

Now with the Hadoken in hand take a trip to China to meet the World's Strongest Woman and owner of the most famous thighs in the business, Chun-Li. Use Dat Dookit to triumph over her.

Take those Lightning Kicks to the unknown S.I.N Laboratory and take on Lauren's mom, Crimson Viper. Enough kicks to the face and even Beta CapCom will have to concede to defeat.

With your new Optic Laser in tow make your way to India to meet the Yoga Master, Dhalsim. The Optic Laser eats through his fire and about anything he dishes out. And with your victory you'll receive the Yoga Inferno. Blanka's not a fan of the flames. Trust me.

With all the World Warriors defeated your next stop on your tour is Las Vegas and a battle with Mr. Gigaton Punch, Balrog. Just know there's valor in running away and you want to do just that because he can OHKO you. Just make your way far enough right and he'll do himself in. I wish for poetry purposes he was weak to the Yoga Inferno.

After enjoying some gambling & girls your next trip takes you to Spain to meet with the Spanish Ninja, Vega. In poetic justice he's weak to the Lightning Kick. Street Fighter: The Animated Movie anyone? You'll want to be careful of Vega and watch for the Flying Barcelona Attack. Learning to dodge it accordingly will be the key. Put feet to face and Vega will soon fall.

Your final trip takes you to another S.I.N Laboratory to face off with the previous 8 World Warriors. Do them in as you have once before to face the Master of Yes & Tuesdays, Mister Bison. If you've ever played Alpha 3 before then you know exactly what time it is here. Pull out the Optic Laser and let Bison have it. And once you do that you win. However...

If you've racked up at least 4 Perfect Victories & No Continues on your way here then The Master of The Fist Akuma will appear murdering Bison to face you. In more of that poetic justice Akuma's weakness just happens to be the Hadoken. As anything involving Akuma this is no cakewalk but can be done and there's something special for you if you happen to best him. What that happens to be is for you to find out. Good Luck!!! You'll need it!!

I hope this helps if you're having trouble. And if you are then keep at it. It can be hard & frustrating at time but can be done. Keep at until you do. You'll savor the victory so much more.

T.D.G. OUT!!!

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