Monday, October 20, 2014

#TheCool: WE WANT SIX STARS!!!!!!

#TheCool's here and we ready to do what it does like we always do and now we proudly present last week as it was seen by me!

Been a while since I've had a lead story and since we are your LOLI AWARENESS representatives and nothing else major happened that actually matters to me is that I'm proud to let all of you know that Examu is going back to the LOVE MAX!!!!! well with the expansion for the arcades with the further subtitle...SIX STARS!!!!!! Not only are their SIX STARS but SIX FUCKING EXCLAMATION POINTS just to let you know how real this shit is!!!!!!

The new character being added to SIX STARS!!!!!! is Minori Amanohara or known by her own given super heroine name, "Subaru the Exterminating Fairy" & her Arcana, Ichor! Knowing my Greek Mythology is that "ichor" is the golden blood of the gods and allegedly Ichor's Passive Ability will be to bring the hidden potential out in any maiden who uses it so it should be interesting for what this does for Mei-Fang so I shall be waiting for the answer with much fervor. The update for the arcade version will be out this Winter and what this means for the current console version is unknown at this time and of course #DoaGHThaDOJO will be providing that crack like we always do! Very hyped for more Arcana Heart!

Speaking of #DoaGHThaDOJO is that as usual the crack is always being served on every block & possible dimension and we aren't letting up! On deck for you right now...

Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!, Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes, Daemon Bride Additional Gain, Koihime Embu, BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma 2.0, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core+R, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code & Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax!

Always serving that crack so let's keep in the spirit why don't we! This Week In Everything, SHOWTIME!!!!!!

Shantae & the Pirate's Curse comes out on Thursday on 3DS and coming sometime when its cold in MURICA on WiiU! Of course, this is of course a Team GRF Public Service Announcement! So go tell your folks to pick up a great platformer and don't forget that both of Shantae's previous adventures are on 3DS & the Director's Cut of Risky's Revenge is on Steam! GET SOME OF THIS HALF-GENIE IN YOUR BEING, AIGHT! This has been a Public Service Announcement brought you by Team GRF & People Like Us! Thank You!

By time you read this is that The Legend of Korra game should be out on something that plays video games that actually exists. The WiiU doesn't exist until Friday!

More Hyrule Warriors DLC which includes some new costumes for Cia & Lana, Epona as a weapon for Link and a whole lot more. Check it out today!

This week in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax brings us some character features starring Kirito, Tomoka, Miyuki, Yukina, Taiga & Rentaro. A look at the console exclusive assists Dokuro-chan, The Accelerator & Orihara. A special look at Selvaria & Alicia and the full console intro to the game. The climax begins on 11/13!

Project Diva F2nd will be out on 11/18 and if you pre-order now from GameStop is that you'll get the Extra Character Pack with Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, and Kasane Teto & Miku’s Americana Module! Now usually, I would be the last person telling you to pre-order something much less purchase things from GameStop but given how hard the 1st one was to find and is now is if you want a copy of this one then why the hell not put something on it and get something SEGA will try to sell you later on.

Looks like MURICA won't have to wait long for that XXX fix because while in DAT GLORIOUS NIPPON it'll be out on the 4th is we'll be getting it on the 16th! Parity, gots to love it!

This week in Persona Q presents you with 2 character features starring Teddie & Yukari!

I don't know what Hatred is or why in the hell would an isometric shooter be garnering this level of buzz. I do know however I want to play this isometric murder simulator! Dude gives -∞ fucks and I'm down with that! I'll be keeping an eye on this one!

This week on the Life & Hometown corner is I know y'all went out in the streets and repped hard for that Shinovi Versus and I'll know if you didn't! The 1st bit of DLC dropped and some FREE DLC Hairstyles & Costume Set 1 which has some Gym Clothes, School Swimsuit, Uniform & Swimsuit, Uniform & Thigh Highs, and Japanese Dresses for the ladies to wear and the bundle which I linked to costs $5.99 or you can buy any one of the clothing pieces individually for $1.99 which I don't suggest at all because of the whole getting the best bang for your buck while supporting awesome franchises you see! More DLC coming soon and I'll be here to let know what and how much.

