Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cool Shit From The Catch Up That Was From A Long Time Ago Which Is Now

Cool Shit went on a bit of hiatus but with me getting everything else current then why not this "weekly" article. Hopefully after this we'll be back on the weekly schedule that this was supposed to be. So without no further ado let us get right in.

I guess we should start with the little La-Mulana miracle that could. The game has been and is available for PC in multiple ways and on the WiiShop in Japan. But thanks to EnjoyUp games taking over where Nicalis couldn't, we'll be getting the Wii version in US & EU on September 20th. So now you have one extra way to enjoy this awesome gem. Have fun.

In our Metal Gear Double Feature we have the new Ground Zeroes. That game will put you back in sneaking suit of Big Boss as he does what Snakes do...SNEAKING DAT SHIT!!!! We also have an extended feature of Rising with Raiden cutting things into many pieces. So where's the place I stick my money to give it all to Kojima-san & Platinum Games?

Double Dragon Neon. Looking good. Looking good. This game has its fair share of detractors but the game looks pretty good. We'll find out the answers to if it plays good in a couple of days. Games that are related to DD that are straight crack are as follows. Double Dragon (iOS/Android/Zeebo), Double Dragon Advance (GBA), Return of Double Dragon (Super Famicom), Double Dragon 2 (NES/PC/TG-16). Plenty to feast on if your fiending for a fix of some Lee Brothers kicking ass, taking names and they back bitch. And  the review for Double Dragon Neon can be found HERE!!!!!!

Super TIME Force...I will dare not speak a thing about it. Watch this trailer and prepare to have your mind super mega blown. I will be on this day one because that's what has to happen. Prepare to do the same.

Yatagarasu. Once a doujin PC game now coming to a...THREE DEE ESS?!?!? This makes no sense. Why not XBLA/PSN where a game awesome as this needs to be so more people can play it. At least you'll be able to in English soon so there's your upside. But if you want a taste then just Google the name. Yatagarasu.

The SEGA Hipster collection coming soon. With Jet Set (Grind) Radio, Sonic Adventure 2 & NiGHTS into Dreams. JSR is more intact than ever and the other 2 not so sure about. Does SA2 have Battle DLC? What version of Christmas NiGHTS is included in the package. We'll find out soon.

Welcome to Remember Me. Let me introduce Nilin. She's a Memory Hunter. They have the ability to remix memories for their own benefit or just extract the information needed from a person's memory. We don't know a lot about her yet but the pieces are slowly coming together and sometime in 2013 we'll be privy to the whole story of Nilin and what Memory Hunters do.

We'll take this time to say a bit about Senran Kagura Burst. This is not a review as much as a reminder as how this game currently sits on my shelf unopened as will Project X Zone when it comes for the hope that one day that I'll be able to actually play it. Boobs, boobs and more boobs. That's that. Anime coming soon. Fapping before that.

At least when I imported this I got to play it. And the long and short of it is that other than the HD Sexover nothing's changed as far as I know. So if you were looking at this then wait for a price drop and cop it. It's still 3 great games in one package so you can't beat that.
We now leave gaming behind with my TV & Toku synopsis as of late. Most of the shows I kept up with are off for the season so this wrap up will be a bit different than normal.

Burn Notice is at the Season 6 halfway mark and from the last time I talked about it the show was transitioning to what I thought was normalcy but it just all just got jacked up to holy hell and back. Important people died and Michael is one step closer to ending the hunt for those who burned him. But the predicament that Team Westen is in at the moment is something they'll need to band together to get out of. We'll see in November if they can.

I can wrap up the rest of True Blood in 2 sentences. Season 5 didn't fail to disappoint in any way and Season 6 is going to start right at that point. DIS GON BE GUD!!!

Season 1 of Dallas was a roller coaster of events and then some. The Ewing's came together to fight the good fight against the bad guys. And you'd think after all that beef squashing that they'd live together in peace right? HELL TO THE NAW!!! We learned a lot of truths and the how and where we go from here is going to be interesting journey to say the least.

The wrap-up of Fourze if you can even call it that was a mixed bag for me. I was expecting something way different from the end game than what we ended up getting but it didn't sour me on the experience the show provided and suffice to say it was one hell of an experience. So with Fourze in the books we move from space to magic with who may unseat Shotarou & Philip as my favorite Heisei Rider with Haruto coming in as Kamen Rider Wizard. But Wizard will get his full shine as we get back to Cool Shit as it resumes its normal weekly frequency next time.

The little kick-ass Sentai that could is undergoing a major retooling which I'm not all in agreement with but I understand I'm an end user in all of this. Toei doesn't care that I think Go-Busters is awesome as it was however they need to sell the show to kiddies so kiddies buy the toys. So how does Toei go bout dat derrty? Change the kick ass opening theme to some hot ass garbage. Speed up the endgame 20 episodes early and prepare for a random team-up with Gavan. I'm going to keep watching because I'm way too invested into the show to quit now but all this for toy sales and ratings is just crazy. Let's hope Go-Busters can still be a great Sentai after all of this madness.

This moment in Pony Awesome brought to you by Turnabout Storm Part 3: Twilight. If you haven't watched the series up to this point make sure when you get to Part 3 to watch this episode first before Phoenix's side of it all. Meshes better that way.  And now we have our JOTKING Moment of Clarity with actual original music featuring Raisi K.

I just enjoy listening to his beats and I'd think you will to. So make sure to hit him up Youtube listen to some beats and download that The Throwaways Mixtape.  And I think that about puts us at where we would be a week ago. So Cool Shit From The Week That Was will be back on Monday and I'll have that what you need.

And to leave you is some Exclusive 2nd Impact High Level Gameplay provided by #DoaGHThaDOJO. Why. 2nd Impact > 3rd Strike and 3S is The Shend's Turf. Shouts out to all the work he does giving 3rd Strike a home on YouTube to thrive. On that, I'll see you when I see you.


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