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#TheCool: Smash Run is Love, Smash Run is Life!

#TheCool's in the building and we're ready to last week its just due so no more dodging the issue, let's get to work!

#DoaGHThaDOJO's as usual is always serving up the goodness and nothing's changed since the last! On deck right now...

Sengoku Basara X, BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma 2, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Koihime Embu, Chaos Breaker, Daemon Bride Additional Gain, Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code & Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes!

#DoaGHThaDOJO's always down to give you more of what you need and some Vanilla JoJo's always the ticket! Couldn't find some Heritage for the Future but if I do I'll be glad to showcase some!

Finally, Blade Arcus from Shining IS HERE! Didn't think this would ever drop and having a place for Blade Arcus to be appreciated almost didn't happen for reasons. Know those reasons are being dealt with and isn't the first & definitely won't be the last! Regardless of that is #DoaGHThaDOJO's proud to bring this to you and be your connect for it like everything we serve for your pleasure! Please enjoy!

FIENDS SERVED! ACHIEVEMENT GET! This Week In Everything, show your stuff with no apologies!

There was Nintendo Direct this week where they announced Majora's Mask 3D and somebody's happy about that. They talked about amiibos a bunch and if you scan amiibo's in things you get stuff like the Spinner weapon for Link in Hyrule Warriors and other stuff in other things. Even with playing the 3DS version is that I honestly think that there could've been a better name picked for Duck Hunt. This would've given a great opportunity to name the dog and duck.

The only news that came out of this Direct that matters is Duck Hunt is coming to the WiiU Virtual Console. What this actually means is that the whole world will know the majesty of Battle Clash and Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge very soon! Heavy emphasis on the Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge portion! I've talked about my love of that game on many occasions and I still love it. I hope that this goes in the direction of Sin & Punishment and gives a second chance to a game that I believe deserves it! Wouldn't say no to S&P1 HD with Wii Controls & S&P3! Know this!

This week in Persona Q brings us character features starring Marie, Theodore, Elizabeth & Margaret and a How Q's all about the Fusion System!

Coming soon to Full Boost is Shiro Amada in the RX-79[G], Quatre Raberba Winner in the XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Kai, Anavel Gato in the MS-14A Geloog & Haman Karn in the MSM-04 Acguy.

SummonRide is staring to grow on me and we know now that Type-Wild will be in as well. Still missing Climax Heroes & Battride War like nobody's business though.

This week in Shinovi Versus DLC brings plenty! The Pure Colors Panties Set for the low, low price of free! You can also get them individually (Pure Black, Pure Pink & Pure White) but why would you?

Costume Set 3 includes the Festival Happi, Gi, Traditional Shinobi & Bath Time costumes which each individual costumes goes for $1.99 and the Sexy Devil Outfit for $2.49. You can however get all these in the Costume Set 3 pack for only $5.99! Numbers speaking, if you're looking at more than 2 then the pack is the best money spent here!

The Hairstyle Set 1 includes the Top Knot, Parted Bangs & Side Tail for $0.99 a piece or all 3 in the pack for $1.99.

The Accessory Set 1 includes Haruka’s Ribbon, Futomaki Roll, & Mole for $0.49 or all 3 in the pack for $0.99.

At the time of this writing the Hairstyle Set 1 & Accessory Set 1 aren't on PSN and I'll edit this accordingly when they do. Also the Top Knot is incorrectly priced at $1.99 so buyer beware on that as well.

This week in Oneechambara Z2 Chaos DLC has some choice stuff for your yen!

Kagura's Black Rose, Saaya's Iris, Aya's Bandeshine & Kagura's Red Swan additional costumes cost ¥150 each which allows the rest of the ladies to wear that character's main costume.

Kagura's Gold Kagura Twin, Saaya's Gold Saaya Pony, Aya's Gold Wavy Long & Saki's Gold Saki Twin Additional Hair Styles for each girl ¥100. These are for the lady in question only.

The Amazonic Green & Amazonic Turquoise Set, Cutie Marine Blue & Cutie Marine Yellow Set, Jet Spangle Black & Jet Spangle Red Set and the Lovely Dot Multi & Lovely Dot Cider Set for ¥500 a piece and all characters can use the costumes in the set.

