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#TripleDaGODExplainsItAll: My Hero Academia: Battle for All (N3DS)

Welcome to UA High where the future's brightest heroes come to learn their craft and be the best they can be!

Today's lesson is Battle for All, the franchise's first video game made by the swiss army knife studio known as Dimps!

No seriously, they are on everything!


Anyway, the game's been out for a week and even with all the playthroughs and the like in the streets is there isn't any documentation or deep explanation on what's going on with what matters!

Mainly in the important facets of how to play the game correctly and when you unlock your favorite character or Sidekick Assist!

On both, I got you!

How To Play

My Hero Academia: Battle For All is a 3D fighting game starring the major characters of the franchise with the story arc covering everything until the Sports Festival Arc so if you're only watching the anime then be wary of spoilers!

Basic Movement

This game's movement is handled via an 8-Way Run so any direction you can move in under those confines are a go!

B = Jump Button

B (While in Air) = Double Jump

A = Forward Dash

A (While in Air) = Air Forward Dash

Note: Only Katsuki, Ochako, Tenya, Tsuyu, Kyoka & Yuuga have access to Double Jumps & Air Forward Dashes.

Note 2: You are free to mix up Double Jumps & Air Forward Dashes but know you only get a second jump and a single Air Forward Dash so keep it in mind!

Defensive Basics

R = Guard

R + Y = Attack Reflect

Note: This has to be timed to your opponent's attack. Failure to do so opens you up to a free punish so use wisely!

A/B/X/Y (When Being Knocked Down/Into the Air) = Recovery/Air Recovery

Note: There are some instances where Recovery of any kind is impossible so be aware of this fact.

Any Direction + R + A = Dodge Roll

Offensive Options

Y × 2 ~ 4 = Hero Combo String

Note: The number of Y presses varies from character to character so be sure to refer to that character's move list for more information.

B (After Certain Hero Combo Strings) = Aerial Rave Chase

Note: Only Katsuki, Ochako, Tenya, Tsuyu, Kyoka & Yuuga have access to Aerial Rave Combos.

Y × 2 ~ 4 (After Aerial Rave Chase) = Air Hero Combo String

Note: The number of Y presses varies from character to character so be sure to refer to that character's move list for more information.

Note 2: Ochako is the only character in the game who's Air Hero Combo String leads to an additional Aerial Rave Chase to Air Hero Combo String.

So that combo would look like Y × 2 ➡ Aerial Rave Chase Y × 3 ➡ Aerial Rave Chase ➡ Y × 3

L + Y = Guard Break Attack

Note: This attack has one hit of armor so be sure to use it wisely!

Note 2: If your Guard Break Attack connects you should immediately continue your attack. Failure to do so will put your opponent in a juggle state instead and that's bad news for combos that use this attack.

Any Direction + X = Special Attack 1

X = Special Attack 2

X (In the Air) = Aerial Special Attack

L + X = Ultra Move (Requires 1 Hero Gauge Level)

L + A = Plus Ultra Move (Requires 3 Hero Gauge Levels)

Note: These attacks vary per character so be sure to know what does what!

This is immensely important to combo composition!

Know what your moves do and how they affect you and your opponent on offense!

Ultimate Time

Ultimate Time is activated by interacting with the touch screen in various ways depending on the character in question.

When Ultimate Time is activated your character receives various buffs for a limited time.

You also have access to the Hero Burst activated by pressing L + R!

A Hero Burst also uses 1 Level of the Hero Gauge as well!

However, a smart player can bait said Hero Burst for a quick punish after its recovery!

Sidekick Assists

Before the battle begins you'll be granted the opportunity to select 2 Sidekick Assists to assist you in battle!

You start the game with Eraserhead & Recovery Girl and you'll unlock 12 additional more Sidekick Assists to use and we'll discuss how you do that a bit later!

In battle you activate a Sidekick Assist by pressing ← on the D-Pad for Sidekick Assist 1 & → on the D-Pad for Sidekick Assist 2!

Knowing what your Sidekick Assists do, how and when to use them will be a huge difference maker in wins and losses!

There are some Sidekick Assists that are key to extended and more damaging combos! 

That however is something you'll find out on your own!

Unlocking The Stuffs

Unlocking everything for your enjoyment isn't that hard.

