Sunday, October 28, 2012

DoaBH Review Edition Presents...Guilty Gear XX ^Core Plus (XBLA/PSN)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is now out for consumption on XBLA and Tuesday on PSN. The question is do you add this to your digital library? And the answer is that it depends. For me because this isn't R I'm not interested in buying a game I technically own 5 times already. JP AC, AC Plus Append Disc, US AC, US AC Plus (PS2/Wii). For you maybe having this part of your digital collection is important because online is a factor but the problem with that advent is that the components that make it up aren't in my opinion Arc System Works caliber level in any way shape or form from the presentation to the actual netcode and that's very disheartening to hear because of who's game this is. Even though I don't even play online at all anymore that this might have been a game to get me back into the online arena but from what I've seen from various vids and getting reports from those I trust to let me know and it's all the same report that the online for this game isn't where it should be and that work definitely needs to be done to get that part right.

So with all that being said where do I sit when it comes to suggesting this to you? The same where I started. I own this game 5 times and for additional $15 to get it for a 6th time for a component that I'm not going to take advantage of is that I can pass for now and wait for a sale later. If you need a Guilty Gear fix or you've never had a chance to play one of the best fighters ever then $15 is a perfect price point for this offering if you're not on my side of the fence. Just know if the R update beats a sale I'm on it as soon as it drops. My Order-Sol and Jam are ready for a battle whenever. And I'm just ready to experience Guilty Gear in a brand new way. Can't wait.

-Triple Da God

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