The next set of DLC drops on 11/11 so if its out we'll cover it on the next installment! Enjoy extending your play with awesome games!

This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Team GRF & People Like Us! Thank You!

Speaking of play is that you see the title. Playing mad amounts of Smash Run. You get a full & enjoyable game experience in about 7-8 minutes and for that you can't lose. The 3DS version now more than ever to me is really making its own place to stand right beside the WiiU version as a complimentary experience which may have been the point all along.

RWBY: Volume 2! I wish I would've talked more about this but because how the show is distributed through official channels and how #TheCool works is that when it comes out is that I'd always be a 2 steps behind so I decided to approach it like this instead.

Loving see Monty Oum come up from Haloid & Dead Fantasy to his own IP. It does remind me of something I heard Jhonen Vasquez (the creator of the awesome Invader Zim) said about attracting an audience. It was more to the point of showing others your take on things that already exist to get them warm enough to introduce them to your original content and RWBY is a huge example of that process at work.

If RWBY isn't on your radar then it's be time to get it there. The video above starts right where you need to hop in and covers everything RWBY so no excuses! Enjoy!

I saw Sharivan: Next Generation and it was a huge step up from the Gavan stuff that dropped previously. A must if you're a Toku fan so you can appreciate it and I'm hyped for Shaider: Next Generation coming soon as well.

Shouts to the usual suspects for doing what they do with special thanks to Arrow giving Felicty a flashback episode and some other stuff I heartily enjoyed! Enjoyed very much!

Naruto is all but over but at the time of this writing is 700 isn't out so how it all wraps up and my thoughts will have to wait until next time.

In the now time we have to wrap this thing up. What I Watched On The Internet, shine brightly as you do always!

Another week, another episode of Video Game High School.

A new GeminiLaser Mega Man 7 video.

Have you ever just randomly heard a song and not know what it is until you hear it again. Crooklyn Clan's Wanna Jump brought back some memories of Faiz for me. Take a listen.

I don't know if this is Chicken Wings & Nacho Cheese tier of mashups but it gets the job done.

コーリー ホワイトハウスでチョー大変 or Cory: White House de Chou Taihen! I would play or read the shit out of that if I haven't already watched it & the show it spun off of already. What I'm saying here is the Japanese can do some wonderful things when given the opportunity. Thank You!

If you ever wanted to listen Dan Green as Yugi & Erica Schroeder as Mai who also plays Best Children's Card Game Waifu, Akiza Izinski from 5D's do what I think is technically a radio play for a duel live for hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh fans at the 2013 World Championships. DAT ENDING! Also, JADEN YUKI DA BESS!

Why 4Kids never finished GX and if we'll ever see Arc-V, the world will find out the 2nd because Konami needs to sell more cards for their "Children's Card Game" not only "IN AMERICA" but the world! Yes, I will go that far for a reference most of you should be familiar with. You're welcome!

I heard how trash the last Zexal 3DS game was and the Arc-V game is releasing on PSP in the year 2014! Not as strange as you think it might be.

Yu-Gi-Oh was a mainstay in my life in both card game and anime form but I fell the card game pretty early because I saw what it did to people live & direct and Zexal never really caught on with me but I'll give Arc-V a shot when Tag Force Special drops next month and the dub comes this way. Couldn't hurt that much.

This has been The Block of Text About Triple Da G.O.D!'s History With Children's Card Games! Next time, we'll talk about how I was addicted to Magic the Gathering for a while and was able to beat the addiction by playing Metal Gear Solid 2 & Final Fantasy X! Be sure to watch for that!

That shall be that for now!

I can't think of too many times that fruit has been this appetizing! I like to take the time to thank Kagura, Saaya, Aya & Saki for gracing this week's cover and your reminder to buy a 1,000,000 copies of Oneechambara Z2 Chaos on PS4! Don't have a PSQUADRUPLE? Buy it anyway because that's how you get your hands on that costume pack. I wonder will the Pale Wing recolors hit PSN at some point? Another question for another day!

As usual we always love that you show up and help us see last week off with a party and we'll be doing this again soon so please join us then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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