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#TheCool: Surviving the #E32015 Storm!

#TheCool survived the storm as we always do and this is clean up time! #LastWeekRightNow is all about #E32015! Before we get to that we have business to discuss!

Everything you wanted to know about Extreme Butōden is archived right HERE! I have a feeling this information is going to come in handy for a lot of folks really soon!

As usual, #DoaGHThaDOJO's moving that work even in times of crisis! Fiends never stop and neither do those who move this work! Available for fiending tendencies right now...

Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max SIX STARS!!!!!!, Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, The Rumble Fish 2, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Power Instinct 5, Koihime Embu & The King of Fighters NEOWAVE!

Fiends served! This Week In Everything X #E32015, SHOW TIME!!

I got the crew together and we talked about it all! So join us as #TeamGRF X #E32015 combines into something greater than the sum of its parts! Join us back here afterwards!

Now that you've joined us back here on #TheCool is we're going to take this one step at a time. So we'll start our journey on Sunday night when Bethesda took the stage.

Bethesda did their thing and showed off Doom, Fallout 4 & Elder Scrolls Legends. None of this is on my radar even though it looked cool. Honestly, the little bit I watched of it live made me go nap-nap. I think that says it all.

After some well needed nap-nap is Monday morning came and with it Microsoft taking the stage.

M$ came and went with the usual flair. Gears, Halo and the like but there were some games that caught my eye.

30 games for $30! The arcade version of Battletoads & Jet Force Gemini are the reasons I'm so down with giving my money to this. I'm glad that there's a collection of games like this for not only for me but for others who'll be discovering these wonderful games for the first time. There are questions I have about certain games in the collection but those will probably be answered closer to release.

Comcept X Armature = ReCore. What I saw has my attention so let's see if it lives up to that attention.

You wouldn't think a blind girl searching for a cat could make compelling gameplay. Beyond Eyes seems to prove that theory wrong with this beautiful masterpiece. I'll be waiting.

Cuphead was that game last year that had my attention but hearing people see Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier in its lineage has my undivided attention now!

They also showed off the HoloLens tech and I'm not impressed yet. That's something you have to experience yourself and until I do this is where I stand.

Other than what I took the time to mention is M$ didn't really impress me much overall.

The afternoon brought us EA and their usual sports, needing speed, Pele and Mass Effect teasers. There were a couple games from EA that got my attention.

Unravel looks like an experience I want to have and that's why I'm excited for it and have my eyes on it right now.

Faith is my bae and fuck you if you disagree! I must have Mirror's Edge Catalyst and there's nothing more to say about that!

Star Wars Battlefront. This is going to be THAT game! A must have when it drops.

EA does EA but again not much that caught my attention.

Later in the day brought us Ubisoft & Aisha Tyler. I missed the beginning but while Siege & The Division are in my eye sight there was one game in particular I'm looking forward to.

That game would be the game that was at the beginning of their show...South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Stick of Truth was in fact the truth and this game is all about Coon and Friends so this going to be that hotness. Can't wait.

Ubisoft. I only watch because I crush hard on Aisha Tyler and less about your game output. Assassin's Creed: This is Tuna With Bacon looked cool too but I don't play those games so there's that. Ubisoft.

The nightcap was all Sony and they brought the hype!

They started the show with The Last Guardian. THE LAST GUARDIAN!

I liked what I saw of Horizon: Dark Zero. My eye is on this one.

By now you know of Cammy & Birdie in Street Fighter V. If you're looking for the lowdown about both characters and the rest of cast so far then I've got you taken care of RIGHT HERE!

Final Fantasy VII Remake. Can you save Aerith? How humongous will Tifa's breasts be? Why isn't this Final Fantasy XII International? These questions and more answered at some point.

Shenmue 3's a thing now. On Kickstarter. You can give money HERE!

Sony gave you what you may have wanted but that wait is going to be super long. GOOD LUCK!

After the Sony hype died down we had Tuesday and all of its stuff to get through with #E32015 being official now!

The Big N started Tuesday off with this...

Star Fox Zero! In collaboration with Platinum Games! I will be playing this when it drops.

Fire Emblem if will be Fire Emblem Fates when it drops stateside and with it the whole Pokemon setup of 2 separate games, the DLC and whatnot. The Nohr make a compelling argument for reasons. I just want to play more Fire Emblem.

Speaking of more Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem AKA Illusory Revelations#FE or Genei Ibun Roku #FE as NoA is referring to it at this time is coming soon as well.

That 2nd vid is from the Nintendo Treehouse stream and should give you some clue as to what this game will be all about.

Xenoblade Chronicles X. December 4, 2015. Remember that!

Nintendo did what they did and knowing those titles I highlighted will be available for me to play within the next year gives me hope they may turn this around yet. And no, I'm not mentioning the Metroid thing so don't ask. I should be asking the question everybody is...Where's Devil's Third?

After Nintendo showed off their wares is Square-Enix made me go nap-nap more than once but what I did see has me excited.

Kingdom Hearts 3's first announced world is...Tangled?! Not the no duh of Frozen but at least we know something and that's good.


Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness looks awesome. Want more of this ASAP!

S-E showed off Tomb Raider, Just Cause, Hitman and the like but not up my alley but it looked cool.

With the conferences out of the way let's cover what else caught my eye.

If this is where it ends then it looks to be going out and taking every mind with it!

Is Castle Crashers Remastered proof that remasters have gone too far? It looks to make a great game even better so I'll be watching for it when it drops.

