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#TripleDaGODExplainsItAll: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden

Extreme Butōden's been out for a week now and there's a lot of questions and I hope to provide some answers where I can. Below you'll find a whole lot of information you'll need for the game. I'll be updating this as more helpful information is found so come back and check every now and again for new stuff!

How to Control Your Z-Fighter 101

Note: Everything below is assuming you're facing right. Make those adjustments when necessary.

Basic Movement

→ = Forward
→, → = Forward Dash

← = Backward
←, ← = Back Dash

↑ = Jump
↑ (While Jumping) = Double Jump
↓, ↑ = Super Jump

→, →  (While Jumping) = Air Dash
←, ← (While Jumping) = Aerial Back Dash

↓ = Crouching

Special Movement

B = Emergency Evasion

B (When Timed With A Foe's Attack) = Perfect Dodge

Note: While both of these Special Movement options accomplish the same thing on defense is a mistimed Emergency Evasion can be punished while performing a Perfect Dodge will give you the advantage to turn the tide offensively.

 → + R = Hyper Dash (Uses 50% of the Z-Gauge)

Note: Hyper Dashes have some projectile invincibility and are also great for starting and continuing offense because it doubles as an attack as well. You can follow most attacks naturally with a Hyper Dash but you have to be quick about it or your foe could have the chance to block or even counter.

Defensive Basics

← (While Being Attacked) = Standing Guard

Note: Guards attacks that hit high or mid.

↙ (While Being Attacked) = Crouching Guard

Note: Guards attack that hit low or mid.

← (While Being Attacked in the Air) = Aerial Guard

Note: Know that you have a Guard Meter and can have your guard broken by blocking too much or blocking certain attacks that instantly break your guard so be careful.

A/B/X/Y (When Being Knocked Down/Into the Air) = Recovery/Air Recovery

Note: There are some instances where Recovery of any kind is impossible so beware of this fact.

R = Charge Z-Energy

Partner Tag Action

You are free to tag in a partner when your in neutral not being attacked or during a combo for 25% Z-Gauge Energy to continue that combo with your partner by tapping the portrait of your partner.

The general rule for whether or not a Partner Tag Action during a combo will cost meter is if the Tag cancels an attack animation then it'll cost meter to perform it.

Also know that the game considers you in neutral during a horizontal screen transition so keep it in mind as well.


You can use a myriad of attacks and special effects by tapping a Z-Assist portrait.

Your Z-Assist calls are regulated by the blue bar below your life meter. You have 7 DP at any given time and you're free to use assists as you like unless you don't have the DP to call them out. 

As long as you have Z Assist DP you can call a Z-Assist anytime you're in neutral and not under attack.

DP is replenished as soon a Z-Assist has performed its action and fully disappeared from the battlefield.

After a Z-Assist has performed its function is you'll have to wait until their cooldown is finished before you have the ability to call upon that particular Z-Assist again.

Attack Controls

Y = Weak Attack

X = Strong Attack

A = Special Attack

↓ + Y = Crouching Weak Attack

↓ + X = Crouching Strong Attack

Y (While Jumping) = Jumping Weak Attack

X (While Jumping) = Jumping Strong Attack

A (While Jumping) = Jumping Special Attack

→, → + X = Strong Dash Attack

→, → + Y = Weak Dash Attack

L + Y = Surprise Attack

Note: This move is treated as an overhead which means it defeats a Crouching Guard.

When Attacks of the Same Strength Clash = Even Rush

Note: When Even Rush occurs is your job is to mash ABXY and whomever mashes the most will win and be free to act first once Even Rush finishes.

Combo Strings

X, X = Strong Attack String

Note: You can only do the 2nd X in the string if the first one successfully connects on hit or block.

You can hold the 2nd X and when fully charged does a wall bounce on hit or an instant Guard Crush if your opponent is blocking.

X, A = Blast Combo String

Note: This String creates a whole lot of space between you and your opponent.

However, some characters can follow a Blast Combo with a Hyper Dash to gain that space back and continue a natural combo with proper timing.

Y, Y, X or ↓ + Y, X = Z Combo String

Note: During the ↓ + Y, X version is you can connect as many Y presses as possible before hitting X to finish the Z Combo.

