Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sengoku Basara HD Collection Presents...Here's All The Characters You Won't Be Playing As Because You Gotta Import Dis Shit!!!

Where do I start. Do I inform you or just go straight to the part where I spaz out because I have to give AmiAmi my money to get this on my PS3? Information first it is then.

What you really need to know about the collection is that it's a HD job to Sengoku Basara 1, 2 and 2 Heroes. Not sure if it will include Devil Kings elements to it or not. The only problem I have with this collection is the glaring admission of X from the collection. That was the game that convinced me to give the series a chance and it is a shame it isn't here. Maybe it is an issue between Arc System Works and Capcom? Or some other mysterious force. Or maybe Capcom doesn't think it fits into the collection. Sengoku Basara X for the record is a fun, awesome and super broken fighter that follows right into its spiritual prequel in Hokuto no Ken. Capcom has had a couple of opportunities to re-release the game in some fashion and it never happened. Maybe with this collection we'll get something soon. Maybe.

Now here's the fun part. Why do I have to give AmiAmi my money? Because Capcom USA mishandled the series technically twice. The added elements of Devil Kings overall made the series better as a whole but the trying to fake spin it off of Devil May Cry and ignoring the historical elements was an ultimate backfire which lead to not seeing 2 or 2 Heroes on these shores. And the treatment of Samurai Heroes was just as bad if not worse. Capcom USA tried and that I'll give them that but they didn't show the series the love it deserved and it ultimately bombed because not enough people even knew the game existed. Hell, the 2nd season of the anime came out the same day and there was no cross promotion efforts in the slightest. And as they say, "You get in what you put in" and that was the point when Sengoku Basara died in the West. So now as a SB fan in the US you're left with a choice. Do you continue to support the series in what ever capacity that you can or do you just give up on it like Capcom USA did? I've made my choice and the same choice befalls you. We'll see what you ultimately do.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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