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#TheCool: The Runaway Dinosaur and the Chain Breaking Cycle Destroyer!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

Class is in session!

Time for some backstory and lore about KoF '94!

You know what to bring!

With this, the #DynamiteDekaProject comes to a brief pause!

Dynamite Deka EX: Asian Dynamite coming sooner than you think!

With The A-Factor & Robeness247 with me is we head back to a Battle Chronicles staple in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars!

This game still is better and has more heart & soul than Marvel 3 ever did!

Be sure to check out what's good with Robeness247 HERE!

We gather the class once again when I do what I do best and Explain It All about The King of Fighters '94!

Again, bring what you know to bring and be ready to learn!




Now out for Maxi Boost ON and coming soon to Extreme VS-Force is Sthesia Awar in the Extreme Gundam Type Sthesia Excelia!

On May 19th is Medli and the Master Wind Waker pack will be coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends!

No price has been given for how much this costs and remember if you bought Legends you'll be able to play as Medli in the WiiU version as well!

That same day My Hero Academia: Battle for All drops on 3DS so for now here's a look at Yuga Aoyama & Denki Kaminari!

May 24th, the Fearsome Foursome are taking this fight for survival to the streets in TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan by Platinum Games!

Shame about the no local co-op thing but you have plenty of TMNT games that offer that so get with one of the many that are out there.

You know Burning Blood drops on June 7th!

Take a look at how the online portion works.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is that same day so know this!

For now, a passage from Fate Starring Velvet!

Looks like we're getting the new Ace Attorney game and not the one I'd prefer but something is always better than nothing. The game drops on June 9th in Japan and sometime in September here digitally.

The day following Day of the Based G.O.D! is Eyes of Heaven and for now here's your look at the Diamond Is Unbreakable cast!

July 14 is Uppers so have a look at some more mechanics of the game on display!

August 23rd!

Everything else is HERE!

On August 30th you're going to bring the fight to defend against the Titans in AOT: Wings of Freedom!

Natsume has confirmed Clint & Annie are coming back to us where they belong!

The original Wild Guns was a hidden SNES gem and to hear this one is getting another chance to show what action games can be is amazing!

We'll hear more soon at E3 but for now be sure to pick up the original on the Virtual Console!



Time to admit that I messed up!

I should've went to the theater and watched Deadpool just so I could watch it sooner!

Double this with the Director's Cut I assumed was happening isn't so there wasn't a reason to wait at all!

Will not make the same mistake twice!

Still haven't watched Deadpool yet?!

Don't watch the Honest Trailer about it!

Do it after you watch it!

D.Pooly BABY!

I'm not done on the confessional quite yet!

I've known about Rat Queens for a while through the osmosis that is Critical Role and didn't hop on it!

You would think Laura Bailey & Marisha Ray rocking the Rat Queens cosplay would be enough and yet I still had it on the backburner! By the by Laura is Hannah & Marisha is Violet!

Then the creators said the Critical Role crossover was going to pop off and even then I waited!

Then the Critical Role crossover happened and that's when I dived in and I'm smacking myself hard because I should've just did it when I first heard about it!

Rat Queens is that damn good and whether you have love for D&D or not is this world and its characters are amazing and there's something there for everybody!

This is what you do!

Go to Rat Queens on Comixology or hit your local comic shop and get this in your life now!




Boruto finally dropped and if you watched the movie the you can skip the early chapters! I'm excited to see where they go with this after the movie ends given how the manga opens!

RWBY Chibi is 2 episodes deep as this is dropping and I'm loving it! After Season 3 was an emotional ringer is something light with characters I love is very welcome!


Steven Universe is back and I'm glad it's back!  No reason to talk about plot related stuff at all! Steven Universe does what Steven Universe does!

It has begun because it's that time of the year!

Season Finale time for The Usual Suspects is in the air and the first to make an exit is The Vampire Diaries and we've got something interesting brewing for Season 8!