Simply beating Deku's Story Mode and completing his Curriculum Missions in Hero Academia Mode will unlock all the characters, assists and stages for use in the other modes.

Below will be the when and where of all the unlocks just in case you need them for reference!

Unlocking Characters

You start the game with Deku & Katsuki and you'll unlock the other 12 by performing feats in Hero Academia Mode in Deku's Story and his Curriculum Missions.

Below will be a list of the Story or Curriculum Mission where a certain character is unlocked!

Tenya Iida: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 4

Yuuga Aoyama: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 5

Eijiro Kirishima: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 6

Momo Yaoyorozu: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 7

Denki Kaminari: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 8

Ochako Uraraka: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 9

Kyouka Jirou: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 10

Shouto Todoroki: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 11

Tsuyu Asui: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 12

Minoru Mineta: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 13

Note: All the above characters become unlocked for use in Hero Academia Mode after the Epilogue of Deku's Story Mode!

All Might: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 14

Shigaraki Tomura: Unlocked by beating Curriculum Mission 39

Unlocking Sidekick Assists

Like I mentioned earlier is you start the game with Eraserhead & Recovery Girl and you'll unlock 12 more during play.

Below will be a list of the Curriculum Missions where a that specific Sidekick Assist is unlocked!

Mezou Shouji :Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 27

Fumikage Tokoyami: Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 28

Mina Ashido:Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 29

Hanta Sero: Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 30

Tooru Hagakure: Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 31

Mashirao Ojiro: Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 32

No.13 :Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 33

Cementoss :Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 34

18+ Only Hero, Midnight: Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 35

Mount Lady: Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 36

Note: All other characters have access to these missions but they start at Curriculum Mission 19 and end at 28!

Noumu: Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 38

Kurogiri: Unlocked by beating Deku's Curriculum Mission 38

Unlocking Stages

You start the game with the Replica City-District (Outside) stage and you'll unlock the other 5 during Deku's Story Mode!

Replica City-District (Inside): Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 3

Dagobah Municipal Beach Park: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 6

Sports Festival Stadium: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 7

Unforeseen Simulation Joint: Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 13

Unforeseen Simulation Joint (Destroyed): Unlocked in Deku's Story by beating Mission 14

After Story Mode's Done...

After Deku's Story Mode Epilogue is a couple of new things are unlocked.

We went over some during the list but for sake's sake we'll run through it again.

First, all of the other students are unlocked for use in Hero Academia Mode so you can power them up and get new costume parts for them.

Second, you also unlock Hero Challenge Mode!

This is a 1-Round Survival Fight!

Winner continues! Loser goes home!

You do start every round with full HP so don't worry about that.

This mode is great for quickly raking in EXP and cash to further power up your chosen character the way you like so take advantage of it.

Also, any character who beats their Story Mode can afterward go back to any mission and run it back once more.

This is also something you should do because you get bonus EXP and Money for S & A-Rank finishes the first time you accomplish such a feat so if you didn't initially then go back for a clean S-Rank sweep of every mission!

QR Codes

In the coming weeks there will be QR Codes released for the game that will unlock cool new stuff and this portion will be updated with those QR Codes as they release!

I'll post them here for reference and explain what exactly they do and ultimately unlock!

This QR code unlocks an EX Curriculum Mission for Deku against All Might.

A victory will unlock his Special Costume Pieces earlier than you would normally have access to them.

You still have to buy them in the Shop to have access to them and given that the costume as a whole gives you +4 to all stats is that's quite a big deal early on.

Know this, you'll also unlock the Hero Costume A parts after beating Deku's Story Mission 2 and those same parts give you the same benefits for only $9,000.

So if you like the costume and the +4 to all stats it brings to the table and can rack up $20,000 with Deku pretty quickly then it may just be worth the work to get it.

You'll ultimately have to do it anyway to unlock the costume for use in other modes so this just saves the work of playing through the game normally to get it.

Up to you!

Click the picture to be linked to a higher resolution version of it so the camera can read the QR Code.

This QR code unlocks an EX Curriculum Mission for everybody that's a Destroy All Objects Mission.

Gives great EXP & Money for an S Rank (1200 EXP & $900 to be precise) and pretty simple too so it's a great grinding mission early on so be sure to take advantage of it!