Platinum X Transformers = Transformers Devastation. While this is awesome is the last time Platinum did work for Activision we got The Legend of Korra. Think about it. Hyped regardless though!

Even with E3 in full effect is there are some new costumes for DoA5: Last Round that celebrate Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess and the whole series as well. Here's who's who.

Ayane as Millennia. Brad Wong as Earnest Love. Ein as Zeno. Helena as Reina. Hitomi as Alma. Honoka as Evelyn. Kasumi as Laegrinna. Kokoro as Kanata. Leifang as Telma. Lisa as Lyla. Marie Rose as Lili. Momiji as Allura. Nyotengu as Velguirie. Phase 4 as Celia. Rachel as Freise Grayder & Raidou as Victor Lagos.

$2.99 for a single costume and $33.99 for the set on PS3, PS4 & XBONE and $34.99 on 360.

Speaking of, Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess drops July 14th.

Hitting the Midnight Stage to remind you the game drops on June 30th in Japan is Marie & Tohru Adachi!

In your hood right now is Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. Enjoy!

For some reason during Nintendo's Digital Event they failed to mention Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. Weird that.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Coming soon to a hood near you.

Does Project X Zone 2 have your attention now?

If you're answer is no then I may be able to help!

Coming to Project X Zone 2 as Solo Units are a Cutie Triple Threat.

Representing Capcom is of course my favorite catgirl and yours Felicia! Representing Sega is Ulala! Representing Namco is Valkryie! Eyes glued now?!

I'd like to thank BandaiNamcoEU for providing the pics and be sure to check out their Facebook page HERE!

If you'd like to check out some Saint Seiya: Soliders' Soul gameplay then I've got some for you right here.

Shakka vs Ikki, Saga vs seiya & Shurya vs shiryu are the entertainment. Please enjoy.

June 30th. J-Stars Victory VS+. Be there for the clash!

Killer Instinct has a story mode now.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is coming to PS4Vita soon and you can pre-order the game HERE for $24.99 or $19.99 if you're rocking PS+ and if you do you get a special PS4 Skullgirls theme with your pre-order.

Coming to Eyes of Heaven is from Phantom Blood's William A. Zeppeli & Robert Edward O. Speedwagon. From Battle Tendency is Esidesi & Wamuu and from Stardust Crusaders is Mohammed Avdol & Mariah. There will also be a 2nd demo dropping soon and when more info comes out about it I'll let you know.

Coming soon from XSEED is Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson & Estival Versus, Oneechanbara Z2 Chaos, Earth Defense Force 4.1 & Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel.

Speaking of Nitroplus Blasterz is coming soon to the arcade version is Saber from Fate/Zero as a playable character and Angela Balzac from Exiled from Paradise & Yuki Takeya from School-Live as assists.

When this update drops is unknown but know that #DoaGHThaDOJO will have the good when it does!

Thanks to 4Gamer for the pics and you can read more if you'd like RIGHT HERE!

Koihime Embu will be dropping on PS34 in Septemeber so be watching for it! If you wish to know more then here the link to the official site HERE!

By time you read this this will be a real thing. I expect you to do the right thing here. $9.99 for this a steal and finally getting this version on a console as well. I have no clue what this version adds if anything but what does it matter. It's Shantae! THE END!

What Did I Get Into This Week #E32015 Edition?

I'm not finishing Super Metroid in time but I'll be finishing it when it gets finished. New game on the #DayoftheBasedGOD regardless of this!

Getting bunkered up for #E3 and watching Orange is the New Black is there were 2 things I missed and I want to speak about them now.

The 100th episode of Friendship is Magic is how you do fanservice like that. I will however never ever call Derpy by the name Muffins ever! Just not right. Congrats to the show and here's to 1000 more!

Drive & Gaim Movie Wars Full Throttle was great. The Gaim side was more of what's going on and less closure than usual. The Drive side would've been even better if I could've watched it when the movie dropped. Great watch I can happily say!

The universe got a #StevenBomb dropped on it with a week of all new Steven Universe and it was so good! Love the new remix theme too. Go watch Steven Universe!

True Detective Season 2 is delivering the goods and the last 3 minutes answered my question real quick of how is all of this going to come together and it did in a magical way and I want to see how this comes to some conclusion.

The Rock's new show Ballers is the sports version of House of Lies more or less. The comparison doesn't really do the show justice but I watched it and I'm down for as long as it brings the goods. Give it a shot if you're on the fence.

The usual suspects are doing what they do and what they do is very appreciated! Thank You!

The sexy BBW is singing her song! What I Watched & Listened to on the Internet This Week, please bring us home!

To compliment all the Giant Bomb is more Giant Bomb! If you watch anything is the last segment of Day 3 is a must! That is all I will say!


New episode of Pokemon Bridged!

Shouts to Brisulph for this Neutopia II playthrough. I've always wanted to play both game but never got around to it. One day. One day.

THROWBACK TIME! Don't do this. Please laugh at it. Just don't do it. Thanks.

Be sure to check out this episode of Team GFB Radio featuring the legend Sal Divita RIGHT HERE!

And with that we can put #E32015 behind us and look toward the future!

Shouts to MusyneXSK for this picture of Android 18! Be sure to check out more of MusyneXSK's work on Pixiv! 18+!

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden drops October 25th in MURICA! Just so you know!

As usual, we thank you for coming through and be sure to join us next time when this week becomes #LastWeekRightNow!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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