Monday, September 30, 2013

The Cool: Fall All The Way Back

#TheCool as always in #FULLEFFECTMODE still operating on this Monday schedule until further notice. Anyhow, a slow week for everything because the things that happened this week were a bit past me. You'll get the full service as you've become accustomed to. And because of the slow week we're just hopping straight into PT!

I love when I get in the lab and produce and this is no different. Earlier this week I just feel deep into Gundam SEED Destiny and the combos above are just some proof of concept of some things I came up with. I plan to go deeper in as I discover more. If you're looking for some explanations on what you're seeing then you can take a look at my blog post about all I discovered HERE! Any questions on what you've seen then please ask!

If you wanted me to explain Girl Fight then that's something that happened. And if you didn't then I did it anyway. The point of the video was clear in that depth can be found if you look. You just need to open your mind to those possibilities. Glad I could help.

Even #DoaGHThaDOJO was on slow motion. A week of matches in day but nothing unusual for us though. This week on deck...

Daemon Bride: Additional Gain, Under Night In-Birth: EXE:Late & Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!

And our #SSMG is an unusual one. Samurai Shodown 64! In which I didn't know that match videos for the game even existed. SNK needs to get with M2 and get all of the HNG64 games in a collection. One of the items on my bucket list is to play Buruki One on a actual cabinet. One day soon. One day soon.

With PT all done it's time for This Week In Gaming!

Persona 4. The Ultimax. ULTRA SUPLEX HOLD! That's the title of the sequel to P4U and it's looking to be bigger & badder than ever. The only thing new we've learned is the appearance of a new character, Sho Minazuki! Because of my lack of Persona knowledge if he has any actual links to the story or just a new character like Labrys was for P4U. On top of that there was a loketest a couple of days ago and the only thing that dropped was a picture. The when and where of everything else is TBD. I'll keep you posted.

From the creators of Arcana Heart & Daemon Bride comes EF-12! Which is essentially 3D MUGEN. This is a good thing. A very good thing. It comes off as simple to use and create and that's the point. I'm so excited to see what enterprising folks do with this awesome technology.

New DLC for All-Star Battle featuring Lisa Lisa & OMG Joseph! Haven't got a chance to check them out but with Anasui & Vanilla Ice coming up next I may need to get in gear. Baoh will follow soon after.

Girl Fight is out now. I've explained it all above. You know this already.

You want the intro to Ground Zeroes in MURICAN?! Look no further. I haven't though.

I guess you could give me a reason to resume my addiction to Pac-Man CE DX. And all you have to do is add a plus sign and some new DLC and hook me again. Need to sit down with this when I need a nice time sink.

More profound sadness when it comes to the mere thought of Sengoku Basara. IMPORT HO!!

This trailer for Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers covers the Hades arc which covers all the canon the game's supposed to cover. I don't know if it'll have side stories or anything but here's hoping.

Drag-On Dragoon 3 looks so good. And I'm so hype to play it. Can't wait!

I don't care what you say, this is the be & end of crossovers. The 2 puzzle powerhouses of Puyo Puyo & Tetris are coming together to combine into one puzzle juggernaut! PuyoPuyo Tetris is just that. 2 great tastes that taste even greater together. You can play each game separately or choose sides similar to what Magical Drop V did with Ghostlop. This is coming out on "everything" and because of such the PS3 & Vita will be region free so no reason not to get in on this.

I got a chance to get some Dissidia in and take care of Destiny Odyssey VII. I need to tweet the moral later today. I'll do so. I've also been doing some prep for some future #RunDatReXXX projects and fell into a small hole that led to that Gundam SEED Destiny tech I came up with. So I can say that ended well. Excited about those possibilities and that'll be coming soon.

As far as what I watched & read is that the usual suspects are doing what they do. The thing is that the Fall TV schedule is kicking into gear and everything is starting up. South Park came back major as they always do. Always keeping me entertained. Revolution is back for Season 2 along with a 6 month time skip after the wild ending to Season 1. I'm interested in where this season is going and the 1st episode has already delivered on multiple fronts. To say I'm intrigued would be an understatement.

This week coming will be bringing Season 2 of The Felicity Hour featuring Oliver & Diggle AKA Arrow, Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries & the premiere of the TVD spinoff, The Originals. Yeah, I'm still salty 2 years removed of no The Secret Circle but I'm open to give The Originals a chance to shine. I haven't got a chance to watch Animation Domination but I hope The Cleveland Show finds a home somewhere. Still salty about that being canceled. This Fall TV season will be interesting and I'm just ready to get back into the shows I enjoy.

With the party starting to wind down it is customary that I share with you What I Watched On Youtube This Week!

Another week, another Sonic For Hire. Creeping ever toward the end.

I didn't know that there was an abridged version of the Season 0 movie but I've always known about DAT BLUE PEEPS HONKY DRAGON! DEM EBONICS!!