Click the picture to be linked to a higher resolution version of it so the camera can read the QR Code.

This right here is All Might's Silver Age costume and it is well is an unlockable via the QR Code option but not in the way we've been doing it so far.

Go to the QR Code screen and enter in the following code to access this special EX Curriculum Mission...

L, L. R, X, R, R, L.

You'll get a confirmation when you've entered the sequence correctly!

Know that All Might is going all in here and is a bit tougher in all facets than in previous Curriculum Missions you may have faced him in.

Your victory will net you this costume for use in all modes where All Might is playable.

This is also a great grinding mission for more powered up heroes because a S-Rank victory nets you 1500 EXP & $1200!

A lot to gain for a 2 round beatdown I must say.

These 2 QR Codes will unlock the School Uniform Costume for Deku & Katsuki.

Provided you can win both of these EX Curriculum Missions of course!

Deku has to fight Tsuyu who has some boosted stats. If your Deku's plenty leveled then this won't even be an issue.

Katsuki has a Defense mission against a wave of Faux Villains in which you need to last the time limit in order to complete the mission.

Winning adds the School Uniform Costume to their respective Shop for $10,000 which gives a +3 to all stats.

Cool for collection purposes. Not so much for actual use.

Good Luck!

Click the picture to be linked to a higher resolution version of it so the QR Code can be picked up by the game!

4 more School Uniforms can be unlocked via these QR Codes for Tenya, Miss Ochako, Shouto & Momo if you can beat the EX Curriculum Missions they unlock!

Tenya & Ochako have Destroy All Objects Gimmick Missions to conquer while Shouto & Momo have Battle Missions against Denki & Minoru to get past to earn their Uniforms.

Just like the missions for Deku & Katsuki is once you win is you'll have to spend $10,000 to be able to use them and these costumes as well have a +3 to all stats.

You can also click this picture to be sent to a higher resolution version of it so the QR Codes can be read by the camera.

All of the above QR Codes are via ShonenGamez so go and show them some love for that!

Powering Up Your Hero

In Hero Academia Mode you'll be able to fully power-up and customize your characters appearance by earning experience points and cash!

As you battle you'll gain experience points that will let you level up and add points to 4 different categories.

Health: Gives you more HP & improves your defense as well.

Attack Power: Powers up your attacks so they do more damage.

Speed: Increases the speed of everything you do which includes attack recovery time.

Hero Gauge: Increases how much Hero Gauge Energy is accrued by attacking or being attacked.

Also in Hero Academia Mode you'll unlock costume parts that give you a cool look and further power up your character as well.

After unlocking them is you'll have to purchase the parts from the shop and then equip them to enjoy their effects.

The costume sets have have different stats to think about so you're free to wear a complete costume or mix and match to suit your needs and tastes!

You're free to either replay missions in Hero Academia Mode to rake it in or play Hero Challenge Mode to do the same.

Additional Resources

Shouts to both ShonenGameZ & VNCCP for their menu translations if you help in navigating the game!

You can find those HERE & HERE!

If you're looking for more in depth information albeit in Japanese then take a look at both of these wikis HERE & HERE!

Know that both of the wikis linked are slowly coming together but both have lots of information for you to get at so don't be bashful!

If there's something I've missed and need to be added then leave a comment or get at me on Twitter @TripleDaGOD!

Hope this helps!


-Triple Da G.O.D!

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#TheCool: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Ver.2016 Episode the First




Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

The power is indeed in the code. Make boobs bounce! See endings after 2 rounds! Learn a bit about how they work in KoF '94!

Been a long time coming and it's finally here!


#TheBattleChronicles IS GO!

Welcome to Chapter 2!

It's about to get really hot in here!

Thought I'd warn you!




Your job is head to Steam and get Koihime Enbu now!

The question I do have is will this make its way to PS34 in America?

Until then you'll need THIS and $33.99 to get in on this battle!

That price lasts until May 26th and afterward will go to its usual price of $39.99!

Good Luck!

Already in a hood near you is My Hero Academia: Battle for All for 3DS and it's time for a look at All Might to celebrate!

June 7th is One Piece Burning Blood so a look at Koala is in order!

Don't forget that Uppers drops on July 14th so learn some more of your destructive offensive options!

