Monday, November 12, 2012

DoaBH Review Edition Presents...Guardian Heroes HD (XBLA)

If I'm about to call what you're about to read a review then I suppose I shall call it that. However as a genius I know better. The whole point of this is to get you to buy Guardian Heroes. Not because you should for your own good. But for the fact that I'm a huge Treasure Stan and if enough of you buy this then I get a sequel. For the record I've never heard of something called "Advance Guardian Heroes." Real Talk though, Advance Guardian Heroes was something but a true sequel it wasn't. It made references, had characters from the original but it didn't evoke the feel of the original so that's why it gets widely shitted on from holy heights every time it gets brought up. That aside I now have to convince you to buy this without saying too much about it. You guys know this song & dance by now. So let us dance to the rhythm and sing the praises of Guardian Heroes.


  1. This is the best and most affordable version you can get without getting protection and getting on eBay to be violated. $10 to be precise and the US version goes for insane amounts though however in contrast though the JP version doesn't go for so much. Neither option is readily available for your download consumption for $10. Affordable and easily accessible.

  2. I HAS WANT SEQUEL NAO!!! It's been said that a sequel is in the works and the whether or not we get it hinges upon sales figures of this downloadable treat. This also goes hand in hand with a possible PSN release as well. So if you happen to be on that side of the fence then this is your fight too.

  3. Technically this is 2 games in 1. You have the Saturn Mode which you either can play in all that 1996 glory or with some sexy HD makeup. You can also experience the Remix Mode which turns this game on its head in every way possible. I highly suggest playing Saturn Mode first. You'll have more appreciation for the changes Remix Mode gives. Know I did. And something about 12 player offline/online battles. That shit be ruthless dawg. Bring your high level characters or prepare for the wrong end of the business.

  4. This game is #FUCKAWESOME!!! Point. Blank. Period. When I played this for the first time I knew I was for in something special. Honestly, I had lots of fun just putting the hurt on things. When I got older and started to appreciate gaming more this was one of those games early on I really wanted to understand and appreciate on a deeper level. And I do now and just want to let you know that you can have that same experience if you dive in.

  5. Read reasons 1-4 until you buy the game. And then read them once more so you understand why you did the right thing for yourself and others.
Guardian Heroes is one of a myriad of examples of why gaming is so great. In 1996 this game was revolutionary for a lot of reasons. Reasons I shall let you discover if you haven't already. Reasons I honestly would love to include as added examples of why you should but you know how I do things though. So get out there and experience what I and many others already have. Guardian Heroes.

-Triple Da God

And if you need some visual proof of what I speak then please take a look at the above video. It was a complete show of the demo when it was leaked on Mexican XBL. And the reason why I have to manage 3 YouTube channels instead of the 1 I'd prefer. So do whatever it is that you do just make sure Guardian Heroes is on your To Buy List. Please and Thank You.

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