Monday, October 27, 2014

#TheCool: The Baddest Bitch Witch & The Pirate Cursed Genie!

#TheCool's in the building and we bring witches and genies on our trip into last week because they both played an important part in how it shaped up! Hopefully you took the advice given last installment and got into at least one of those titles this week and if you didn't then its never too late!

Enough stalling though, let us put this work in!

#DoaGHThaDOJO as usual has the corners on lockdown and not a damn thing's changed and won't for the foreseeable future! On deck for you right now...

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R, BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma 2 & Koihime Embu!

Fiends served! Time to wrap up last week like we do always! This Week In Everything, do the damn thing!

OneeChambara Z2 Chaos should be out by time you read this on PS4. It so great to see this and EDF still around after their humble beginnings. Support awesome stuff! This is a Public Service Announcement from Team GRF and People Like Us! Thank You!

There was a Nintendo Direct last week all about the WiiU version of Smash. 8 Players & Mewtwo! HYPE!!!

Coming soon is Dead or Alive 5: Last Round coming to 360/XBONE & PS3/PS4 and as we've talked about is all you've bought will transfer to the next version so no worries on that. Core Fighters is making it to the PS4 just like it is on PS3 but the XBONE version is a bit different in that you can download the demo that functions just like it does everywhere else but in order to unlock the version you can then go À la carte costs $4.99 and includes Hitomi, Tina, Jann Lee & Bass. How much additional characters will cost on XBONE is unknown but when I find out I'll pass that info on. Still need a WiiU version or for Tecmo to release those Dimension costumes on the eShop! PLSTHX!

The story of Type-0 if you wish to hear it.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth drops on November 4th on Steam! The hypothesis after all these years still holds up!

By time you read this TMNT: Danger of the Ooze should be out on 360/PS3/3DS and it is a WayForward joint so for that alone you should give it a look see.

As we await Shantae and the Pirate's Curse on the WiiU take a second to get to know a little more about Sky!

This week in Shinovi Versus DLC brings you a free pair of All Hallows' Eve Panties so you can keep DAT HOMETOWN as spooky as you want it!

Daidouji & Rin are both out for $3.99 each or the bundle which I suggest you get for $5.99.

Some new costumes as well featuring the Business Suit. Racing Outfit & Sexy Maid for $1.99 each and the Dress & Hat and Nurse Set for $2.49 each. As usual the Costume Set 2 for $5.99 which has all the aforementioned goodies is the advised the course of action for your dollar, cents and sense.

There's also some costume items including the Second-Rate Axe & Balloon Bundle for $0.49 each & the Heart Chocolate Set for $0.99 too.

Remember that all of this stuff will be useable in Bon Appetit when it drops as well. Enjoy your Life & Hometown.

Watching that Smash Direct made me go and cop the 3DS version and I'm having fun with it so far. The stick on the 3DS isn't bad as I thought it would be but I can confirm I'll be using a GC Controller when the WiiU version drops. The game is must for any 3DS owner who needs a fix before the WiiU version drops November 21st.

I got a chance to watch Rainbow Rocks and I can say that it was a whole lot better than the 1st movie and does a lot of stuff to move things forward in a good way! A must for fans of the show.

Hi☆sCoool SeHa Girls is a must watch for the reasons of cute anime stuff and Sega history lessons turned on their heads. Lots of referential Sega humor and even if you don't get any of it is the show is just a fun watch. So check it out when you get a chance.

The usual suspects are doing are doing what they do and nothing major to really touch on and report other than they does work and that all I can ask! Except for that show I won't mention again until I'm forced to in a couple of weeks.

Let me get you guys on your way! What I Watched On The Internet This Week, send the folks home happy!

Brisulph just finished up Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and watching his playthroughs of this and other games in the series lets me know that I'd enjoy the fun of the series but actually not being lazy about it and just playing it is another thing entirely. I've taken some steps but THE STEP is the one that needs to be taken. Please enjoy.

Episodes 2 & 3 of Video Game High School. Marcus Burnett all up in it if you know what I mean!

A new Fluffle Puff adventure all about Nightmare Nights!


A new episode of Splash Wave all about the Metal Gear series pre-Solid.

A new episode of Botchamania! We love those!

Dikekike is back with the sequel to one of the greatest YouTube Poops of all the times! Enjoy that!

That shall be what it is. That.

Enjoy the Bayo & Shantae pics as they share co-billing for the cover and if you like what you see then click either picture and be led to where the art originated for more just like it!

As usual, we always love when you come by and you know we'll be doing this again so please join us then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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