Just a reminder that Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates drops on August 4th!

You want THIS!

August 23rd!

Another one of those reminders, this time about the Legend of Yukimura!

August 26th!


Attack on Titan drops on August 30th so please have a look at Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman & Armin Arlert!

Coming soon is Xenoverse 2 and not Burst Limit 2 which I would greatly prefer.

Maybe I should play Xenoverse and see how it holds up as a Dimps Dragon Ball game.

Speaking of Dragon Ball is the Extreme Butoden 1.1.0 has been out for a minute and if you need some information about said update then HERE is where you need to be!



Now it begins!

If you wish to experience paradise is you can get a taste for free because Xtreme 3 is going F2P!

The base package comes with Kasumi and all the activities except for the Casino which you'll have to pay for separately (HK$142.00 PS4/Vita) along with any other character you'd might want to experience paradise with (HK$85.00 PS4/HK$78.00 Vita)!

You can get HK F2P Fortune & HK F2P Venus by clicking the respective links!

Note: Each game is a separate beast so content doesn't transfer over so be sure to keep it in mind!

If you have a JP account and looking for a new theme for your PS4 or Vita then download the Hatsune Miku Project Diva X Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 crossover theme featuring Miku & Marie Rose for PS4 & Vita if you feel the need to!

May Paradise be with you always!

Just in case you forgot is you can add Kagura, Naraku & Ayane to your Estival Versus roster for $3.99 a piece!

You can get Kagura & Naraku in a set for $5.99 which is my suggestion!

You can pick up Ayane on PS4 & Vita by clicking the respective link!

You can get the Kagura & Naraku set for PS4Vita by clicking the respective link!

Remember, the DLC is cross-buy!


PlayISM is having a sale on everything so be sure sure to check out what's going on HERE!

3 games I suggest taking a look at are Inaho Town: Dynamite Bomb for $4.50Magical Battle Festa for $3.00 & Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight for $7.99!

All 3 games come with my seal of approval so check them out while they're on discount!



More research and lab work for upcoming chapters in the KoF project so be looking for those as they drop!

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us as shows come to a close for now and there's plenty to give those last rites to so to work we go!

Once Upon a Time really followed through on the premise of the 2nd half of the season and Season 6 is going to be that work simply because it offers me more of what I always need. Should be interesting to see how they take care of this new issue in 11 episodes.

What's left to say about Empire that doesn't involve the word DUMB! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just when you think it can't get dumber is it continues to show how deep the dumb hole can be! Ready for Season 3 like you wouldn't believe!

Legends of Tomorrow did work! Plain and simple! In the ranking of the 3 Arrowverse shows is LoT is #2 only to The Flash simply because it goes dumb and Arrow doesn't go dumb enough in the right way as of late. The Season Finale did exactly what I needed it to by giving me something to look forward to next season! I do wonder if they'll get the full 22 episode slate next season?

When it comes to The Originals is there was only one way that was going to end simply because they had a time skip they ultimately had to answer for and it looks like both shows will link up when they come back on again. I had my initial reservations about The Vampire Diaries timeskip but they made it work so it should be interesting to see if there's any crossover like it was this season.

Banshee is done and I'll say that they were able to get everything wrapped up in 8 versus the normal 10. Some of it was a bit too neat for my tastes and the show didn't go out with the bang I was expecting but it delivered a satisfying ending to things and as a fan that's all you can ask for!

Dear Extreme Rules,

Thanks for treating AJ like shit!

That thing that happened afterward was pretty cool!

Let's see what you do with that on RAW and beyond!

Sincerely Yours,

Triple Da G.O.D!

The streets need to be on Preacher! That show is going to be some goodness so if you didn't peep it yet then be sure to ASAP! You're welcome!

With all this backlog and research going on is I was able to find some time to watch Ninninger vs ToQGer, Gaim Gaiden 2 and Kamen Rider Chaser!

Ninninger vs ToQGer did the work of being the teamup you expect from these things. Good to see both teams again and I'm wondering will we be getting a Ninninger Returns or the like later this year?

Gaim Gaiden 2 was that work and for folks who haven't watched Gaim yet are in for a treat because on a watch you can fit the Gaiden episodes where they'd normally fit because they don't really spoil anything and they enhance an already great story. I've heard rumblings about a Gaim Gaiden 3 but who's really left to give some side story time to seeing as Duke's gave Yoko & Sid enough backstory that doesn't require a movie to tell. Maybe Mitchy? We shall soon see.