This is the story of a boss gone humble. It happens sometimes.

Sometimes appreciation is good. Like appreciation for the motherland, privacy or even those who care for us!

Didn't get the memo, Charjo Joekley is the master of all Chamon Dunk Tech! CRACKA DUNK BALLZVOLLAY!

And that's that.

Week was so slow that I didn't even get a cover girl in to do a shoot. A damn shame but we'll get one for you next time.

As usual, thank you so much for kicking it with your folks for a little while and we'll be back to the bidness at hand as we always do. Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#TripleDaGodExplainsItAll & #RandomMomentsInTheLab Present...#GundamSEEDDestiny!

I needed a place to not only document these combos as they come but explain why the combos actually work. On top of that I need to come up with some notation as well so I'll do that too.

And for full disclosure, all combos seen use Normal Play Mode. There's a Manual Play Mode which uses all the motions you're used to but since there's no punishment for using Normal Play controls you should just use those.

Exclusive Notation

SR = Short Range Attack (Default Button B)
LR = Long Range Attack (Default Button A)
EW = Extra Weapon Attack (Default Button L)
TC = Thruster Cancel (Default Button R)
BAC = Berserk Activation Cancel (2+EW)
UA = Ultimate Attack (2+EW in Normal Play Mode/Varies in Manual Play Mode after a Berserk Activation)

All other notation is basic FG ones so no need to explain them.
Let's get into it!

jSR (4 Hits) → 6SR x 3 → 5EW → BAC → j8EW → 3SR → UA

The key to this and most of the stuff this game has to offer has to do with the majority of attacks happening on the first available frame in which they can happen. It's why that jSR does 4 hits instead of 2 or 3 in other cases. This is also true for the 6SR x 3 & the j.8EW. In the case of the 6SR x 3 is that in order to land that series is that each part of it has to come out as early as possible or the combo will end giving the opponent the chance to block or even counter in some instances. With the j8EW you have a couple of frames after the BAC to jump and do your EW attack and barely leave the ground so it connects. The rest of the combo will land itself. Just so you know, the 3SR isn't in this combo for show. You actually need it to land Chaos' UA because it functions as an anti-air outside of this instance. Enjoy.

j6LR → TC9SR → 5SR x2 → 6SR x 2 → 5SR (3 Hits) → BAC → 6SR x 2 → 5SR (3 Hits) → UA

j6LR → j3SR → 5SR x 3 → 6SR x 2 → 5SR (3 Hits) → BAC → TC9SR → 5SR x 2 → 6SR x 2 → 5SR (3 Hits) → UA

The thing that makes these combos so cool but a bit hard is getting used to are Thruster Cancels. Thruster Cancels follow the same rule as everything else in the game because any TC in question will come out on the first possible frame it can when activated. Landing the SR afterward is making sure your TC happens before doing your SR or you'll just be doing a 5SR on the ground instead. And treat TC's as you would a motion you Tiger Knee & a hyperhopping normal in KoF. They function on those same principals so keep that in mind.

6LR → SR x 2 → 6SR x 2 → 4SR (3 Hits) → 4EW (9 Hits) → BAC → 2SR x 2 → 6SR → UA

6LR → 5SR x 2 → 6SR x 2 → 4SR (3 Hits) → 4EW (9 Hits) → BAC → 5SR → 2SR x 2 → 6SR → UA

6LR → 5SR x 2 → 6SR x 2 → 4SR (3 Hits) → 6EW (8 Hits) → BAC → 5SR → 2SR x 2 → 6SR → UA

This combo has a whole bunch of variations but the 2 above are the hardest and most stylish to land and here's why. Starting off is that the 6LR doesn't lend itself too much to combos because the stun inflicted is so small so the only choice you have to even start a combo from it is a neutral SR attack but the upside is that the Aegis' SR's are so quick is that you can land 2 of them before branching further into the combo. The 6SR string & the 4SR are here for hit confirm purposes. The 4SR is a 3 hit command normal and on the 3rd hit you should cancel right into 4EW. The 4EW is the meat of the combo because this moves gives you so many hits to confirm your BAC to start the 2nd half of the combo. Know that the 4EW does 10 hits but for either combo we just need the 1st 9 because hit 10 causes a wall splat. Not only do we have our own later in the combo but for all intents and purposes is that you can do your UA off of this wall splat and most of the other moves in Aegis' arsenal as well if you BAC into it otherwise the recovery is way too long for you to do anything further afterwards. The same can be said for 6EW which does a wall splat on the 9th hit but follows the same combo convention.