You also can either Jump Cancel after the end of the Z Combo or for 25%  of Z Gauge Energy you can follow up the Blow Away Attack with a Z Cancel by pressing → + R and continue your assault that way.

Y, Y, A or ↓ + Y, A = Super Combo String

Note: You can connect as many Y attacks in the ↓+Y, A String as possible before you press A to activate the Blast Combo.

Y, Y, Y, Y, Y = Neo Combo String

Note: A successful Neo Combo String activates a horizontal screen transition and upon its completion a wall bounce to continue your offensive pressure.

Y, Y, Y, Y, X = Meteor Combo

Note: Depending on where this combo is done is this String will activate a vertical screen transition that will switch between top and bottom parts of the battlefield.

Know that a ground to air Meteor Combo can be followed with a Hyper Dash while you can't follow an air to ground Meteor Combo with a Hyper Dash.

Special Attack Commands

L + X = Blitz Attack (Uses 25% Z Gauge Energy)

Note: This move varies between characters so learning what this move is and how it best serves you is a must.

L + A = Burst Strike (Uses 50% Z Gauge Energy)

Note: This move creates a whole lot of space between you and your opponent. However, some characters can follow a Blast Combo with a Hyper Dash to gain that space back and continue a natural combo with proper timing.

(Air) Y, Y, Y, Y, X = Ultimate Combo (Uses 100% & Z Gauge Energy)

Note: This move changes depending on whether it is done on the ground or in the air.

A (During a Foe's Ultimate Combo) = Ultimate Counter

Note: You have to have at least 150% Z Gauge energy to even get the prompt for a counter.

Once activated you'll need to mash ABXY to fight back against the counter when activated.

If you win the struggle you will do your Ultimate Combo in retaliation and if you lose then the attack will continue as if it was never interrupted.

Special Attack Commands (In Awakening Mode)

When a Solo Character has lost 50% of their HP or a team has lost a total combined 50% HP is you'll enter Awakening Mode.

You'll know you're in Awakening Mode when you see a flame icon next to your Z Gauge and your Z-Gauge is encased in electrical energy.

Y, Y, Y, Y, X, A - Final Ultimate Combo (Uses 200% Z Gauge Energy)

Note: Whether this attack can be started from a ground or air string is determined by the character in question so check their movelist to know what's what. Unlike when an Ultimate Combo starts there's no way to counter this so be very careful you don't get hit with one because it will most likely kill you.

L + B (While Being Attacked) = Sparking

Note: Sparking is the old Arc System Works classic, "The Burst!"

Once you use Sparking is Awakening Mode will end so choose your spot wisely.

L + B (In Neutral) = Dragon Soul

Note:  When you activate you'll do a lot more damage but your energy will drain until you're left with 1 HP and then your Dragon Soul activation will end.

Dragon Soul can be activated in the middle of a combo while your opponent is still reeling. The activation is fast enough to beat most stun times so take advantage of this.

Note 2: Both Sparking & Dragon Soul are governed by the flame icon next to your Z-Gauge. You only get to use one of these options so choose carefully.


If you want to know how to unlock everything then I've got you there too. Below is the answer to all unlocking questions. Following instructions has never been so easy!

Unlocking the Other Modes

Beating the Z-Fighters Story in Z-Story unlocks additional stories for Goku, Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo & Vegeta. This also unlocks Mysterious Adventure Mode & Dragon Ball Quest as well.

Beating all of the additional stories unlocks a story mode for the villains similar to the Z-Fighters Story.

Beating Mysterious Adventure Mode unlocks Extreme Tenkaichi Budōkai Mode.

Unlocking Playable Fighters

Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan: Unlocked after completing all the story paths in Story Mode.

SSG Goku: Unlocked after completing Mysterious Adventure Mode.

The God of Destruction, Beerus: Unlocked after completing Extreme Tenkaichi Budōkai Mode.

The following code is done at the title screen.

SSGSS Goku (US Version): ↑ X ↓ B A A ← A A ↑ X ↓ B A A ← A A → A

SSGSS Goku (JP Version): ↑ X ↓ B A A ← A A or Import Save Data from the Extreme Butōden Demo.

Extreme Survival Mode

In the JP 1.2.0/US 1.1.0 Update a new mode called Extreme Survival was introduced. 