Kamen Rider Chaser was a great movie that did what these shine movies are supposed to do. It gave us a side to Chase that the show just couldn't and the movie did it in continuity to boot. I do wonder will we get one for Gou that happens before he shows up. I'd stake a yes on that front. Good watch and highly suggested.

Everybody should check out the Indiegogo for The Order which is pitching itself as the Power Rangers reunion you've always allegedly wanted! I watched the trailer and it looks like it'll be the business and if you wish to watch that and possibly contribute then you can do so HERE!



Botchamania 308!

FGB's live with a look at Bikini Warriors and Lance Plays Deathsmiles!

Goku's Gonna Show You...Don't Spill Your Coffee!

A new installment of The Mark Remark!

Drunk MLP! Nothing more needs to be said!

Shouts to Censored Gaming and ElVicioGamer for this look at what Spider Man 2: Enter Electro was before my uncle did that work allegedly!

You might be able to experience this on your own if you look around carefully!

Shouts to one of the legends in the Dreamcast scene in IrvGotti452 and his work in translating one of the best wrestling games out there in Fire Pro Wrestling D!

This right here is another one of those if you look around you'll find it type deals so GDSD or BDSD for best results!

Drake killed it on SNL! Hate on dude if you want however the work is undeniable! Do your thing homie!


Shouts to Pretendicles for this Nick throwback right here! Maybe one day we'll embrace this lifestyle. Maybe.


This is a focused Art Bomb featuring Dandon Fuga!

Her art is amazing and that is something you're now about to experience!

Can't be this without her! Never that!

As beautiful as she is deadly! Nothing's changed in 22 years!

The struggle to find where you fit in is the struggle! If canon's to be believed is Lilith found her peace!

Not a thing's changed! You bow your insignificant head when your queen makes an appearance!

Something about a lady with a literal dark side! Your Twilight Princess, Midna!

Truth is, Bayo made me proud to be a naughty boy! I deserve the absolute worse of your wrath!

Zozo was the best thing in Code of Princess for obvious and not so obvious reasons!


Laura still hasn't gotten back to me on that whole being "Grappling Buds" thing yet. If she does then I'll update you!

This explains more than it ever should. Sakura for Season 2?

Mei-Ling Zhou! The best thing to happen to video games in a long while! Still not giving a fuck about Overwatch though!

Still is the best thing the DCAU ever did!

As much as Tara's Harley is amazing is Arleen Sorkin made that character who she is so please never forget that!

For the record, Batman Beyond is #2 on that list!

Azarath! Metrion! Zinthos!

No more needs to be said!

Believe in magic?! Damn right I do!

Miss Zatanna Zatara!

She beat Doc Doom and is a cutie to boot!

What's there not to love about Squirrel Girl?!

The answer is nothing!

Get her in Marvel 4 and maybe I'll care a tad!

Jubilation Lee & Laura Kinney! I ship it!

I should check and see if Jubilee is still a vampire or not.

You may ask why more X-23?

You should be asking why not more X-23!

Asian Persuasion...CHECK!

One of the best themes in both Children of the Atom & Marvel Super Heroes...DOUBLE CHECK!

Well, her theme is tied for the best in both games with Omega Red's The Deep on CotA and Doom's March in MSH just so we're keeping score!

Coming soon to a hood near you...#RunDatReXXX X-Men Mutant Apocalypse!

One of the best things fighting games ever did was Rogue in X-Men vs Street Fighter!

The Marvel 2 implementation of the mechanic was a decent substitute but it'll never be as dynamic as it was in X-Men vs Street Fighter!



Yes, Velma > Daphne!

Always and Forever!

There was no Hinata so Temari will do!

Shikamaru stay winning!




If you'd like to check out more of her art then be sure to show some love on Patreon, deviantArt, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube and @dandonfuga on Twitter & Instagram!

That shall be that!

More KoF is coming later this week with the #DiaryofaGameWhore review of '95!

Anything that isn't that is a bonus so expect some bonuses!

As usual, we thank you for coming to kick it with is because we do appreciate it!

