Friday, September 28, 2012

Cool Shit Presents The Onslaught of News That Was

And here I thought I'd actually be able to drop this on time. Thank all that onslaught of TGS news and my need to condense everything for this late entry. Enough of that. Let us journey.

The less I say about this the better and trust anything I could say about this has already been covered. This does bear repeating though. Megaman deserves way better than he's been given as of late. Let us hope things get better for the Blue Bomber as a whole.

I guess the Capcom's fucking up sync is perfect for the announcement of Bayonetta 2 XXXCLISVELY 4 WII U!!! All we know it's coming and for now that'll do. Let's see if I actually can finish the first one before this drops.

Well from one 2nd chance to another we arrive at Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. Blood, Ayane and a promise to make it more like NG2. Let's see if Team Ninja can deliver on the promises made to those scorned by the original.

From one promised remix to another we have Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX which includes Final Mix 1, Re:Chain of Memories and HD versions of all the cutscenes from 358/2 Days because who really wants to play that again. No word of a release date or if even a 2.5 is in the works. We can only hope.

No snappy segue here. Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes is looking to stand out from previous iterations by adding a free run mechanic and retooling the characters. I stand by my promise like I do every year to find broken ass shit Day 1 which I will of course. I'll have everything you need to know when the game drops.

Groups of heroes from an anime with a special story for the game? We got it. Saint Seiya Ω Ultimate Cosmo is just that. The game's backdrop is a fighter which does make sense for the subject matter. I'll take a look at it when it drops and see what I find.

We finally get some more information on Ken's Rage 2. Not only does the first series get a big expansion but Part 2 is included as well. If you haven't played the first one at this point you might want to wait on this one even though the first one was crack. The trailer shall bless you with more info on what's new here.

There's always time to take out to talk about Injustice. All you need to know storywise is that Bats and Supes be beefin dawg. Expect high levels of prep-time. HIGH LEVELS OF PREP-TIME!!!

Here's more Okami HD. Buy it. That's it. This game speaks for itself and doesn't need me for a cosign of it's PURE FUCKING AWESOME!!

Invisible segue. We learn a lot here about DmC and the reasoning for what's happening. I'm intrigued by it but I gotta get this in my hands because that's what really matters. January 15th the world will do just that.

All we know about this is that it's a BlazBlue spinoff. Any other questions you might have I don't have answers for. Those come soon from the ones who have the answers we all seek.

E.X Troopers. I'll be getting this but I gotta add this to my import list because "it's too much like Lost Planet." Whatever. Your loss, my gain.

Layton vs Ace Attorney and AA5. The crossover and the return of Naruhodo. OK. But I still don't get AAI2. Bullshit. That's another conversation for another day.

I gotta say I'm very intrigued by the possibilities that Nilin has for offense in Remember Me. If you weren't hype for this game this may get you on board.

Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. Hype for the simple reason that we'll be able to play out all the awesome that the manga has been pushing out lately. If it can live up to this is the question we now look to answer.

Same as the above but I'll be able to reenact crack from the years and years of reading this manga. This has the potential to surprise a lot of people. And it'll do just that. Trust me.

Wing Diver. No more needs to be said. Admitted Pale Wing Stan. Real Fucking Talk. Earth Defense Force 4...COMING FUCKING SOON BITCHES!!!!!

What was once Project P-100 is now The Wonderful 101. This is work of Kamiya-san. This will be crack. No more needs to be said.

Robot ninja hunts down zombies and Ryu Hayabusa. These are words I never think I'd utter in a complete statement. Yet here we are. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is the collaboration between Keiji Inafune & Team Ninja. Don't really know much outside of that. However, we will soon.

The above games of Double Dragon Neon and Hell Yeah!!!: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit only beg one question. DO YOU HAVE BOTH OF THESE YET? IF THE ANSWER IS NO THEN YOU FUCKING DID IT WRONG AND SHOULD TRY AGAIN!! FOR YOUR SAKE AND NOT MINE.

Under Night In-Birth dropped last week and the game is nothing short of crack. To check out some matches feel free to drop by #DoaGHThaDOJO and take a peek at how the game is evolving after a week out. And with that out of the way let us get to our TV wrap up portion of our broadcast.

File:Kamen Rider Wizard Logo.png

Kamen Rider Wizard. This shit is so fucking awesome. Haruto is just a beast and we're only 4 episodes in. This is going to get better. How much is up to chance however. Maybe if I ask nicely...PLEASE!!!

I never thought I'd be hype for something on Mondays that isn't RAW after that one show just disappeared off the air. Cue some years later and here's this Revolution show. The lights have gone out. People go on journey to turn lights on. Asses get kicked. You don't need to know anything more than that. Just watch.

And that ends that. Dexter will be joining the review portion as it premieres on Sunday. I can't wait for that. And when I get 5 seconds to watch Go-Busters I'll put a review up.

P.S: Victor Newman, God to the Game. Congrats to The Young & The Restless for 10,000 Episodes. Now that's a feat.

With no music or Pony to add why not pimp myself a bit and just remind you that yeah I beat Super Mario Brothers with the same Fire Flower I received in 1-1. I'M AWESOME BUT YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT!! I'm planning a video to talk about the run and what I learned from it and how it'll affect how I approach #RunDatReXXX in the future. I'm ready to take on the next game but that'll be once I gather some tech to do so. Hopefully that run doesn't take 3 months to do like this one did.

In the next couple of weeks expect the return of #2NiggasSpeakOn, #2NiggasGameDat and some Vlogs for me as well. Be prepared.

And with all things covered I now take my leave. As usual thanks for reading and I'll be back next time with the you know.

-Triple Da God

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