Friday, October 12, 2012

Darkstalkers Resurrection...A Digital Collection or the Start of the Darkstalkers Revolution?

So this is how one of my favorite series starts back to the road of relevancy, huh? I like it. A lot. The only problem I have with my previous statement is that the series never stopped being relevant and important to fighting games anyway.

A lot of your "anime fighters" owe Vampire Savior for being so groundbreaking in the first place. By the way I have a strong dislike for that word "anime fighters." Makes me ill to my damn stomach when people use it. That game is just as important as a game that that isn't one. That term is just demeaning is all. Figured I rant a second on it.

However, I'm glad that Ono-san is getting some foothold in doing what he wanted to do since 2008. So yeah if you love the series then you'll need to show up in force to support Darkstalkers Resurrection so you can get that sequel that has been needed since 1997. Anita deserves her time as the new main character. This isn't happening but it was how it was going to be though.

From what's been seen this seems to be another Iron Galaxy joint with all the usual bells and whistles you expect from their offerings. The thing will be is that can this collection get those who are unfamiliar to the series on board? As a fan of the series and being familiar with how things work is that this is the only question that fans of the series should be concerned with. In other words the more people you convince to get this the more noise that makes to those who make the decisions and so on and so on. So if you want the Darkstalker Resurection to be more than a digital collection then you know what you have to do. And so do I, so expect that soon from me as we get closer to the game dropping. So time to get my NW Felicia & VS Jedah and do work.

Cngratulations and thanks once again to Ono-san. He's one step closer to his dream project and we should all stand up and support the game he wanted to make the whole time. So do what it do!


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