The difference in the 3 combos is right here because either you can take your 9 hits and finish the combo, use the dash of the 10th hit of the 4EW to get in and land a 5SR for a tinge more damage and a hell of a lot of style points or do the 6EW for 8 hits which is the best damage option available with the added benefit of making the 5SR after the BAC a lot easier to connect on top that which makes it your best combo choice you have in this situation. The rest of the combo is pretty standard with 2SR x 2 → 6SR being the only way this combo lands without giving your opponent an opportunity to air tech it because the 6SR is our wall splat that allows the UA to combo. Weirdly enough is when the Aegis starts its Ultimate Attack is Athrun screams before unleashing that attack. Usually that sound effect doesn't play when his UA is comboed into from a wall splat because in most cases if you hear it then its a really high chance that the UA won't be comboed into naturally or even worse dropped all together.

Overall, you should learn the first variant and style with the 2nd one. The 2nd one doesn't do enough damage to even consider it in a match time situation and in most cases trying to go for it and missing at least gives you a chance at the first variant of the combo. However, if you can constantly style it then why the hell not go for it! 

I'll be adding to this as I discover and make new videos that need dictation & explanation. Hopefully these combos spark your interest in playing & learning more about the intricacies of Gundam SEED Destiny.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Cool: Surprise, Muthafucka!

#TheCool back up in it and as usual we're in #FULLEFFECTMODE on this Monday! With TGS behind us there's a lot we have to get into. And because what I thought would be my lead in wasn't what I thought it would be (I'll explain later) we're just gonna just hop straight into PT and we'll deal with that when it's time.

Yeah, I did the everybody else is doing it thing. But with a hot commodity like GTA5 it's expected and in some cases encouraged. I plan to get into the game a bit deeper. Whether that's continuing it on #RunDatReXXX or just playing to be playing it. We'll see how it goes.

Of course we're back to the world saving with Super Mario Bros. 2. Even though I didn't mention it in the video is that Weegie Baybee has put in all his work so we won't be seeing him in the finale. I think Mario & Sexy Dictator Toadstool can handle the rest of the weight. NEXT TIME, WE FINISH IT!

And as usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is putting in that work and there's a lot to see. A recap of the madness...

Under Night In-Birth: EXE:Late, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!, Sengoku Basara X & Project Justice!

Also more of Aquapazza so you can be sharp & ready for the MURICA release in November if I'm not mistaken.

And to celebrate Akatsuki's crossover into UNIB we added Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf.Achse to the family of games we cover. So be expecting a lot more of this game and En Eins Perfektewelt side by side from now on.

With PT out of the way let us get to This Week In Gaming!

Another week, another batch of costumes for the ladies of DoA. This time, all about Back To School. Might be time for me to further my secondary education at Team Ninja Academy!

Sengoku Basara 4 has been all over the place this week. For you though I put all the hotness in a playlist so you can enjoy it. And you may even learn some basics if you pay attention a bit.

Speaking of hotness, Shinji Mikami & The Evil Within are bringing back Survival Horror in a huge way. Earlier looks at this game sold me but seeing the possibilities of it getting even better are awesome to think about.

Regardless about how I feel about this game personally I will say it's a great thing for this game to finally have parity with the current arcade version and it would seem that net & code aren't damning words in the mouths of SNK. Congrats!

The Import Gods and Raptor Jesus are with us now. TGS brought the real first look at Yakuza Ishin. After 5 not getting that love, I highly doubt this will so prepare your wallets. You'll need to.

Crimson Dragon is finally coming out on something. #XBONE bound it is and we'll be playing it soon. WITH A CONTROLLER!

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords is coming and is a Single Play Free-2-Play Game. It adds back "Sophitia" but no Cassandra. Anger. Should be an interesting experiment with the franchise. I have a feeling it won't be long until some kind of multiplayer component is added.

Another look at X & X-2 HD and I have to ask this. I wonder why in all the promotion for the game that X-2 doesn't get equal time to shine? I know why but seeing as X-2 is my favorite in the series I'd appreciate a little more love for YRP. Just saying!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for all the name redundancy is shaping up to be something to watch out for. Since this is as close as MURICA is getting to a dub of Battle of Gods at the moment you should revel in it.

This is actually an old trailer but new to me and you. Seems to be some uncensored cut of one of the trailers from E3. Interesting stuff within.

Gravity Rush 2 is real and Kat's back! You're as hyped as I am. If not, then get there!

As we spoke about earlier in PT is that Akatsuki is in UNIB now and these are 2 vids showing him off as a hidden boss. He'll be selectable normally in the next update if history has anything to say on the matter. Can't wait to report about this when a Skullgirls character is in UNIB! Hopefully!

The next classic from Suda51 is Lily Bergamo. Yeah I said it, classic! HYPE!

Girl Fight will be dropping on PSN on Tuesday & XBLA on Wednesday but for now Chaos & Chrome need time to introduce themselves.

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost is coming to PS3 in early January. And by time it comes to console a new one will be dropping in arcades. And yeah, still holding that hope for Allenby! Why wouldn't I?

If you can't hold out for Full Boost then Super Robot Wars: Original Generation Infinite Battle should hold you until then. This might be the game that gets me hooked into wanting to play the series more like Climax Heroes did for me diving into Toku like I did.

