Thursday, September 13, 2012

Double Dragon Neon Presents...Billy & Jimmy's Most Seriously Excellent 80's Adventure

This is going to be different from my normal way of reviewing because this is one of those times where I don't want to rob you of all the great things this has to offer. That alone should say a lot of this game's quality not only withstanding but to the franchise of Double Dragon as a whole. WayForward did a job way beyond excellent with this game. But having played and enjoyed Batman: Brave & The Bold on Wii previously I had no doubts this would something to behold. And WayForward has one hell of a track record making wonderful games. Very rarely do they slip up and if they do their slip up at the end is a lot better than most full efforts.

The question you may have now is how does this stack up to the rest of the series? At this juncture this game as part of the lexicon of the series sits with games like Return of Double Dragon, Double Dragon II (NES/PC/TG-16), Double Dragon Advance & Double Dragon (iOS/Android) as a great representation of what the series is all about. DDN is not as much of a remake as it is a love letter not only to Double Dragon but to the 80's as well and it's all there.

The game takes a second to get used to less so if your familiar with recent incarnations like Advance or the iOS/Android version. Once you get going however things start to become second nature really quick. The game does an excellent job early on teaching you how to deal with your foes and learning to adapt to their quirks as they adapt to the current scenario is a real fun draw to the fun of the experience. Another part of that experience is the visuals by Genzoman. Which honestly a lot of people disagreed with. Very, very, vocally so but within the experience of DDN fits perfectly with the game's overall tone and was a wise choice to get him on visual support. The 3rd part of the mixture which may be the game's standout feature is the music by Jake Kaufman aka virt. The music he created for this game completes the trinity of awesome this game has to offer and needs to be heard regardless you play this game or not. It's just that damn good.

All I can really do now is say this gets a COP DAT ASAP!!! and you need to do it however you need because I needs DAT SEQUAL LIKE YESTARDAY SON!!! Game is 800 MS Points/$9.99 on PSN or free until January if you're a PS+ member. So there's no excuse in why this isn't in your digital library. And if Yoshihisa Kishimoto the creator of not only this series but the Kunio-kun series as well is giving the yeas and nays about the final product then you should take that to the bank as a you should be on this and that the game is in more than capable hands.

Playing Double Dragon Neon is the most fun I've had gaming all year and this is just me on the solo tip. Haven't even done Bro-Op yet so I know that's going to enhance the fun even more so. So at this point what are you waiting for? A signed invitation. Go kick some ass now!! And have some fun too. That's the point of it all.


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