Friday, August 31, 2012

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Presents...Live from the Expo for Arcade Pennies

This has been a hell of a week for the game with reveals and news out the culo. But now that the dust has settled and what we have is a lot of confirmations of what was leaked. So let's get to the breakdown.

Evile Cole MacGrath. Other than the constant bitching about a wasted character spot according to J that he's point for point from inFamous2. Regardless of what your opinion is I think this was a wonderful pick and no combining them together is stupid idea because it doesn't make sense. There's 2 Cole's now. Live with it.

Wanna call him Jack the Ripper. Do so. Call him Raiden. Do that too. Is he a representative of what we seen so far from Revengance? Hell to the yes. Blades everywhere. If this is any indication of what he'll be like in Revengance then it's time for Bayonetta 2. I'm keeping an eye on him. He's gonna be an early top tier. Bet it.

Hi, Nariko. I missed you. Heavenly Sword was awesome and needs a trophy update. However, Nariko is looking so beast. But this Nariko I speak of so I didn't have a doubt for a second she'd be overly sick. She's another one to watch out for. That L3 looks all kinds of super dirty. I'll be abusing that. Trust.

My ninja Danny 4Tesk. Where you been? Aint seen you since the PS1 my dude. Glad to see that you're here because I almost thought they forgot about you. You seem to packing tech from your games from what I can recall. That L3 of yours is something I'll be keeping an eye on. So grimy. But again, welcome back. Now go back and bring OG Lara, Spyro and Crash with you. Please and Thank You.


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