Be sure to tell friend and foe alike how we do so they can join us in this fun!

Be ready for the next time we do what it does!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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#TheCool: The Runaway Dinosaur and the Chain Breaking Cycle Destroyer!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

Class is in session!

Time for some backstory and lore about KoF '94!

You know what to bring!

With this, the #DynamiteDekaProject comes to a brief pause!

Dynamite Deka EX: Asian Dynamite coming sooner than you think!

With The A-Factor & Robeness247 with me is we head back to a Battle Chronicles staple in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars!

This game still is better and has more heart & soul than Marvel 3 ever did!

Be sure to check out what's good with Robeness247 HERE!

We gather the class once again when I do what I do best and Explain It All about The King of Fighters '94!

Again, bring what you know to bring and be ready to learn!




Now out for Maxi Boost ON and coming soon to Extreme VS-Force is Sthesia Awar in the Extreme Gundam Type Sthesia Excelia!

On May 19th is Medli and the Master Wind Waker pack will be coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends!

No price has been given for how much this costs and remember if you bought Legends you'll be able to play as Medli in the WiiU version as well!

That same day My Hero Academia: Battle for All drops on 3DS so for now here's a look at Yuga Aoyama & Denki Kaminari!

May 24th, the Fearsome Foursome are taking this fight for survival to the streets in TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan by Platinum Games!

Shame about the no local co-op thing but you have plenty of TMNT games that offer that so get with one of the many that are out there.

You know Burning Blood drops on June 7th!

Take a look at how the online portion works.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is that same day so know this!

For now, a passage from Fate Starring Velvet!

Looks like we're getting the new Ace Attorney game and not the one I'd prefer but something is always better than nothing. The game drops on June 9th in Japan and sometime in September here digitally.

The day following Day of the Based G.O.D! is Eyes of Heaven and for now here's your look at the Diamond Is Unbreakable cast!

July 14 is Uppers so have a look at some more mechanics of the game on display!

August 23rd!

Everything else is HERE!

On August 30th you're going to bring the fight to defend against the Titans in AOT: Wings of Freedom!

Natsume has confirmed Clint & Annie are coming back to us where they belong!

The original Wild Guns was a hidden SNES gem and to hear this one is getting another chance to show what action games can be is amazing!

We'll hear more soon at E3 but for now be sure to pick up the original on the Virtual Console!



Time to admit that I messed up!

I should've went to the theater and watched Deadpool just so I could watch it sooner!

Double this with the Director's Cut I assumed was happening isn't so there wasn't a reason to wait at all!

Will not make the same mistake twice!

Still haven't watched Deadpool yet?!

Don't watch the Honest Trailer about it!

Do it after you watch it!

D.Pooly BABY!

I'm not done on the confessional quite yet!

I've known about Rat Queens for a while through the osmosis that is Critical Role and didn't hop on it!

You would think Laura Bailey & Marisha Ray rocking the Rat Queens cosplay would be enough and yet I still had it on the backburner! By the by Laura is Hannah & Marisha is Violet!

Then the creators said the Critical Role crossover was going to pop off and even then I waited!

Then the Critical Role crossover happened and that's when I dived in and I'm smacking myself hard because I should've just did it when I first heard about it!

Rat Queens is that damn good and whether you have love for D&D or not is this world and its characters are amazing and there's something there for everybody!

This is what you do!

Go to Rat Queens on Comixology or hit your local comic shop and get this in your life now!




Boruto finally dropped and if you watched the movie the you can skip the early chapters! I'm excited to see where they go with this after the movie ends given how the manga opens!

RWBY Chibi is 2 episodes deep as this is dropping and I'm loving it! After Season 3 was an emotional ringer is something light with characters I love is very welcome!


Steven Universe is back and I'm glad it's back!  No reason to talk about plot related stuff at all! Steven Universe does what Steven Universe does!

It has begun because it's that time of the year!

Season Finale time for The Usual Suspects is in the air and the first to make an exit is The Vampire Diaries and we've got something interesting brewing for Season 8!

After The Flash went dumb it then proceeded to go even dumber and how they wrap this up is going to be interesting to watch!

Empire still doing dumb better than anybody else on the TV! Season Finale is coming and how they go with it will be something to see!