Swery65 does it again. D4 looks nuts in all the right ways. Can't wait!

Yeah, some stuff about Sadira. ORCHID'S BACK BITCHES!!! You figure it out.

There was a whole lot of other stuff that didn't have trailers or they just weren't available to upload at this time. There's a Kokonoe focused BB trailer in the streets. Drag-On Dragoon 3 is looking better and better every time I see it. Sega is doing some crossover fighting game called Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax that may have s-CRY-ed characters in it.

I've been doing my thing gaming wise trying to pick my next slate of games for #RunDatReXXX and in that I did discover a great NES game in Rockin' Kats. It's some weird almost Bionic Commando combined with the basic platforming Damsel in Distress action. I definitely see myself sharing this game with everybody soon. I'd suggest to get ahead of the curve and giving it a try yourself. The one thing I'd suggest is learning all the stuff Willy can do ASAP for the best experience.

I also want to shout out The Lone Ranger & Gundam SEED Destiny for taking up some time this week. The 2nd in question is on some next level you know and I will be explaining all really soon.

I wanted to lead in this installment on what I thought about Dexter being over but I realized that this show didn't earn that right to be a lead in story. All I can say is that the ending could've been worse but it had a lot of room to be a lot better. Too many WTF WAS DEY THANKEN WIT DIS SHIT RIGHT HEA NIGGA questions were asked during the finale and that isn't a good thing. As a fan I think I deserved a better finish than what I got but maybe the story isn't as over as we think. Rumors of spinoffs in the air may give fans the closure they desire or make it worse. Hard at this point to differentiate the two. Regardless, thanks for 8 seasons of great TV when it delivered on that. At least we have Ray Donovan be a great example on how to do TV and Game of Thrones will be back so there's hope on the horizon.

I also forgot last week to talk about the return of The Legend of Korra and 3 episodes in I don't know where I stand with the show. The ending to Book 1 was just DeM's all over the place and the closure it delivered was sloppy at best. Book 2 is looking to dive more into who we already know and introduce new people to help explore said depth and that I like. I just want something more cohesive this time around and not have the awesome build up amount to nothing when its said and done. 3 episodes is no litmus into making this judgment and I won't. I'll let it play out and tell it like it is when it's over.

I guess with Wizard being officially over it would be time to give my 2¢ on that too. Wizard at the beginning had a lot promise and plenty to work with. At the end, I honestly feel it didn't take advantage of the possibilities as much as it could've. There was a lot of expected payoff from the show that I think it left on the table but for what it did provide it did a wonderful job getting its hooks in me. I'm guessing the movies will tie up the loose ends left by the show purposely as they always are. Gaim coming soon!

All the other usual suspects did what they usually do by keeping me entertained as they should. Only thing that's on deck for the moment is Beware the Batman & Power Rangers Megaforce and if you notice I don't speak on the latter too often. Maybe this changes with Super Megaforce.

With that time for What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

It seems that 2013 is the year for series finales. Sonic For Hire has started its last go around and with a track record of being awesome I don't see why it would stop now.

I threw money at the screen but nothing happened. A time still exists where I'd pay real life money for this! Shouts to the greatest voice in a video game, Tim Kitzrow!

Ask my opinion on the following and I'll tell you the same, just laugh at it!

You know I love a good combo video. Love you one too.

An interesting topic of conversation would be...YA GOT DAT GTA5 NIGGA?

With that we're done here!

I want to dedicate this installment of #TheCool to Sgt. James Doakes! For you have entertained me like few other TV characters have or will. THANK YOU DOAKES!!

I'm currently trying to decide if Monday will be the norm or will it just be a special thing when I need an extra day to take it all in. You'll know when I do.

Enjoy your week and we'll see you next time there's a week that needs my take on it all.

Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Thought I was done huh? SURPRISE, MUTHAFUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now get outta here! I'll see you next time! As always, thanks for spending some time with your folks! We appreciate the patronage!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Cool: Triple Da G.O.D!, Professor Kokonoe, The Final Burn & Argentina Too!

#TheCool in #FULLEFFECTMODE on this Monday edition and this has been one kick ass week and it'll be my pleasure to bring the last 192 hours as I saw them. Before we head into an important Pimpin Time there is one thing we have to do.

I want to take this time to wish Jim Ross well in all his future endeavors. Which includes a new rap album called The Boomer Sooner LP which will be out before The Detox! A guarantee, I promise you that! Seriously though, this man's voice is synonymous with some of the most exciting things I've seen in a wrestling ring ever! Even though we haven't seen a lot of him in recent years because of his health issues is that he'll still be missed. The going rumor is that because of this "incident..."

was the reason he was asked to leave the WWE. As I'm writing this I don't know if that was the true reason for JR moving on but if it was then that's some bullshit. Like I said though, JR will be missed and I wish all the best for Good Ole JR! SLOBBERKNOCKERBYGAWDSTONECOLD!

