Friday, August 24, 2012

Under Night In-Birth Presents...From Dusk Till Battle Dawn

With the game less than a month away today we finally get a real look at the cast outside Hilda and I have that breakdown you know you need.

So let's start with Yuzuriha, who I'll be playing because she qualifies under my 2 rules I try to follow when selecting a character. Hot chick & cool character design. Usually never fails. And if those fail then find a character with a rekka game until I can make a decision. However, Yuzuriha as far as her abilities have the gamut covered. Nice keep away and excellent rushdown abilities. What I did notice is that she has under her life bar A, B, & C. From the footage I think they are some kind of combo limiter in which each letter corresponds to a move she's allowed to do once in any given situation. This does make for strategic decisions in both her keep away and rushdown options. Once players know their situations and gain matchup knowledge then I really see Yuzuriha becoming a major threat.

Next up is Seth who I honestly have to say reminds me a lot Nanaya from Melty Blood at least from the perspective of how his moves looks and his rushdown plays out. He does also come standard with a Aoko-like fireball that isn't made for zoning wars but more for accentuating his rushdown options. Seth's only thing is staying in. He has no reason to dangle because he has all the tools needed to get in and stay in on his foe. I'll definitely have to keep him in mind seeing as I main Nanaya in MB.

Everybody say hi to Cie--Orie. To make a long story short, Orie has all tools to play whatever game your comfortable with. She has every possible offensive pressure option available to her. The reason this is because she has some help from her extension of self and a giant ass rapier. Her rushdown game is more about hit confirms before she can mount her nastier options. Her mid range and zone game are helped by her extension of self to either start a rushdown offense from distance, zone out or continue combos from anywhere on the screen. All in all, Orie has myriad of offensive options. Up to you to put it together.

If you were looking for that character that's all about that close up game then Linne is your girl. Her whole game is centered around the rushdown. She has a fireball that's more for mid range use to get back into her comfort zone. Her whole game is being right next to her foe. And there's no reason to do anything else with her because she's built around the rushdown. You could mid range zone if you want but with her fireballs being her only legit poking tool I can guarantee you won't make much headway with it. Moral of the story: Get in, Stay in!!<

Don't confuse Hyde as a character with a long range game even with 2 tools for that warfare. I think we call that a red herring. Hyde's game is using mid range pokes to start his rushdown offense. And what I think I'm seeing is that his moves work in conjunction with each other for some sweet looking combos. So your only job is to find safe ways to approach and start hurting people. You can try to go against what Hyde's built for but I wouldn't suggest it.

Kind of ironic that we come to Carmine after speaking about Hyde because they have similar game plans for offensive pressure. However, the reason for Carmine's way of the mid range is because all of his normals double as mid range pokes. He does have a couple of fireballs but 2 of them are for just mixup pressure from close and far away. And they should be used for just that purpose so you're not giving up ground while you're rushing down. So your choices for pressure is either the mid range poke or using a fireball to mixup and get in that way. Which considering aren't really bad choices.

I'm not going to make the he's overcompensating for something with a giant ass scythe joke but I will talk about it so you understand the proper use of it. Luckily for Gordeau his weapon of choice isn't a detriment to him frame wise because he can chain from it on hit or block to try to get a better deal for mixup possibilities. As far as combo use goes, his specials with it only begin and end offense but rarely extends pressure and combos as you think it should be able to. It can be used as a long range poke it you want but from what's seen it doesn't do his game any good. So using it to bring the opponent to you seems to be the best course of action to aid in his rushdown.

Waldstein is the most interesting grappler I've seen in quite a while. He's similar to Hyde in the fact that his throws work in conjunction with each other. He has a couple of setup into his chain throws which give him ways to vary his approach to drive you into the ground and some of those options have a hit of super armor as well. He also has a nice poke game as well with those giant arms of his. Beware of the fact they are pretty slow and he'll have to Chain Shift to keep the offensive pressure when he's using those up close.

Merkava is a straight threat if for no other reason than that he can be anywhere on screen at anytime due to his long range pokes, flight mode mixups and many options that lead to hard knockdowns that facilitate all of his offensive needs. It would seem your job with Merkava is figure out when you need to get in and when to back away to bait a way in to do your worst to your foe.

What I like about Vatista is that her mid range and zone game compliment her ways to get in and rushdown are so great. She has the tools to switch her pressure at will and it'll be a major part of your gameplan to be effective with her. So as long as you vary your approach and keep your foe guessing you'll have much success I'd bet.

And that covers everybody that had a featured video. Just know that this game comes out September 20th and DoaGHThaDOJO will be following the evolution of this game very closely. Now time to pray for a console release.


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