Friday, June 29, 2012

Code of Princess Presents...Guardian Heroes + Tits = THIS RIGHT HERE!!!

I for one am super stoked that Atlus took a chance on this and are bringing it to the states this Fall. I honestly thought that this would stay on my list with both Senran Kagura games and Project X Zone as games that I ultimately have to break down and get a JP 3DS XL to enjoy. Region Locking can straight die in the 666th layer of hell. However, what's so special about Code of Princess that you can take to the bank that this is Guardian Heroes 2 because HAN and Misaki Ukyo are both a major part of the development of Code of Princess. And if you don't know who either one of those people are then don't fret. Just know they're mostly responsible for the awesomeness of the original Guardian Heroes so have a bit of faith with that knowledge in tow. And with Kinu Nishimura on the visuals, that pretty much confirms that the visuals will be nothing short of beautiful to look at. Don't believe me on the subject then take a look at Street Fighter 3: New Generation & 2nd Impact and both of the Dungeons & Dragons by Capcom. Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara are some great examples of her great visual work which seems to be just as if not better than those. From what I've seen from various gameplay vids is that the spirit of Guardian Heroes is front and center with some twists on the classic formula to keep it updated and fresh for everyone to enjoy. So be sure to keep the release of this game in the states on your radar. And if you can't then I'll be glad to lend a hand. Can't wait.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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