In this mode you can unlock DP7 versions of every character who isn't one! Great for making viable teams with characters on the lower end of the DP scale.

All you do is play the mode and the characters randomly unlock so just keep plugging away at it until you unlock them all.

Note: The same points you earn in Extreme Survival can also be earned in online play but you'll get what you need a lot faster through Extreme Survival runs versus online play because of no wait times for a match.

A highly suggested team composition from me is to pick 2 of your favorite main characters, Shenron and a Z-Assist that can heal during battle. 

Your choices in this case breakdown to Dende & Gine who are DP1, Korin who's a DP2 & Kibito who's a DP3.

Dende heals you for 500 HP anywhere on the screen once summoned and he recovers in 3rd Place out of the 4.

Gine heals 1000 HP, however the meat can be collected by friend or foe. This can be avoided with proper Z-Assist calls during combos however. Out of these 4 Z-Assists is her cooldown is the fastest and you can call her twice faster than any of these other Z-Assists can be used

Korin heals 1500 HP, however the Senzu Bean he throws can be collected by friend or foe. This as well can be avoided with proper Z-Assist calls during combos. Korin recovers the slowest of the 4.

Kibito heals 1000 HP and in order for the heal to happen is you have to make contact with him and he doesn't heal your opponent either. Kibito recovers 2nd fastest of the 4 but nowhere as fast as Gine does.

You should avoid Dende at all costs because he's just bad for this task and any other.

Korin's a maybe and also with Gine is your safe usage of these Z-Assists depends on the character you're using and if they have safe ways to access their healing properties without healing the opponent.

Kibito falls in that same category to a degree but you don't have to worry about your combos as much using him just as long as you get him out there and get to him by time he disappears.

Depending on your comfort level is if you need a bit more a safety net then go with Gine and if you're confident enough that you can stave off the CPU between cooldown for getting Kibito out there then go with him.

Just for the record there are 2 other Z-Assists that heal but for what Extreme Survival dishes out may not be what you'd need to survive for longer stretches in this mode.

There's Baba who's a DP3 and she gives out a random buff to attack, defense, Ki or 1000 HP; However because of her random nature is I can't really suggest using her in this instance.

There's DP6 SS Gogeta who heals for 500 HP if the Soul Punisher hits. Takes too long to charge to even consider using in this way even though the Soul Punisher does decent enough damage.

Stick with my suggestion of either Gine or Kibito depending on your battle needs!

However, if you're looking for a more offensive assist then take DP3 Meta Cooler along. Some of if not the best lockdown in the game is provided by this Z-Assist.


Unlocking Z-Assists (US Version)

Note: All the following button combinations are done at the title screen.

Flying Nimbus: ← ↓ → Y B A ↑ X ↑ A ↑ B ↑ Y L R ↑ X

Great Ape: ↑ X ↓ Y L R L R L R ↑ X ↓ Y ↓ X ↑

Mighty Mask (Trunks & Goten): X Y B A (Repeat Code Until Confirmation)

Yamu: Y Y X → R Y X A ↓ ↑ B ← Y → X

Spopovich: ↓ Y X → R Y X ↑ Y X A → B A ← X B Y X

Yakon: → ↓ ← A B Y → ↓ ← A B Y → ↓ ← B A

SS4 Goku: ↓ ↑ → ← ↓ ↑ X B Y A ↑ ↓ ← → ↓ ↑ → ← A X

Pan: ← A → → A ← ↓ A A ↓ X X ↑ B B

SS Gogeta: L R ↑ ↓ Y X ← → A ↑ A → B ↓ Y ← X ↑ A → B

SS4 Gogeta: ↑ ← ↓ → ↑ ← ↓ → ↑ B A (Repeat Code Until Confirmation)

Haze Shenron: ↑ A → B ↓ Y ← X R L R L

Eis Shenron: ← L R → ↑ X B ↓ Y A Y A

Rage Shenron: X ↑ B ↓ Y ← A → R L X ↑ B ↓ Y ← A → X ↑ B ↓ Y ← A

Oceanus Shenron ↑ A ↑ B ↑ Y ↑ X L R L R L R (Repeat Code Until Confirmation)
Naturon Shenron: R Y X A B (Repeat Code Until Confirmation)

