Monday, June 8, 2015

#PocketChange: The Mega Man Legacy Collection: Re-Building the Blue Bomber From the Ground Up?

The Mega Man Legacy Collection. A certain game company remembers the Blue Bomber again. Happy Days!

This collection is supposed to from the ground up rebuild the first 6 NES titles for 1080p SEXY TIME and all that other stuff people are used to in this day and age. If it actually does that in the end is to be seen but since this announcement I've seen the comparison between what this might do versus what the Anniversary Collection provided which then turns this into a magical game of possible quality vs already bad quantity.

The Anniversary Collection was nothing short of an abomination and disrespect of the classic series!

The Rockman Complete Works ports were just bad and the translations just made things even worse. When you can't put 6 PS1 games on a PS2 DVD that were slightly modified NES games to begin with then there's a problem here.

Mega Man 7 missing the proper ending on top of just being down right embarrassing SNES emulation was just sad.

Mega Man & Bass being missing even given that there was a translation available to use was and still is inexcusable.

8 wasn't the superior Saturn version but this I can excuse given that to this day that Saturn games are still a bit hard to crack open and properly get together for current use.

The Power Battle & Power Fighters emulation is just a step above the emulation present in Final Fight Streetwise and that was just horrible period. This also given that Power Battle Fighters came out a couple of months later on PS2 in Japan after the PS2/GC versions of Anniversary Collection and is a completely different experience all together for what it provides.

Don't forget the whole we were going to do a GBA one but stuff happened so it didn't either.

Regardless of all this is that the Legacy Collection is just the feeler for Capcom to see if there's demand for this. This probably has a better shot that Darkstalkers Resurrection ever did or would.

This does bring up the question of where should this goes from here if it sells what Capcom wants it to.

If what Digital Eclipse claims to be doing here is what they believe they are is that translating Rockman 7 and Rockman & Forte would be the place to start seeing as Rockman 7 has a bit more content than its Mega Man 7 counterpart and regardless of what that content provides is that most don't even know about the Roll & Auto weapon conversations and it would be nice to see those fully translated and legally available.

Rockman & Forte needs a translation for the SNES version because having the GBA version of Mega Man & Bass out there and available doesn't cut it at all as a proper representative of that's game's content.

Having the Saturn version 8 simply because it is the definitive experience! Nothing more needs to be said on the matter.

Taking another shot at both The Power Battle & The Power Fighters arcade games with what Power Battle Fighters provides plus all those bells and whistles that are added to arcade ports so a definitive experience for both games are available legally to those who want it.

Will the GB, X or Zero collections follow this? Other Capcom series? We shall see.

Mega Man Legacy Collection will release this Summer on PS4/XBONE/Steam this Summer and the 3DS this Winter. You can read more about this game via the blog post about this game on Capcom-Unity.

Let us not go the way of Legends 3 & X-Over this time, OK?

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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