Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes Presents...This Game Will Be Our Hope!!!

As we inch ever closer to me breaking this game as I do every year it would seem a new trailer has hit and we have a lot of confirms which personally made me nerd out a bit. So who do we know about now?

Joker and Skull (W)
Saga (Kiva)
TheBee (Kabuto)
Delta (Faiz)

Both Joker & Skull have me on full nerd out mode right now. First Eternal and now this. SO HYPE!!!! All that's left is for Accel to have Booster Mode and that would cover the whole series being repped over multiple games. TheBee is a nice surprise as well. That was something I was just not expecting at all. Saga & Delta should've been in 2 games ago so good to finally see them as well. So all that's honestly left on my list is Kivala and since she was in Rider Generation 2 there's a nice chance she's somewhere. This trailer also shows off how the game is more like Soul Calibur at least in how it handles movement. 8 WAY RUN SUCKA!!!! That'll be something to get used to and show off as well. The only other honest question I have is will Wizard's other Dragon Forms be in the game? That question and more will be answered when the game drops on 11/29.

-Triple Da God

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