With that being said is that I do have some news to lead off Pimpin Time this week. I took that next step to Multiversal Domination and joined a partner network on Youtube. All it means is that it's just worth a bit more for you to watch an ad in full on my videos now. My other reasoning for taking that leap is that unfortunate turn of events with whole channels getting deleted because of a mistake of a Russian actress & Persona. GDSD for the details. Not being even near that fallout showed me that as when I had to create the Diary of a Game Whore channel to have a place to archive my work. Making this move had the same reasoning of protecting what it is I do. I will say though is that I feel re-energized and ready to work. An unexpected but wonderful side effect of this deal. So I'd like to thank everybody who supports and shows me love on what I do and now I'm just in a better place to share that love with others. The pride & quality in my work will not falter. That I can promise you. With that being said...

Pimpin Time is now in #FULLEFFECTMODE with me getting Ash & Rob together and playing the only VS game that mattered this generation...Tatsunoko Vs Capcom! I had a wonderful time and even before the signing the documents is this is what sparked me to get back to work! I love this game to death and I'll forever say is that there was potential for this series left on the table that Capcom should take a serious look at. There'll be a lot more of Ash, Rob & I playing more stuff coming soon so stay tuned to the channel for that. And more of the captain of #TeamJunTheSwan repping this game hard as well. Can't wait.

The best part is that we get back to saving Subcon in Super Mario Bros. 2 and everybody showed up and put work in. I'll try my best to get the last 2 levels out before the end of the month so we can get to our next game.

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is putting in massive work! Something that comes easy to us around here!

This week...Under Night In-Birth: EXE:Late, Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, Arcana Heart 3! LOVE MAX!!!!!, The Rumble Fish 2 & Daemon Bride: Additional Gain! Plenty to watch and there'll be surprises as well upcoming so be sure to watch for that!

With Pimpin Time behind us, it just so happens to be time for This Week In...KOKONOE!!!!!






Now for This Week in Games starring Triple Da G.O.D! & Kokonoe!

Staying with games by Arc System Works and typing like I have some sense is that a new trailer for Guilty Gear XXX that introduces Axl "Row" Low & I-no to the cast. I do have a question that does kind of have an answer about one of these characters and how they relate to what happened in Overture. We'll be getting into all this and more on the channel soon. Be watching for it.

The Wonderful 101 is in your stores right now and it might be a good idea to add the reason to own a WiiU to your library. Can't wait to play this for myself really soon. GO GET DAT NAO!

With EXE:Late finally out we're finally getting to see Chaos in action including his story mode. Interesting stuff if you know what's going on.

As we delve into the stuff you know you want to see is the latest costumes for DoA5U. The pre-order Idol Team DOA costumes and the exclusive Dengeki Bunko Ayane costume is here for you to see. Enjoy that!

Speaking of the ladies is more of that Girl Fight that people seem to be indifferent to. The game is coming out on XBLA on the 25th and unknown as when it'll be out on PSN.

From ladies to the profound sadness of importing is a new trailer for Sengoku Basara 4 featuring Date Masamune and loyal retainer Katakura Kojūrō.

1.5 HD ReMIX is finally out in MURICA! Play it. I'll be waiting for 2.5 because that's what I truly need.

Continuing in my philanthropic efforts to support cool shit is there's a Kickstarter for a "sequel" to River City Ransom. There have been plenty of sequels to the original game in the GLORIOUS NIPPON! Regardless of that it looks awesome and if like what you see and can give then please do so! You can do that RIGHT HERE!! BARF!!!

I want to take some time to shout out The Fall Classic for keeping me hype & entertained this weekend. Wonderful job from the TO's, streamers & players! I missed some stuff so I'll be looking to fit that in during the week and watch the rest I missed for reasons I'm about to explain.

I had to handle some stuff after DoA5U finals and one of those things was watching Dexter as the show prepares for the end. And for all the fuss I've read about it wasn't as bad of a build up. However, if you add & subtract some stuff from that episode is that could've been an ending I would've accepted in the possible vagueness it would've left. From that preview is does seem that the final episode will deliver and I really hope it does.

Burn Notice finally came to an end and while a 2 hour finale would've served a better purpose in fleshing out the end, as a fan for all these years I do feel satisfied with it and the possibilities for what the show can provide seems really positive. We shall see.

In other stuff, a tree, thin ice, Ultra Mode, a shocking truth, more final battles, Bucky Fucking Dent & a Katana!

As the end cometh, This Week In Youtube starring Kokonoe!

Have you ever wondered how my uncle & Based God Zack Morris would rule 2013? Take a Time Out and listen!

New episode of DBZ:A. HELL YEAH!!

Pokémon: TBS teaches you how to time skip! The hilarious way!

Maybe it would be a good idea to remember the rules of Butt Ball. For your own safety.

Not the 1st time a Giant Bomb Quick Look has shown me the true way of being!

