Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Overdrive Overtime: The Story of How We End And Begin Once Again

Time to wrap up 2012 and welcome 2013 with an open mind and positive thoughts on what's ahead of us. So how will we do such a thing? Maybe I should let you know what you can expect within the next couple of weeks and what my plans are for 2013. Seems like a great plan to me.

I have a whole year of gaming to catch up on because there were games I let slip but taking care of that now so I have a fresh 2013 to be more productive seems like a great idea. I won't get to everything but a start is better than no start. And there's something to all of this as you'll see later.

The immediate plan for #RunDatReXXX is to do everything I can to have X3 all done by the end of the year so we can start a brand new game on the 1st. This time I know exactly what I'm playing and I'm so excited to be bringing that game to you like only I can. Can't wait for that.

I'm going to hold to a promise I made long ago to give the world a #TripleDaGodExplainsItAll to fighter that is worthy of praise and your time. Something that should've been done long ago to be honest. And seeing the landscape of that landscape is that I'm the only one who can, will and cares enough about said game to do so. More game changing from the man who constantly changes how the game is played on a daily basis.

2013 is the year that the product you enjoy viewing and I enjoy making and creating will be changing for the better and that I'm very excited about. I have plans. Grandiose ones. Ones I've been wanting execute on for years but lacked the focus and scope those needed to see fruition. 2012 has changed me and this product and it was in preparation for 2013 when the universe sees the vision I've had forever.

I'd like to thank all of those who are deserving of thanks regardless of how you get it for the contributions you make to this product. I appreciate the love & support from those who give it and hate from those who spew it because all of it fuels a better product.

I'm going to take these last days of 2012 and push them and myself to the absolute limit as I do everyday to make sure I am proud of my creations and that you enjoy them.

Remember, never lose sight of what the fight means and why it means so much. Go and grab your dreams with no hesitation. If it can be seen then it can be achieved. Let no one stand in your way to your path to truth, justice and prosperity. And if you're willing to fight then be willing to pay the ultimate price.

The above is what 2012 taught me and what will bring 2013 to me.

Thank You all once more for your love and support. You are the reason #THEBESTINEXISTENCE is the title bestowed upon me. I worked hard to earn the title and I'll work 100 times more to keep it.

See you in 2013. Primed! Pumped! Prepared!

-Triple Da G.O.D

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