Monday, November 17, 2014

#TheCool: The All Encompassing Nothing!

#TheCool's in the building and its coming! We'll talk about that next time but for now we have last week to talk about this week so how about we do that for the time being!

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO always steadily keeping the fiends served! On deck right now...

Daemon Bride Additional Gain, Guilty Gear Xrd, Koihime Embu, BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma 2.0, Chaos Code, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code & Blade Arcus from Shining!

Been a while since we've had a featured #SSMG but it is timely being the Spiritual Predecessor in a special way to Blade Arcus from Shining. That game of course being Golden Axe: The Duel! I've played a bit of the Saturn version in my time and it functions well enough. Maybe I should give it another go and see if I can dig some cool stuff up. We shall see!

With the fiends served, its time for This Week In Everything! Please, enjoy!

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is welcoming back the original bad guy in Raidou with an awesome remix of Dead or Alive as well which was his theme from the first game. For some reason he's also a cyborg so there's that too. Last Round will drop in February.

Speaking of DoA is that there's a new costume pack for Ultimate all about Five-O that should be out by time you read this. $1.99 for 1 costume or the complete set of 12 for $17.99 which includes costumes for Ayane, Bass, Hitomi, Kasumi, Kokoro, Lei Fang, Marie Rose, Mila, Momiji, Nyotengu, Rig & Tina. Click either link for XBOX & PS3 to be linked to the complete set of costumes for said system.

You want more SIX STARS!!!!!!? Here's more SIX STARS!!!!!!! Well the opening anyway. I still don't know a date but all I've heard is Winter so when it does drops #DoaGHThaDOJO will have your fix as always.

This week in Persona Q brings us a special video answering fan questions and some videos about the battle system, drawing maps & Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens or FOE as it were!

Bladestorm: Nightmare will be coming soon and I'm glad I'll be getting a 2nd chance to play it with the additional Nightmare content which is looking very interesting. Can't wait.

Project Diva F 2nd should be out and I need to pick up a copy but I don't think I'll be as crazy as how F was so hard to find last go around. There's some DLC stuff but I don't think I'll be covering it but from what I've read their "season passes" they have for sale seems to be the best deal for the money. If you wish to take a look at what's there then CLICK THIS and you'll see what it is you need to see. The pre-order bonuses from GameStop (The Americana Module for $1.99) & Amazon (The AR Songs: Tell Your World and Odds & Ends both $1.99 a piece) were up but have since been taken down for whatever reason. I was able to grab the links and preserve them just in case they become functional again. Regardless of such, enjoy your Miku Miku!

Of course we have another Shantae and the Pirate's Curse character feature all about THE SEXY LADY PIRATE, Risky Boots!

As usual your DLC report is here and both Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus & OneeChambara Z2 Chaos have your $$$$ and ¥¥¥¥ in a choke hold so let's see what for sale this week!

For Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus we have the Perfect Bible & Famitsu Special accessories for the low, low price of FREE! The Rainbow Panties I talked about last week won't be available after February 10th so even if the game isn't in your future then you should just download it just to have it. I don't know if the Perfect Bible & Famitsu Special accessories fall under this same category but you should grab them just in case they happen to be.

Color Tile Set 1 is available for $0.99!

Murakumo's Mask & the Student Bag are both $0.49 a piece and as a part of Accessory Set 3 which includes the Seashell item as well which will be available at a later date for $0.99!

The Nun Set, Mini Skirt Santa Set, Female Officer Set & 47 Ronin Set for $2.49 a piece or together in Costume Set 4 for $5.99!

For this week's OneeChambara Z2 Chaos DLC offerings we have  Kagura's Wolf Hair, Saaya's Short Bob, Saki's Medium Length Wavy Hair & Aya's Wavy Side Tail hairstyles for ¥300 a piece!

There's a Ninja Suit costume for ¥500 you can get as well! Comes in Purple & Green!

And the Great Sword, Handgun, Nunchaku & Death Claw accessories for ¥200 a piece.

The following has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Team GRF & People Like Us! Thank You!

What Did I Get Into This Week?

I really didn't do much but some prep for Smash & Kakuto Chojin so be expecting both from me soon! You know it was some Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax involved and the game goes so if you're looking for something to get your fight on with then it does that very well. I'm due for some more lab time with it but it'll wait until after Smash fever comes and goes so I can give it the attention it deserves,

Video Game High School Season 3. It'll be a shame to see it go but I think going out on top is the best way to go. The whole series was great in all facets and if you haven't watched it then give it a shot. Above is all of Season 3 so if you need to head to the beginning then you'll have to find your own way there.

The usual suspects are always bringing the ruckus with nothing much to report right now. We're coming up on break time for a lot of them so expect some check-ins on some of my favorites in the upcoming installments.

I do want to take a brief moment and shout out Lucha Underground which has surprised me by being very entertaining. It does what wresting does but does it with its own style which brings a fresh feel to something I'm all too familiar with. Give it a go if you're looking for something different in your wrestling product of choice.

I also finally started Garo: The One Who Shines In The Darkness and it goes! I love how it doesn't have any ties to the old stuff at least for now anyway but when I get it all done I'll be sure to report back like I always do.

The end has come! What I Watched On The Internet This Week please bring us to a close!

BANSHEE! SEASON 3! I put y'all up on Banshee years ago and this is the call out once again! Time to get familiar! You have until January 9th!

New episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh & Naruto Abridged even though they aren't new really. You can always catch the new episodes HERE way before they hit YouTube.

Romeo + Juliet!! VERSUS!! Bonnie & Clyde...BEGIN!!

New episode of Porkchop & Flatscreen for your viewing pleasure!

That shall be that for now!

Shouts to Robaato for this pic of 2nd best Nintendo Princess to grace out cover this week! Be sure to click the picture to visit his Patreon page because that's what's hot in the streets now!

I have plans for Smash! Working on finalizing those plans even at this very moment so be watching for whatever may come from them!

As usual, we always appreciate the love you show when you come and see us and we hope you'll join us again next time!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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