Monday, February 10, 2014

#TheCool: Farewell, My Brave Dinosaur Friends!

#TheCool as usual ready to do what it is you always expect. Whatever that is. We do it like clockwork though. Always and until I don't feel like it anymore. That's never by the way. Anyway seeing as I have no lead story or PT is that you need to know what crack is on #DoaGHThaDOJO for you to of course get cracked on. Available for you right this moment...

Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf.Achse, En Eins Perfektwelt, Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!, Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, The King of Fighters XI, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07, Chaos Code, Daemon Bride Additional Gain & Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late!

Plenty available and always updated. What we do the best in the business. Yesterday, today, tomorrow & the day after that!

With that being that said it's time for This Week In Gaming!

Skullgirls Encore will be out on PS3 tomorrow! You should know this. Also, Squigly & the color pack is free for 3 months so no excuse to not pick it up in that time frame. LAUNCH PARTY STILL ERRYDAY BITCH!!!

New costumes for DoA5U. Sexy New costumes for DoA5U! I needn't say more.

Soul Calibur Lost Swords is out in Japan now and will be out at some point in places that aren't there. I'll wait and see if they add anything to it before the release of it elsewhere. Looks interesting from what I've seen so far.

Drakengard 3 is dropping May 20th. Just a reminder. If you want a boxed copy then you'll have to order it directly from Square Enix's website. You can buy it digitally as well. A PSA from me to you!

Final Fantasy X & X-2 is celebrating Valentine's Day the only way it knows how. By showing the love between Tidus & Yuna! There will never be a video about Me X Rikku so don't ask. Just don't! Even if there was I'd never show you. Never! Thank You and Good Bye!

Profound sadness no more seeing the game's out. Learn more about the saga of Ii Naotora. Happy days!

Persona Q time. This week features Yukari Takeba & Junpei Iori from Persona 3!

It would seem that the Ex-S that was a 1st print DLC included with copies will be up on PSN at some point. Price unknown but it will be there if you didn't get it initially.

Naruto UNS Revolution is "revolutionizing" how it does business with 4 Player Battles & a Dream Match Scenario because there's no plot to draw from at the moment. Happens to the best of anime video games.

It's a whole lot of J-Stars going on as we slowly approach release. Finally got that trailer with Toguro & Lord Aizen. Frieza, Shishioh & Madara were there. Then 2 dudes stared saying Owae wa mo shindeiru! Kenshiro & Raoh are joining the battle so this is getting even more hype. Question if I may. What version of You wa Shock will they use? And then after that you can learn how to play the game and learn what Luffy, Goku and Battousai the Manslayer (pause) can do on that dream battlefield. HYPE!! YES PLEASE!!!

While I was getting this out to you is that there's a sequel to Battride War dropping on June 26th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Possibility to finish Battride War 1 on the channel rising in hope! STAY TUNED!!!

I didn't do much gaming other than a hit of Project M, some Full Boost and the reminder of how hard it is to do the Level Select code in Sonic 3. Shit is hard yo. For real real. Not for play play.

Now we get to this part. Where I have to give my postmortem on one of my favorite Sentai shows because it has come to an end. Jyuuden Sentai Kyoryuger has been an awesome ride from start to finish. Never letting up for a second and just being something I looked forward to watching every single week. The finale delivered and left a lot of room for the future crossovers and VS movies that are still to come. There were also man tears involved! Not scared to admit that at all. I have nothing left to say other than watch it if you haven't for the simple fact that it is just too good not to do so. ToQger is up next and right here will be my thoughts on the Sentai about rainbows, trains & imagination next time. I can't wait! And after almost a year, I can do the dance now! Told you I'd learn it. BRAVE IN! FIRE!!!!

And maybe I should just admit my fears that this Dino Charge adaptation will suck. Prove me wrong, Saban. I double dare you! And why the snub to Go-Busters which would've been easier to adapt? The world will never know. Or maybe they do it after Dino Charge. I'll wait and judge accordingly!

Other than such the usual suspects are doing what they do best. Delivering those goods. Please stay doing so. Thank You! Top honors this week to Arrow, MLP, The Originals, True Detective, Space Dandy, Kill la Kill, The Vampire Diaries, House of Lies and Naruto & Bleach on the manga front. Your contributions to my week never go unnoticed!

You know what's happened in gaming over the last week. What I indulged in this week past. So time to wrap it up as we always do. What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

Who says an Abridged show can't teach life lessons. Pokemon: TBS happens to impart an important on you. Watch and see which one.

Speaking of Abridged shows. What if you could learn the plot of Kill la Kill without actually watching it? This is a joke because watching Kill la Kill is a required thing of you. This video comes very close without coming close at all. You'll see what I mean.

I will feature anything in this section that shows how ass the Royal Rumble was. So here's more of that.

That's that. I have no idea who the artist is who did the above picture but I'd like to thank them for featuring the heroes of Kyoryuger in a special way. I'm going to miss the show immensely. Thanks again, Kyoryuger for being awesome for the past year! I'll save the last dance for you! Promise!

As usual plans are planned. Execution is another matter. I'd stay tuned if I was you! Just a suggestion.

Until next we meet. Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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