Want to know how I really feel about gaming at this very moment? These songs should help convey my feels on the subject.

I forgot to talk about it last week so closing with it this time seems fair. If you haven't watched TOME by Kirbopher yet then maybe it might be the time to start. Just a great series all around and seems to be poised to keep delivering. Above you is Episode 1 so watch that and if you're wanting for more then going to the TOME Site should help in doing such. This will however pose the same problem I always have when I'm late on something really cool. Once you get caught up that anticipation kicks in and you can't satisfy that need. This is why I'm waiting to attack some titans if you're curious why.

And that'll do it for this week.

Of course our Cover Girl this week is Kokonoe! Why would it be any other entity?! I'm so excited to finally be able to play as her. Should be fun and expect some love for it on Youtube when her DLC is released. KOKONOE-HAKASE-SAN, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL THE FIBER OF MY BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next installment will be another Monday affair and huge because of the Tokyo Game Show. Hoping we get some news on Climax Heroes and whatever else will crop up.

As usual, thanks for taking the time out to spend it with your folks over yonder and we'll be back next time.

Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Cool: XXXtreme Milkshake Kickstarter

#TheCool in #FULLEFFECTMODE back up in it in our normal time slot and as usual we have the last 168 hours in a choke hold. So get comfortable. We'll be here a while. It just so happens to be another installment where I'm short a feature story but I did forget to speak on something last time so we'll lead off with that then.

Last time, because we talked a bit about Miku and how I thought at the time that showing her some love would equal some shine on Yakuza. I was wrong. Very much so actually. This week I learned one has nothing to do with the other. Giving that game time was something I didn't even need to do. I was oblivious to how much those in the West appreciate Vocaloids seeing as her game in physical form is something hard to get your hands on at the moment. Worst of all is Yakuza 5 is not coming out here so I'd like to welcome everybody to the Sengoku Basara boat. I feel we shall weep in sadness together while our wallets weep because of how much that shit costs to import. You may be wondering what this has to do with the video above. What you're looking is a prototype of a remake of Golden Axe for the proposed SEGA Reborn series. From what's been said it would've been the SEGA Ages line taken to the next level. The coolest thing going for it was that all of the games in the series would've existed in one universe. Everything that was presented as far as I'm concerned seems conceptually sound but if we're talking about here then you know what happened. It wouldn't be the first time that something leaked out that sounded awesome but snuffed out and won't be the last either. I understand companies do what they think is best for business. I don't think the above concept was that. Would've been a wonderful way to re-introduce these classics to those with no clue about them at all. To what may have been.

Pimpin Time's here and I have nothing to offer this week. I'll do something soon. Maybe. #DoaGHThaDOJO as usual however stays providing the streets what they need. Even if they don't know it yet.

This week, The King of Fighters XI, Sengoku Basara X, En Eins Perfektewelt, Battle Fantasia, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! & Shin Koihime Musou!

We also welcomed back Aquapazza after a year long absence as the #Saturday #SuperSecretMysteryGame because I have to get the streets ready for the release of the game in places not Japan later this year. So we'll have plenty of matches for you to study on and because the game is on parity with the arcade version you won't miss a beat.

Of course as I always do I have that Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late crack first on Youtube as I always do. There's some Chaos matches somewhere. You'll find them. We'll be talking a bit more about EXE:Late later in this installment.

With Pimpin Time out of the way let us get into This Week In Gaming!

I personally feel that there's no better way to start this week than with a PSA. The Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Kickstarter. CLICK HERE 2 GIVE WayForward DEM DOLLA$$$$$$$ RIGHT NAO!!! This game will be amazing. This is WayForward & Shantae so this is a no duh. Bozon's directing. Kaufman on the track. Nothing more needs to be said! CLICK HERE 2 GIVE WayForward DEM DOLLA$$$$$$$ RIGHT NAO!!! So good I needed to remind you twice. Now somebody loan me 10 Stacks. I swear I'll give it back!

You thought I was done showering love on my favorite 1/2 Genie in the whole world huh? Wrong! New trailer for Shantae & The Pirate's Curse coming soon to the 3DS. Get that too. So hype!!!

DoA5U's finally out and so is the F2P version of Core Fighters but after doing the math you might just want to buy the game at retail unless all you want to do is get intimate with ninjas and for a while with Miss Hitomi & Jann Lee. I do appreciate that Core Fighters and the DLC do offer a way for people who just want to play their game a certain way have the option to do so and I hope that those fighters looking to adopt the model pay some attention.

The other vid is showcasing Kasumi's Famitsu outfit. How people outside Japan can get a hold of this is TBD but everything else exclusive for the game so far has made it. So wait and see.

The newest character for Flip Bucket is Ciel. Not to be confused with the Queen of 7th Heaven. She looks cool but I haven't logged in to even give her a spin. Maybe I should do just that.