I do bring news on the front of Bon Appeit you might be interested in hearing. Bon Appetit will be out on 11/11 for $14.99 which has the ladies of Hanzo Academy & the Crimson Squad. On 11/25 the Gessen x Hebijo version will drop which includes those ladies as well for $14.99 too. Now when the game dropped in Japan was a bit after both sides of the game came out is that it was presented in a bundle for a small discount so if you need that Life X Hometown X Sexy Cooking Time in your life but need to save a couple of bucks then I'd wait for more info to see what they're going to do before committing to a purchase. Also know that any DLC you buy in Shinovi Versus can be used in Bon Appetit but not the other way around however. I wish though because Bon Appetit has costumes let me tell you! When more info becomes available I'll be sure to let you know!

What Did I Get Into This Week? Well the Highschool DxD anime confirmed how much I love this stuff and how far anime dubs have come. The anime was a straight blow for blow for the Light Novel (which I suggest you check out by the way) and the dub as previously mentioned was wonderful! DxD New comes out next month and I'll be waiting to sink my teeth into that when it drops as well.

Season 1 of Black Dynamite. Now I watched most of the series on Adult Swim but watching it on Blu-Ray is some other shit. Like other shows that come to a home viewing format is that the dialogue was uncensored and it makes a huge difference in how the show carries itself. The show is that good and a must watch. I know Season 2 just dropped and I might have to take my South Park stance of not watching it unless its uncensored just for the fact that was how the show was meant to be watched anyway.

ToQGer is at the final stretch and the last couple of episodes have been bringing that heat and given the reason why the intensity has turned up it does explain why the show was what it was until this point. It was the plot all along!

All the other usual suspects are bringing the noise & ruckus in their own special way except for Super Megaforce in which I figured out exactly why that is. The simple reason is that everything the show does lacks "emotional impact." Honestly, even with no prior knowledge of the awesome that was and still is Gokaiger is that I don't have a stake in the show at all. I don't care about the growth of the characters because the show doesn't. Megaforce is just a show where things just happen for no reason and no reason is given why no reason is given. At least its almost over and given even how hype I was for what the show was building up to is that I just want to get to the point and see if Dino Charge can be better. We'll see in a couple of weeks after this is said and done if I feel the same way.

So now that we've reached the end, how about What I Watched On The Internet sends you home with some visual flair!

Our based leader of the Life & Hometown movement Kenichiro Tataki answers some Senran Kagura related questions. Learn more about the man who brings us the T & A all day!

Sonic 3 & Knuckles coming soon to the Retro Engine? The above video is WIP but SEGA hasn't said anything officially but having a version of Sonic 3 Complete out there for purchase would be awesome. If SEGA does it I hope they let them do it even given previous history.

Not just RKO's outta nowhere anymore!

The following is an example of Chicken Wings & Nacho Cheese in action!


The 1st 3 seasons of MLP in YouTube Poop compilation form for reasons!

This video claims to be a YouTube Poop but given what's there is that its more in the line of a Stupidity video. Don't ask why I know the difference between the 2 but just know that I know!

Shouts to BluBeatz for the remix of Krauser's theme Dies Irae & Sweatertight Probeats for the Shining Soul 2 Character Select Remix as well!

That'll be that!

Don't forget that Shantae and the Pirate's Curse drops on Thursday & the return of the Baddest Bitch Witch in Bayonetta 2 drops Friday so get both and show WayForward & Platinum Games some love with your wallet monies!!!!!!

As usual, thanks for coming through because we love when you do! We'll be doing this again soon so be sure to join us when that time comes!

Same #TheCool time!!!!!! Same #TheCool channel!!!!!!

-Triple Da G.O.D!!!!!!

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