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#TheCool: Bloody Heart Punch-Out!! Imagination Hype Train!

#TheCool. Circa some point in time. Here every week to do what it is we do. And this is no different except before we get into the business is that I forgot to let you know to read something in the previous installment. Street Fighter 2: An Oral History is a comprehensive piece all about one of gaming's most important moments in time. So go ahead and read it now if you haven't. Come back when you're done. We'll be waiting. CLICK HERE!!!

Continue on reading #TheCool as normal if you already have done so.

And if you just ignored what I said then start over and do it right!

I told you we'd still be here after you got done. Hope you've learned something new. Street Fighter EX4 will come one day before its all said and done. Hope. I have plenty to spare!

Speaking on what we have, is as usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is supping that crack to the masses and it never changes that the heat stays coming! On deck right now...

Street Fighter EX2 Plus, Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Buriki One, Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Taisen, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, Kinnikuman Muscle Gran Prix 2, BattleFantasia & The Rumble Fish 2!

Plenty now and plenty coming! You never know what'll show up over there. Staying tuned is something you should already be doing. If this isn't you then time to change those bad habits!

And with all of that being said it's time for This Week In Gaming!

On Thursday there was a Nintendo Direct. And when these come around I usually taper my expectations for awesome shit and just see what is upcoming from The Big N. This Direct was different. Iwata didn't say too much and just let the 1st trailer run. I didn't know that the world would forever change and I'd find something I thought I forever lost.

The one thing I've always wanted SSB to do is happening right now! LITTLE MAC IS IN SMASH!! I SCREAMED! I TEARED! I HYPED! Once I regained control of my faculties and realized I haven't been this hype for something since the Killer Instinct announcement is I needed to put this in some perspective. I then realized is there's no perspective for this! A game I knew I'd buy a system is now game I KNOW I'LL BE BUYING A SYSTEM FOR! Mac is a beast and the Power Meter adds something awesome to the character while reaching for the throwback with the reference to the Arcade Punch-Out!! series & Super Punch-Out!! Just a hard hitter and I'll echo a sentiment I've heard with his comparison to Captain Falcon when I used to play him exclusively so long ago. This game has delivered major with all the newcomers so far and the changes to the veterans that I've noticed when I peek in on the game every now and again. Mega Man raised the hype cap by a lot. Rosalina made me pay attention. Little Mac has brought back that Brawl level hype for me. I'm ready for this game now and knowing that this game can deliver so much more is that the game has earned my hype and hope back. Don't let me down.

Sometime after I watched that part repeatedly is that I started the video up again and then I was reminded that Kirby: Triple Deluxe is dropping soon. On my to buy list. Y'all know how much I love Kirby!

More stuff was shown and then Mario Kart 8 is now going to have all the Koopa Kids! #TEAMCOOTIEPIE! Please hold that shit! Thanks!

And then we got more news on Bayonetta 2! New playable character, some new story beats but no confirmation of Bayonetta 1 Wii or a limited edition Bayonetta 2 Wii U! Hype regardless of course! Just ready to play it! I'm glad we aren't getting overloaded on info. Keeps the mystique alive!

More character tutorials for J-Stars Victory VS dropped this past week featuring Ryotsu Kankichi, Kenshiro, Naruto Uzumaki & The Based God Yusuke Urameshi!

Profound happiness abound with Sengoku Basara 4! See how partners work together to do awesome ass combos and a moment with Shima Sakon!

You want Poison? We got her! A look at all her moves in Ultra if you can understand Japanese. Have fun with that.

Another week, another character feature for Persona Q. This week Aigis from Persona 3 & Kuma/Teddie from Persona 4!

And just the same with Persona Q is it's time for this week in Full Boost with some Navi DLC available and Kamille Bidan's Zeta Gundam (Titans Colors), Lunamaria Hawke's Impulse Gundam and Patrick Colasour's GN-XIII will be available later this week on PSN.

Speaking of Gundam is that JAEPO happened and Maxi Boost will be out next month. How this will affect Full Boost on consoles is to be seen but OG Extreme VS had some Full Boost suits added via DLC so anything can happen.

Also confirmed for Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax are Kirito from Sword Art Online and Tomoka Minato from Ro-Kyu-Bu!

Did you want a Shining fighting game. Blade Arcus is delivering one. And it looks strangely similar to Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax so does this mean that SEGA will be using this "engine" to pop out 2D fighters? We'll see.

And conveniently enough with Shin Koihime Musou coming out for PS3 this upcoming week is that also coming to arcades soon is the sequel Koihime Embusen! All I noticed is that there are some new characters and assists. When I learn more about it I'll be sure to let you know.

As far as I'm concerned with gaming is that I'm taking notes on a certain game for scientific purposes and you'll be seeing the results of that soon. Can't wait to get this one out to everyone. Been wanting to do this one for a long time.

On the watching awesome stuff side of things is Ressha Sentai ToQger is here and I see after the shift to a lighter tone worked for Kyoruger is that ToQger is going for more of the same. The premise is awesome and the show is gearing itself up to deliver upon it in every way it can. There's a lot of mystery into the story early on and I'm loving that already. So I'm down for whatever this show wants to do and I have a feeling that it will be a great followup to Kyoryuger. And now we wait for the crossover with Den-O that's coming because that's a given.

I finally got a chance to finish Megaforce & watch Episode 1 of Super Megaforce and I'll admit the last couple of episodes were decent including all those times that Robo Knight was around black people for a random reason or another. Super Megaforce however is that I'll need some time to warm up to. I'm just interested how they treat the celebration of the milestone more than anything. So we'll see how that goes.

Everything else you know I indulge in went in as such. The spotlight this week is squarely on Kill la Kill! I don't know how many times I can tell you to get familiar with it but after the end of Episode 18 is that my confirmation that this show is off the meat rack as my big brother B-Mac would say! I have the hope that this show won't let up now and will continue to bring the ruckus until the very end!

And as we usually do around this time, What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

Congrats to Patrick Klepek! As a avid watcher and should be player of Spelunky is that he achieved his goal! He's still playing the game and you should check out the feature if you're remotely interested in the game. GET FUCKED BOY!!!!

Very rarely does an episode of Botchamania stay up long enough on YouTube for me to highlight its existence so to celebrate this here's Botchamania 243!

Fine. I'll confirm this. Fluffy Puff X Chrissy is OTP! Just saying. I needed some Valentine's Day content so here's some.

Gemini Laser has a new episode of his Mega Man 7 project. You should watch his stuff. Edutainmental just like my stuff is!

And that's that!

This week, I gotta give the cover to Little Mac! I'm so hyped now! I must have this game in my life! And with no confirmation that Ike's coming back is Little Mac will be the perfect replacement as a main. However, #TeamNess & #TeamLucas till I die! This never changes!

And what must be some coincidence is that Sinister1's Blind Punch-Out!! & Zallard1's Super Punch-Out!! runs from #ADGQ2014 are available on SDA's YouTube Page! I've featured these runs when #ADGQ2014 was happening and I see no reason not to feature them again for this milestone! So please enjoy!

As usual, plans are plans. Execution of plans are the enemy I plan to defeat! Plans.

We'll be back next week doing what we always do best!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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