Akiba's Trip 2. I heard about the 1st one and wanted to give it a try and didn't get the chance to. But after seeing this I'm going to have to. The premise is just to good not to at least give it a shot.

Kamen Rider: Travelers Senki. It looks to be a continuation of the Rider Generation games but I can't actually confirm that. The bad of it all is that this is coming only to 3DS so going to be real tough to get my hands on it and play it like I want to. And I'm just wondering what this all means for Climax Heroes? Hopefully when TGS rolls around we'll get some answers.

The above is real. I can confirm such because this isn't April 1st. I wonder will they put those costumes from their joke this year in the game in the future? The reason I'm spotlighting this for a couple of reasons. Crossovers when awesome, are awesome! I hope that this is one step closer to En Eins Perfektewelt being playable on something other than arcade board and from the interview where this was talked about is that French-Bread wants to have a character from Skullgirls do the cameo thing. I think this is a wonderful idea and beneficial to all involved. Skullgirls can use all the love it can get. Wherever they can get it. It would be a great cross-promotion tool for when Skullgirls comes out on NESiCA. And did I mention crossovers when awesome, are awesome! Thought I did. I really something comes from this. DO DAT SHIT !!!!

As far as other things I dabbled in this week, I almost played my PSP before I realized the battery was dead and by time it finished charging my mood had changed. Maybe it might creep back on me. Gotta get back on Dissidia for real. Been playing that game for way too long. WAY TOO LONG! I haven't copped DoA5U yet either and seeing as I didn't play much Vanilla, I might just wait on it. I do have the feeling I might be getting into something today but we'll see where that takes us. Chaos Code dropped on the US PSN as well but since I already have the HK version I skipped it for now. Might cop it on a sale or something.

Burn Notice did things. Things. I hate to see it end but I want to know how this will all go down. My reactions in GIF form possibly in the next installment. KyoryuRed Carnival & the end to Episode 49 of Wizard! YO!!! Bleach is back for the "End" of the series and of course it started with some DeM craziness because it can. Naruto pulled out some DeM too and I even expected it. Please get on Beware The Batman if you've been napping on it. It's getting really good. Shouts to How High randomly gracing the TV this week. A classic I have a lot of memories with. Good times! Power Rangers decided to come back for 2 weeks before disappearing for a million years again and Digimon Fusion isn't half bad. I just wonder when the localization will force me to seek subs?

And now, This Week In Youtube!

Davido-kun, you're my hero no matter what they say!

Most of the time the things we never see coming are the things that hurt the most.

Hey, hey, hey, don't smoke weed in the crib and let your folks catch you while on TeamSpeak. That shit will end up on the internet.

The ways that video games can inspire us to do & be better are limitless.

Shouts to DashieXP for a new MK joint. Always good for some funny!

On the day that Miley let the world know that twerking was "OK," all of humankind was forever doomed to darkness. It was going to happen sooner or later but never did I think it would go down like this.

That'll do it for this installment of #TheCool. As usual, thanks for spending some time with your folks. Always appreciated!

Of course our Cover Girl this week is Shantae! Team O (Hitomi, Lei-Fang, Kokoro & Mila) from Dead or Alive was considered for co-billing but Shantae's earned the right shine all her own! YOU GO GURL!! Thanks for being the star of awesome platformers that have given me hours of wonderful entertainment!

PLEASE REMEMBER 2 GIVE WayForward DEM DOLLA$$$$$$$ RIGHT NAO! You can click the link to do just that. #PleaseAndThankYou!

We shall meet again real soon. Same Triple Da G.O.D! time! Same Triple Da G.O.D! channel. Y'all know where those are by now.

Shantae! Kickstarter! Now! Thanks!

See you next mission!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Cool: 50th Killer Is Project Diva F Sweet Fuse Out of the Shadows 20th All-Star Battle 2500

#TheCool is back in #FULLEFFECTMODE on this special Monday Labor Day Edition and damn that's a long subtitle. When we're done with this edition of the broadcast it'll make a lot more sense. Speaking of, let me help you start to make some sense of this week's title. We're going to jump around a lot seeing as this was the most confusing title that sounded like to me made some semblance of sense.

It's been 50 years since MLK gave "THE SPEECH" in front of the Lincoln Memorial and to be honest while the human race has made some small strides since then is the simple fact that we all have still have some work to do. Everyday is a new chance for change and here's hoping that more take advantage of it.

20 Years Ago, the Power Rangers changed the game. I remember where I was when the 1st episode came on TV. To say that this show played a part in who I am today would be an understatement. Thank You Power Rangers for everything and here's to 20 more years!

