Monday, October 29, 2012

Public Service Annoucement: Get Hype For a Double Corpse Party!!!!

 This is just a PSA to let you know that Corpse Party is on sale in the PSN store through 11/6 for $10 and that its sequel Book of Shadows is coming soon. Corpse Party comes highly recommended from me for just being a nice change of pace from what I normally play. I suggest a no-spoiler walkthrough and the lights stay on while you play for the maximum enjoyment. Or you can ignore both suggestions but the first comes highly suggested so you don't get frustrated and want to keep playing. The 2nd is completely optional and you can make the choice there. This game is compatible with the Vita so those who upgraded don't get left out of the fun. So you've got a week left on the timer before the original goes back to $20. So go ahead and do that. You'll thank me later as you always do. Below is the trailer for the sequel Book of Shadows. You can watch it with no fear of spoilers and it will hype you up to pick up the original. Trust.

-Triple Da God

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