Golden Frieza: ↑ ↓ ← → ↓ ↑ → ← A B A B L

SSGSS Vegeta: X A B ↓ → ↑ Y A R ↓ → ↑ → A R

SS4 Vegeta: ↓ ↓ → → ↑ ← ↑ ← B A Y A B Y X

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman: R → Y B A A B X ← L → ← R → Y B A

Gine: → A X Y B (Repeat Code Until Confirmation)

(US Update 1.1.0) Goku (Tractor), Vegeta (Dancing), Krillin (Police), Mira, Towa, Goku & Gohan, Chronoa: The Supreme Kai of Time, Time Machine, SS4 Broly, SS4 Gohan, Ninja Murasaki, See-Through, Super Baby 2, Champa & Vados were added via the US Update 1.1.0.

Unlocking Z-Assists (JP Version)

Note: All the following button combinations are done at the title screen.

Flying Nimbus: ← ↓ → Y B A

Great Ape: ↑ X ↓ Y L R L R L R ↑ X ↓ Y

Mighty Mask (Trunks & Goten): Y Y Y Y X A

Yamu: Y Y X → R Y X A

Spopovich: ↓ Y X → R Y X ↑ Y X A

Yakon: ← → ↓ ← → A B (Repeat Code Until Confirmation)

SS4 Goku: → ← ↓ ↑ → ← ↓ ↑ X B Y A

Pan: → A ↑ A → A ↓ A (Repeat Code Until Confirmation)

SS Gogeta: L R ↑ ↓ Y X ← → A

SS4 Gogeta: ← ↓ → ↑ ← ↓ → ↑ B

2 Star Dragon: ↑ A → B ↓ Y ← X

3 Star Dragon: ← LR → ↑ X B ↓ 

5 Star Dragon: X ↑ B ↓ Y ← A → R L

6 Star Dragon: ↑ X ↑ A ↑ B ↑ Y L R

7 Star Dragon: Y A B A Y A B A

Golden Frieza: ↑ ↓← → ↓ ↑ → ← A

SSGSS Vegeta: ↑ X ↓ B ← L → R  or Import Save Data from the Extreme Butōden Demo.

SS4 Vegeta: Import Save Data from Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2.

(JP 1.0.1 Update) Jaco the Galactic Patrolman & Gine: Unlocked via the DLC code found in the Extreme Butōden V-Jump Guide. This code has to be redeemed in the eShop and the game updated to version 1.0.1 in order to use these Z-Assists.

(JP 1.1.0 Update) Farmer Goku, Bingo Dance Vegeta, Towa & Mira were added via the JP 1.1.0 Update.

(JP 1.1.0 Update) Policeman Krillin: X Y → → ← ← ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑

(JP 1.2.0 Update) SS4 Gohan, SS4 Broly, Trunks' Time Machine & Chronoa: The Supreme Kai of Time were added via the JP 1.2.0 Update.

(JP 1.2.0 Update) Goku & Gohan (Father & Son Kamehameha): L L L ↑ → A B ← X Y

(JP 1.3.0 Update) Champa, Vados, Super Baby 2 & Suke-san were added via the JP 1.3.0 Update.

(JP 1.4.0 Update) Botamo & Frost were added via the JP 1.4.0 Update.

(JP 1.5.0 Update) Magetta, Cabba & Hit the Infallible were added via the JP 1.5.0 Update.

All other Z-Assists are unlocked in Mysterious Adventure by S Ranking every mission. There are missions where an A Rank will unlock a Z-Assist as well. If you S Rank a mission where this a possibility is you'll unlock both Z-Assists at the same time!

Additional Information You Might Just Need

For everybody playing the JP version is if you need a menu translation then ShonenGamez has taken care of that for you HERE!

All the below information is in Japanese so you'll have to do what you can to get what you need from it.

All of the codes for the JP version came from HERE!

A whole bunch of information about everything Extreme Butōden can be found HERE!

If you want to know how ranks in Mysterious Adventure are calculated you can find that HERE!

Information about all the items in the Item Shop can be found HERE!

Information about what every Z-Assist does & how to unlock them can be found HERE!

All of missions and their S-Rank Requirements can be found at the following links:


World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World 7

World 8

Like I said, as more information is found and hopefully translated is that this post will be edited as need be. I hope this helps!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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