With that out of the way and PT on the forefront maybe I should explain the 2500 in this week's subtitle. As I just went to check before writing this sentence is that I have 2,504 subscribers on YouTube. This is an achievement that I'm proud of. I've always said "Quality Over Quantity" for the reason is that I do take a look at those in the same "field" as I am. And while I'm peerless in this game and all others doesn't mean I'm not smart enough to do my homework to constantly drive the fact that the adage still stands. I don't want to just shill out work because I have to. I want what I do to come from the heart and those who know never let me forget it. So thanks to all of you who stay fucking with me on this slow build to show everybody else what I already know...I have no equal. The Blow Up coming soon!

In other PT news my review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle exists for you to read if you haven't yet. Some of the best fan service in a video game I've seen in a long time. Excellent job in such and here's hoping for more.

#DoaGHThaDOJO as usual holding down the spot with some Psychic Force 2012, Under Night In-Birth, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! and Chaos Code. Be ready for the surprise return of an old favorite and some special #SSMG's this month. And stay tuned to the page today. Anything can pop off on Government Sanctioned Off Day For Most People Day!

With all that being said let us slide into This Week In Gaming and damn there's a lot to cover. Let us do that.

Phantom Breaker: EXTRA...coming soon. September 19th soon. PS3 & XBOX360 soon. Just soon. This trailer does confirm some new characters to the roster. Sofia Kalganova, Shizuka Saejima, Ende and Rin & Gaito are all the new characters for this version. Jury's still out if I'll do something. Leaning more toward the if I feel like it's necessary to do so. We'll see.

Show of hands. Who bought Killer is Dead? If you haven't, then you should. And if you did then good on you. Support awesome stuff. You'll feel better.

I'll be completely honest here. The only reason we're even speaking about Hatsune Miku is because a lot of people worked really hard to get this out to the rest of the world and supporting actions like that is the thing that you should do. Regardless of my past beef with SEGA. So I had to make 2 YouTube channels because trying to get assistance with a simple issue is made harder because your community representatives suck. Yeah, they sent Anarchy Reigns to die when it deserved a lot more love and support. Maybe they had a reason for not wanting to do Bayonetta 2. #BasedNintendoXPlatnium A Cease & Desist on Streets of Rage Remake so you can release shoddy ass ports of 2 on iPhone. And some other stuff that we'll talk about on This Week In Youtube. I really hope that all those who made that noise go pick up a copy and stay true to their word. #YakuzaPlox

As par for the course in 2013 is that JJBA: All-Star Battle will be getting some DLC. The 1st batch featuring Fatty & Awakened Kira from Diamond is Unbreakable is already out. Iggy from Stardust Crusaders, Fugo from Vento Aureo and Ikuro Hashizawa from Baoh a manga that predates JJBA as a special guest character. Iggy & Fugo will be out on the 25th and when Baoh will be available is unknown at the moment. We do know there will be more characters to come. And on that list is one who should've been in the game in the first place. More on that when that information becomes official.

TMNT: Out of the Shadows is finally out on XBLA & PC. Haven't got a chance to play it myself but I'll get around to it seeing as the system I wanted to play it on that the game doesn't come out until the 24th. M$ STRIKES AGAIN!

Here's Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers newest trailer all about the Poseidon Arc. Somebody gon drown.

Grand Theft Auto 5. Ummm...Follow the damn train, CJ? Seriously though I'm excited for the game because they always deliver. I just wonder how long it'll hold me before I don't finish it?

With the news that X & X-2 HD have been delayed for a while at least this comes out next week. I'm ready for 2.5 for HD Birth By Sleep Final Mix. I don't know if I have it in me to go through the series again but I still have some of the series lurking the backlog. That damn backlog.

A combo moment featuring Thunder and the introduction of the new character Sadira for KI. Sick.

Keiji Inafune wants to Kickstart a project to reinvent a character he helped create and make it even better. If that sounded as good to you as it did to me then CLICK HERE and give something to help this project see its full potential realized.

As far as what I did I set aside time that was never used to get into Killer Is Dead & Sweet Fuse which I'm not happy about. I'll try again this week and if I actually do then I'll let you know. Naruto proves that nothing can happen but everything is happening. Because of the holiday everything was on break this week. I will however take the time to say that for the 1st time in quite a while that watching WWE is actually enjoyable in all facets. I just hope they can follow through. I have hope. For a change.

And now we near completion of this installment with This Week in YouTube!

After all that nice stuff I said about WWE, I see The Game is still on a quest to bury everything in existence.

100 Shots to the Balls & Cooch in 60 seconds...of course I watched this!

Combo Video with hot beats? Watched this too.

Of course you know, Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged was involved!

I can kind of see where he's coming from. And so can other people. In a whole different context. DIFFERENT CONTEXT!

The Epic series comes to an end with an...epic conclusion featuring Derpy as played by one Grey DeLisle.

Daddy, what is Goku's Power Level?

That's that from me. Thanks as usual for spending some time with me and enjoying another installment of #TheCool!

Of course our Cover Girl this week is Jolyne Cujoh. Fun Fact: One of the working subtitles for this week's installment was "You Are All Stone Free Now!" I might have to actually use this one.

See you all next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!