Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gaming Bucket List: The Ninja Warriors Again (SNES/SFC)

In my continued quest to find games I want to play for #RunDatReXXX I seem to backtrack to games of old that I may haven't had the time or the feel like it to finish before that I do now. The Ninja Warriors Again is one such game and is one of the best Beat-Em-Ups on the SNES and can stand alongside games like Final Fight 3 & Rushing Beat Shura as such. I've known this for years to be fact however checking it off my Gaming Bucket List I have a new found love and appreciation for the game. To be honest I've been having a lot of these kind of epiphanies lately as I'm taking the time to explore games on a deeper level than I have before, ever! Now it's time to do what I always do and will soon become famous for...THE LONG WINDED EXPLANATION WHY!!. 

The Ninja Warriors Again doesn't rewrite the book on the genre and nor do I think that's what Natsume was even aiming for. The psychology of how things get done hasn't changed either. Know yourself. Know your enemy. Combine the two to hurt everything around you. It's this basic psychology that will keep you playing once the light bulb comes on because of how deep the combat is in this game. All of the playable characters are drastically different in all aspects which also mean how they get the job done is just as different. So question is how does the job get done? Glad you asked. Let me now proudly introduce the 3 Ninja Warriors at your command.

1st on deck is Ninja. He's the brute of the bunch and he lives up that and then some. Because he's the big man of the group he moves a bit slow but can pile on the damage quick. 

In lieu of a jump he has a booster jet that is wonderful for making his way around the battlefield and key for his offensive pressure. Knowing that however doesn't mean that you should abuse it because in a lot of situations it's very unsafe because of the startup time. Learning the when and where of the booster jet is key to mastering your use of Ninja. 

Some other things to keep in mind that his standing attack because of his size serves as a great anti-air, his normal combo ender his in front and in back of him and make sure you're throwing a lot. His throws do great damage and are great for crowd control. Knowing this will make Ninja the beast of the futuristic block.

Next up is Kunoichi and she's the balanced one of the bunch. At this juncture however let me define balanced. Balanced in this case means that she doesn't have a "thing" like Ninja's power or Kamaitachi's speed but she has enough of everything to still be a threat. 

A great normal attack and combo. Both standing and crouching. An easy to use and manipulative crowd control throw and she has the only usable and safe jump cancel from either of her available combo strings which is good for keeping your enemies in place. This however isn't for you to abuse but learning to abuse it properly is a huge key to keeping Kunoichi alive. 

I do suggest if this is your first time digging into the game is to pick Kunoichi to get used to the game mechanics and then branch out from there by giving Ninja and Kamaitachi a whirl.

And last but not least we have Kamaitachi. He's the one of the bunch with the speed and reach but less health in trade for that. 

Don't let that scare you away from giving him a shot because with all that he has at his disposal makes him so dangerous in the right hands. In my view he has the best combos in the game mainly for the speed in which they come out and the range that he can safely cover without putting himself in harm's way. Ninja & Kunoichi have this same ability but it takes some setup and learning about your enemies a bit more and them as well to be safe. 

However because of this awesome power of having great speed and reach he gives up the ability to just walk up and throw enemies like his comrades can. He can still throw, you just have to be very close and hope for the best starting out before you learn to throw consistently with him. It's worth the effort to learn and take full advantage of all of Kamaitachi's abilities because for the reason I stated earlier. 

Your investment in learning him will bear fruit. Fruit you can stuff down the enemy's throat as you cut them down. It'll be worth the effort. Trust me on that.

And now that you have a bit more understanding about the Ninja Warriors it's time to go into battle and do what it does. 

The Ninja Warriors Again is 8 non-stop action packed levels in which to kick much ass in. The premise of why is follows. There's a bad guy oppressing the good people so a scientist builds 3 Androids to stop him. There's a lot more to it and there's a huge twist at the end I won't dare spoil but it does in kind set up for a sequel if there ever was one. 

The music is great as well. Not every track is a classic but it does fit the mood of the game quite nicely. 

The game is quite beautiful to behold. Huge beautiful sprites, explosions, scantly clad ninja broads and more await your eyes to see. 

This is a game I urge you to play and discover all its secrets and depth for yourself. As usual I give you the roadmap to get from A to B however it's up to you to be courageous enough to take the journey. 

The game doesn't take too long to complete. Your first time through may take about 2 hours as you learn and experiment with the game mechanics. I can safely say that it won't be your last time through. With 3 different characters that bring with them 3 diversified experiences through the game you'll have plenty of content to last you quite a while. 

This game's only true fault is no co-op experience but you never know this could be on the comeback. They brought back Elevator Action so why not this or Sonic Blast Man?

In conclusion, please take some time to experience the The Ninja Warriors Again and you'll do what you always do when you're done...thank me later.

-Triple Da God

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