The rest of The Usual Suspects are going extra dumb just so you know!

It is that time of the year so expecting something other than such is a folly!

More on this dumbness next time when shows start to wrap up for the season!



Time to see who exactly is The World's Strongest! DBZ:A style!

You know how I've been telling the streets to watch FF7:MA!

Now the 1st Season in a convenient package!



Team Four Star Gaming is the business!

Between Goku's Gonna Show You & Renegade for Life there's something in there somewhere for you!

Anything with the word Hunie is a good place to start!

Check out the website too!

Lindbeck & Lee and Peppenbreek: The Threequel!

Here's what I've learned!

There's a YouTube Poop collab for everything and I mean everything!

Shouts to NationOfOranges696 and everybody who collabed on this Garfield YTP collab!

Today you will learn!

Today you will know!

Why exactly The Price is Rice!

Shouts to DaThings1!

Thanks to Znarftarf is I now not need play the Story Mode of MK9!

I like it better this way anyhow!

This installment of #TheCool is brought to you by a song I randomly heard on the radio and now am currently in the middle of killing the earworm it has caused me!


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Pinups, a cornerstone of life!

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I could get with this!

Really I could!

This could be the Chicken Wings & Nacho Cheese of the forever!

I've also been elected as J's Pokémon partner for Sun & Moon so it looks like I'm coming out of retirement!

Just when you think you got out the game is your own family drags you back in it again!

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Miss Tron, I'm so sorry!

Please forgive your loyal Servbot!

Between us, I'm not sorry at all for all the reasons one wouldn't be in a situation like this!

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#TeamCap or #TeamIronMan? Couldn't care less!

#TeamCallie or #TeamMarie? #TeamCallie all day!


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Saber, what kind of wedding dress is this?!

I don't care because you look amazing!

I just want to know is all!

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This is an interesting look at "Frog Waifu" Tsuyu by J_NA!

Given how how things work this could be a look into the future!

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Let us have a truth moment!

Who gives a shit about Overwatch!

Not me!

Who cares about D.Va & Mei?!


So let us now begin the reign of Mei & D.Va to a less degree with some art by mammuru!

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As we continue on our "Mei Is Bae" quest here's a look at her from the pen of Spewing Mews!

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Concluding our "Mei Is Bae" quest for now is a look at this frozen beauty by DoubleMaximus!

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Friday, May 6, 2016

#TheCool: Insert Amazing Subtitle Here!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

This was supposed to be a lot more this week but life got in the way so be watching for the followup to this!

More piracy! More Caribbeanger! Can't ask for much more!




Dear Internet,

This your boy Triple here and I'ma need y'all to show up for this one!

We don't get blessings like this too often and if you're even a bit curious is you should check out Raiden V when it drops on the 11th!

If you're in need of something physical then you can import the JP version and an update will give you an English option so you aren't damned to a digital version if that's not what you're down with!

If that doesn't matter to you then here's THE STORE PAGE and be ready to trade dollars for a SHMUP when it drops!

May 19th the Battle for All begins and because we're on the road is here's a look at Momo Yaoyorozu & Kyoko Jiro!

June 7th is Burning Blood so have a look at Sengoku, Smoker, Marco, Whitebeard, Jozu, Kizaru. Aokiji & Akainu!

Dear Nintendo,


You've found a way for me to care about Amiibos now!

On July 8th you'll be able to get you hands on the freshest Amiibos this side of anywhere with the release of Callie & Marie!

Note: This would've happened a lot sooner if you would've just done a Shantae Amiibo!

Please keep it in mind!

Uppers is dropping on July 14th in Japan and while we wait have a look at the Best Friend Duo Beatdown & Pole Attack maneuvers!

August 30th, Miku & friends will need your help to save the world with the power of music!


In Japan.

For the small handful that read this and can actually go an arcade where you can play Pokkén Tournament is Mewtwo has finally joined the cast as a playable character!




#TheHustle's always got what you need in the trunk!

Come and explore all the deals and steals!

After 2 weeks of waiting is the Sakura Bikini set is out in America Land!

Our visual aid from XSEED's Senran Kagura Facebook Page does all the work for me except give you a link to the set for PS4 & Vita!

With that we've come to the end of Summer!