After The Flash went dumb it then proceeded to go even dumber and how they wrap this up is going to be interesting to watch!

Empire still doing dumb better than anybody else on the TV! Season Finale is coming and how they go with it will be something to see!

The rest of The Usual Suspects are going extra dumb just so you know!

It is that time of the year so expecting something other than such is a folly!

More on this dumbness next time when shows start to wrap up for the season!



Time to see who exactly is The World's Strongest! DBZ:A style!

You know how I've been telling the streets to watch FF7:MA!

Now the 1st Season in a convenient package!



Team Four Star Gaming is the business!

Between Goku's Gonna Show You & Renegade for Life there's something in there somewhere for you!

Anything with the word Hunie is a good place to start!

Check out the website too!

Lindbeck & Lee and Peppenbreek: The Threequel!

Here's what I've learned!

There's a YouTube Poop collab for everything and I mean everything!

Shouts to NationOfOranges696 and everybody who collabed on this Garfield YTP collab!

Today you will learn!

Today you will know!

Why exactly The Price is Rice!

Shouts to DaThings1!

Thanks to Znarftarf is I now not need play the Story Mode of MK9!

I like it better this way anyhow!

This installment of #TheCool is brought to you by a song I randomly heard on the radio and now am currently in the middle of killing the earworm it has caused me!


Thanks to HANABOO for these amazing pics of both Leona and Iori!

Check out more by hitting @hna0410 on Twitter!

Pinups, a cornerstone of life!

I'd like to thank カシヤ for said pinup and if you want more then check the Pixiv and @wokasiya7 on Twitter!

I could get with this!

Really I could!

This could be the Chicken Wings & Nacho Cheese of the forever!

I've also been elected as J's Pokémon partner for Sun & Moon so it looks like I'm coming out of retirement!

Just when you think you got out the game is your own family drags you back in it again!

Regardless, thanks to ikuyoan and if you want more then hit Pixiv, deviantArt & @ikuyoan on Twitter!

Miss Tron, I'm so sorry!

Please forgive your loyal Servbot!

Between us, I'm not sorry at all for all the reasons one wouldn't be in a situation like this!

Thanks to brekkist for lewd Tron and if you want more then check the Tumblr & @brekkist on Twitter!

#TeamCap or #TeamIronMan? Couldn't care less!

#TeamCallie or #TeamMarie? #TeamCallie all day!


Thanks to nitrobom and if you want more then hit Tumblr, Pixiv and @_nitronic on Twitter!

Saber, what kind of wedding dress is this?!

I don't care because you look amazing!

I just want to know is all!

Thanks to sune for Fate/Grand/Order's Saber Bride and if you want more then hit the Pixiv & @sune_01 on Twitter!

Shouts to saebashi for this cat girl cop cutie and if you want more then hit the website, Pixiv@saebashi on Twitter!

This is an interesting look at "Frog Waifu" Tsuyu by J_NA!

Given how how things work this could be a look into the future!

If you want more then check the Pixiv@skdms0303 on Twitter for more!

Let us have a truth moment!

Who gives a shit about Overwatch!

Not me!

Who cares about D.Va & Mei?!


So let us now begin the reign of Mei & D.Va to a less degree with some art by mammuru!

More can be found on Pixiv@mamuru26 on Twitter!

As we continue on our "Mei Is Bae" quest here's a look at her from the pen of Spewing Mews!

More can be found on Patreon, Tumblr, Facebook@SpewingMews on Twitter!

Concluding our "Mei Is Bae" quest for now is a look at this frozen beauty by DoubleMaximus!

Be sure to check the Patreon, Etsy & @DoubleMaximus on Twitter!

That shall be that for now!

As usual, you have our thanks for coming to kick it with us for a minute!

Tell a friend! Tell a foe! Just tell somebody how we do what we do around!

More heat on the way!

More KoF and who knows what else!

We'll be back to this when we get back to it so be sure to join us when we do!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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