It looks like Our Lord of Life & Hometown is trying to get the Ikki Tousen characters into the other versions of the game! My understanding of the current situation is  TokyoPOP isn't the current license holder so it looks like they'll have to work with somebody to get this together. I know Funimation was the last group to touch the amine but I don't think you'd be talking to them on this one. Hopefully they can get it straightened out!

Speaking of Life & Hometown is there's some new DLC for Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni and please take a look at what you can dress your favorite Liberator or Exter in. Damages are of course after the pictures!

It'll be ¥300 for each individual costume or ¥900 for all 4!

If you like a particular costume then click the picture for it to be taken to the page for it and if you want all 4 then CLICK THIS!

More information about this DLC can be found at the Official Site & 4Gamer!

There's a big M$ sale this week and you can check out the full slate of offerings HERE!

For the 2nd time, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are $9.99 a piece and again a damn steal because of how much the Gold Editon of 1 is and how the DLC for 2 is never coming back!

Be sure to pick up D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die and Sunset Overdrive's Season Pass on XBONE as well!

It wasn't much else on that list I could recommend and this is even given that both Castle Crashers & Battleblock Theatre are a part of this sale! I'd usually tell you get OG Castle Crashers on the cheap so you can get the discount on Remastered but the sale isn't as good as it has been in the past on the game so just wait on a better deal.

The other question I do have is with the other 360 Activision Marvel games is do they include the DLC like the Ultimate Alliance games do?

The answer is...even Activision doesn't know!

That makes more sense than you'd ever think!

More investigation done by me is coming so be watching for it!

It looks like those other games for the average were Swords & Soldiers II (WiiU), Nano Assault EX (3DS) & Runbow (WiiU).

The average as of this writing is $9.77 and that gets you Freedom Planet and everything else.

$3.23 more gets you Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition (3DS) & Darksiders 2 (WiiU).

So you've got until Tuesday at 12PM TGD Time to make a decision on this one!

Don't forget that $1 gets you Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (3DS/WiiU) & Retro City Rampage DX (3DS)!

Click the banner to be taken to the page of the bundle!



Work and not of the variety that videos come from! Life is life and sometimes it wants what it wants! We'll be back in KoF once I get these things taken care of.

In getting ready for Boruto is I finally got around to watching The Last and that was a damn good watch! The payoff of years of watching Naruto growing up and making good on his word is something that any fan of the series should watch for that reason alone. And if you love watching ships sail then there's something for you there too.

There isn't a dub for the Boruto movie at the moment but from what I hear is the manga will provide that information before it starts proper so I'll watch it when it becomes available to do so.

Camp WWE is pretty good if you're into the humor it dishes out and you'll very quickly if you do or don't.

The Usual Suspects are always doing what they do and it is always appreciated.

There is a bit of business I do need to address really quickly.

Dear The Flash,





Sincerely Yours.

Triple Da G.O.D!

That is how dumb the last episode of The Flash went!

We'll get answers to this question and many more as more shows approach their season finales so soon comes those reviews I love so much!



Botchamania 306 & 307!

George R. R. Martin! VERSUS!  J. R. R. Tolkien...BEGIN!

In this episode of Lindbeck & Lee I guarantee you'll learn something new about one Miss Cristina Vee!

What you may perceive as a conclusion of things is something else entirely!

A new episode of Splash Wave all about Ecco the Dolphin!

This actually has some meaning to something you'll see soon!

Until then, enjoy a relic of a time long past!

FGB with more of that heat featuring Soulcalibur's Isabella "Ivy" Valentine & Burning Force's Hiromi Tengenji!

Shouts to noisepuppet for whatever this actually is!




Thanks to ひろみん for ALL DAT AZZ!

If you want more then check her webpage, Tumblr, Pixiv@teriyakipix on Twitter!

If that's the question on your mind is then the answer is I'm not a movie person and on top of that I'm not heavily invested in the MCU anyway. Missed that train and not really interested in catching it.

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This is here for every reason you think it is!

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Yoruichi Shihouin!

The Lightning Goddess!

No more needs to be said!

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That shall be that!

If I can take care of the rest of this business is you'll get your KoF '94 fix this weekend and we'll hop into '95 soon after.

As usual, we thank you for coming to ride with us because we do appreciate the company!

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